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Author Topic: Daniel Alderfer, introduction  (Read 807 times)

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daniel alderfer

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Daniel Alderfer, introduction
« on: May 12, 2016, 23:30 »

12th.May, 2016, Las Vegas, NV.

 A little over three years ago was introduced to Urantia Book through a friend of 20 years, in the small town of Carbondale Colo. where, there and in the Aspen Area, was a general contractor for residential and commercial construction about 40 Years.   Was very excited and being retired, read it almost non stop in about 4 months then went back and read section 4 again then read over again many sections, I also read the history of the Urantia book by Sprunger twice, read the condensed Urantia book, "The Urantia Revelation" by Malcolm Locke, [Excellent  in my opinion] then read the five books by Harold Sherman and his wife, called "The Sherman dairies "of their adventures attending at the weekly Forum that met each Sunday, in Chicago at 533 Diversie, parkway, Dr. Sadlers residence, during the period of 1940 through 45, Those five books in my opinion are very helpful also about the history and delivery and birthing of the manuscript.

 My journey then was through the 1111 angels site of Renowned George Bernard an industrialist and healer in Australia who wrote the three books, "The search for 1111, The anatomy of the half way realm, and In the service of 11:11" all very excellent about the Midwayer Angels, 1111 platoon, active all over the earth and in Australia, [doing awesome works of service to those on Urantia,]  All these books are the experiences of George as he was helped and educated by the midway Angels. The other three books that were very shaping for me are the assembled conversations with Father Christ Michael and Creative Spirit of Nebadon,Nebadonia, called :"The Adventures of being Human, book one and two" and the third book of very matchless conversations of the thought adjuster of one with the pen name of Lytske called "The guiding light within" that to me was very transformative. I also copied in long hand most of the story of The Lucifer rebellion and aftermath and manifesto itself because I could see the subtle sophistries were truly something to understand up one side and down the other as I had swallowed a bunch of them myself.

 Was born in the Western Pennsylvania town of Mt Pleasant about 40 miles east of Pittsburg, in 1946, youngest of five boys, Father a lay pastor and bookstore manager for the local Mennonite publishing house, Mother a registered nurse trained at LA Junta Colo. We lived on six acres with chickens, milk cow, sheep, bees, grapes, orchard and large garden. At age 17 went to Alaska, worked there then went to Hawaii where I worked and then with a friend went on motorcycles to Mazatlan Mex. where I was drafted, into the Army, it was 1966.  Was sent to Germany as a tank crewman for two years. At this time was having a strained relationship with my dad as our family had always been conscientious objectors. I was patriotic, wasn't in the least interested in spiritual things, so my choice was clear.

 The next 25 years was a member in the Sabbath Keeping, World wide church of God, Married at 21, now with three grown children. Eventually became a home grown assistant minister, until my divorce after 25 years. Until finding the Urantia Book was in consternation about many things, that now have become much clearer and understood. The time on the Forum, [since June 2015] has been the absolute best of my life, Began to hear my Adjuster very clearly after some months, and at the same time, the close up relationships we are party to with Celestial Family speaking daily through Ron Besser especially and many fellow members is, how shall I put this, absolutely the most precious and remarkable experience it is possible for a human to have. The interchange with The Serara Forum is highly turbulating and truly stirs the pot to not only reveal ourselves to ourselves, [not a pretty sight], but to then motivate to start being at least half way diligent and perhaps a little useful.

The most helpful thing I have ever done in my life is the regular coming in stillness in a exercise of devotion and reverence at a very particular time each day, an insight I got from the Adventure in living books. It is not necessary for it to be a several hours each day type thing, and I have never had that spiritual mystical experience, so many talk about of the warm feeling of being loved and enveloped in a rush of bliss,  I will I am sure, but it has been enough to know without any doubt, that They, Father, Christ Michael, Universe Mother Spirit of Nebadon, my Adjuster, 'Meloloc, Pre'Msha, Cathy and Serena ,[at least two of my Guardian Angels]. and all the host of other Brothers and Sisters are right at our side, front & back, always. I have had many nick of time savings where I surely should have died and with severe and minor illnesses healed many times, and so the over care is very real.

 In my case the being able to hear somewhat and receive from our Celestial Lords, Teachers and Family is slowly improving, with it being far from a mastered skill, but the experience, more and more is natural and very joyful. The way I have been guided when improvement was needed has almost been the best part, because either Ron or one of the Transmitters would let me know very clearly what could help, yet always with such consideration that you love Them even more for the adjustment. I have been coming, along in the last six months, to know that I know, all is as they say it is, concerning the Celestials being eager to communicate and seeing Their patience personally in working with us. Also, that there are no reservations about our TR ability on Their part, nor are our imperfections a criteria for our eligibility as TR persons. The main thing I think in beginning, is our utter surrender to whatever God wants, Not perfect yet but far along in giving up our will.  However its not completely that simple though because physical and mindal adjustments have to be made in most of us also. Please feel free to contact me at any time for shooting the breeze or whatever, as I enjoy that very much!

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While he was a great way off his father saw him and had compassion., 970-618 1214,-  7223 Iron Oak Ave. Las Vegas NV. 89113


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Re: Daniel Alderfer, introduction
« Reply #1 on: August 04, 2016, 11:34 »

Thank you Daniel for what I imagine are truly wonderful reading material suggestions! I am sure they will be of use to many others just as they were for you!

I so enjoy those adjuster exchanges myself! They are what I go back to in my memory whenever I am feeling particularly perturbed by the celestials or by what I imagine they are doing which is causing me such frustration. That original friendship you might call it; between Adjuster and his ward. Truly a remarkable thing, as they ever guide us before we even have the mental and philosophical scaffolding of perspective to be capable of imagining the existence of just such a real and loving friend. But this friendship is not properly qualified by such a term. Such a term as friendship fails to exhibit the constant nature of the Adjuster's guidance. The perfect, dependable and constant guidance is truly something only a father could exact. As only a father could care for his child beyond any need for self. This Adjuster, this Father fragment, gives up his entire will and accepts yours and with divine patience sees to it that every moment is used to allow you the ability to find the most joy you could find as a created being in so choosing to do the Father's will. And this is done without even alerting you to its reality. Truly, only the infinite love of a father could be so selfless as to give everything over to the constant guidance of his children!

Isn't it wonderful to entertain the privilege of being Sons of God! It can be trying at times since our Sonship must, every time, start with a foundation of faith; a full-hearted and fully-informed acceptance in the belief that what could come of your will could never match the infinite divinity of the will of the Father in heaven and the subsequent conscious choosing to subject our will to His because of this fact. Despite this difficulty, and maybe because of this difficulty, we find evermore joy in the experience of being a Son of God since we get to experience all the wonderful fruits which come as a natural result of doing the Will of the Father in heaven.

I find there is more communication when I am simply going about my life than when I attempt to sit down and do a 'contact', lol. I can only appreciate the irony in the fact that I am very often only relaxed enough to communicate when I am not trying to communicate, ha ha.

It is wonderful you have found such a quadruple relationship with Teresa, both Adjusters and your self! I am so happy to know this as I am sure the end of such a long marriage must have been hard since that sort of thing would be hard on anyone! But I feel even moreso for a faith-son of God, since they most often just want to share their love.

I am happy to be along side you in these missions Daniel, or more so trying my best to catch up and keep pace, ha ha. If I might speak so boldly, you are truly an inspiration to us on these forums and surely for others in the universe who catch a glimpse of your faith and your ever loving spirit! You are truly a family member to us all and we thank you!      -Much love brother!
Live loyally today-grow-and tomorrow will attend to itself. The quickest way for  tadpole to become a frog is to live loyally each moment as a tadpole.
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