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Author Topic: Meloloc, Way of Magisterial Mission, 5 Aug.2016, Daniel, Las Vegas Nv.  (Read 394 times)

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“Eyes only”

Teacher: Meloloc
Subject: The Way of the Magisterial Mission
Category: Sustainability of Civilization and Life
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, Las Vegas Nev.
5 August 2016, 03:40 Z

Transmitter: Our Father, Thank you for this opportunity for receiving a message from you through your servants working in the Urantian Corrective time Missions:

Meloloc: “Yes Daniel, begin typing, our task today is the review of the foundational principles and process of the Magisterial Sons Mission. These missions are to come with power and sufficient personal to begin in all areas of a planets civilization or society, an upsteping of the spiritual awareness, an inhanseing of the genetic mix by gifting the next generations genome and enlightening all about the most intelligent mating, for optimum progress, the restarting of a general worldwide education system for all ages, with higher standards,  and finally a beginning of the general upgrading of all local and national governments for the use of representative government in the honest serving of the citizenry.

“The upsteping of the spiritual awareness is the primary activity that will do the most for the progress of humanity. This will be done foremost in our dynamic by the very trying personal circumstances brought on by many titanic adjustments in the terra firma itself that unavoidably is foisted pretty much on the whole world.  When we have a life of much more effort and trial we soon look for answers and solutions we previously were uninterested in because of the ease and comforts that had us in a satisfied and incurious mode.

“We are suddenly very motivated to try to make sense of the dissolution of all the pillars we mostly were taking for granted. That coupled with sorrows and setbacks that will be the worst of our lives. Millions will make the decision to abandon all and head for safety on the advice of the Magisterial Mission personal and that decision to turn toward The Father of all, trusting for the first time in this manifestation of spiritual guidance. These millions now much more open to education and responding, however weak at first, will be rewarded with the knowledge of a trustworthy sanity that is comforting and hopeful.

“This is the beginning of a foundation built on trust and action on their part. These mortals will by their action be an example to many others on the fence of indecision regarding the Administration of the Magisterial Sons now visible and accessible. The lengthiness of the trial will be sore and ongoing for a decade or more. This is a very trying time of readjustment unlike any other by its massive and unavoidable nature. The necessity of this time of trouble is crucial for this to actually work in resetting of all humanities approach to life. Without this stress that cannot be simply sidestepped, the educational challenge to begin a new way of life would be many more times as problematic. It is a motivational combination that is exactly what the doctor ordered. We in the Magisterial Mission will primarily be involved with making clear and plain, this energetically dynamic crisis that cries out for understanding and explanation.

“The resources of the Mission need to be sufficient that all the challenges that present themselves can be addressed in at least a modicum of timeliness. The need to accomplish this is our summons and provocation. It may seem at first blush an insurmountable task. The whole society and cultural premise of acquisition and feathering our nest in precedence to serving our neighbors in a temperate and sustainable way, must now be in sync with the world’s ecology and maintenance of all systems and life forms. Now it will be our approach to everything from business, to agriculture, to mining, to fishing, to housing, to transportation and especially education.

“The solution and bright light is the incremental nature of the administrations methods in all fields. Existing methods and technology will exist alongside our efforts and all will be used until the better way can come on line. This is important so that as little disruption of the basic economic model, can be kept from crashing into the dark ages. There is plenty enough trouble to go around without making our job ten times worse by fanatical implementation. The public announcements we will see soon are the catalyst for everything. Without those our ability and resources will be unworkable and unusable. I thank all of you here on these Forums, the front line in many ways to grease the wheels of this enterprise. In my opinion it is an innovation of immeasurable felicity for bringing this off more efficiently. I’ve mentioned this before in Praise of System Sovereign Christ Michael and now Full Partner Sovereign beloved Nebadonia. Without their pressing for this new never tried idea of Mortal and Celestial teaming, it would not exist. This is the lesson for this time on The Magisterial Mission workings.  This is Meloloc, Teacher and Brother, gratified and happily enjoying working with you all.  Domtia”…………..


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