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Author Topic: 'Meloloc,Mission Worker Credentials, 30 July 2016, Alderfer, L V NV. US  (Read 381 times)

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“Eyes Only”

Teacher, ’Meloloc
Subject: Mission Worker Credentials
Category: Monjoronson Staff and Messages
TR: Daniel, Las Vegas, NV.
30 July 2016, 18:02 Z

Transmitter: Father of all, we are filled with admiration and utter worship at your handling of all taking place this day on Urantia. We especially appreciate Your open hearted communication at any time, day or night, Thank You most revered Supreme Creator. In respect and adoration, is there some missive or teaching You would like all to hear at this time?

‘Meloloc “Yes there is, the writing you can transcribe is this: Now at the immediate time when the events that all have expected so many times are actually going to transpire, in the next few months, take stock and breathe deep of the new era beginning, poste haste. In prayerful musing, as much as you can, pause and remember this time and moment. A new start now begins. It is a time to be enshrined in the recollections of all of you. You will retell comprehensively, the events of this last year and this year still to play out, to many. This will enable they and you, to properly understand the gravity, solemnity and import that this beginning means for their and your growth and encouragement. I'm speaking of these events taking place that you have the privilege of living through in person. You genuinely are Ambassadors for the Magisterial Missions, vested with all the credibility and official sanction you will ever need to present your credentials from now on, as you participate in this outreach to all the invaluable nations of Urantia.

“Your understanding will increase to the place that you can confidently speak fluently as your Adjuster, The Father, extemporaneously in many circumstances. What comes from your lips will be the most riveting and memorable that your audience, from a single person to thousands, has ever heard. The words from The Father will strike to the heart and emote a response of decisive resolve in not a few. You will be seen as the ultimate authority about what is commencing on the earth before their eyes. Naysayers and those in ignorant opposition, though numerous at first will be won by the loving warmth and sincerity and the unflappability in the face of what may be taunts and insults that are returned with only respectful personal inquiry concerning their life and history, that disarms even the most strident.

“This unfolding of Ambassadorial duties, will come about and take place with sufficient preparation. Tutoring, and expert mentoring, will have any of you in these important teams, fully versed in the task at hand. No fear of incapacity will cross your mind with the diplomatic responsibilities you will be handling. Those in other capacities in the Magisterial Mission can be confident of their training to now transpire, just like those in the diplomatic cadres. The suspense about the exact duties of so many of you here in the Serara, Monjoronson Missions is soon to be removed. Perhaps within only months, most will have a pretty good idea of what duties you are being considered for, as the sooner you know, the more expeditiously you can begin preparing.

“I can speak for Christ Michael and Mother Spirit of Nebadon in one area with full confidence and that is of their pleasurable delight as they consider the teaming of all of you here with the Celestial Sections. These categories of expert retainers are poised to be engaged immediately in hundreds of specialties in the precarious beginning years. Here your earthly expertise will be put to good use. No other characteristic in beings on Urantia is in such short supply as confident overflowing certainty about what is to unfold. You can see I hope, by that statement your value, as you have this exact commodity to a high degree in abundance. As I listen to you all on the Forum as you converse among yourselves it is even more then common to hear such sentiments as: “I just don’t see how anything I could bring to the table could be very useful” Now you know the truth by my statement above. Please desist such personal recriminations!

“This teaching today for Archiving in the Monjoronson staff and Messages category is purposed to set the understanding and background for all those committed to the Corrective time of approx. the next several hundred years. Take them to heart in enthusiastic accord. This is ‘Meloloc, good day and Domtia”……………


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