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Author Topic: 'Meloloc,Moderation=Sustainability,29 July 2016, Alderfer, L V NV. US  (Read 539 times)

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daniel alderfer

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“Eyes Only”
Teacher: ‘Meloloc
Subject:  Moderation = Sustainability
Category: Sustainability of Civilization
TR: Daniel, Las Vegas NV.
29 July 2016, 18:23 Z

Transmitter: Thank You Father for this day and time, for life and your continuous affectionate help and support! Is there a message or teaching you would like to have brought here?

‘Meloloc: “Yes, go ahead Daniel, You can write that the lesson for today is one about: ‘temperance and moderation”. If we are temperate in our lives and behaviors', always we would be moderate, sensible, reasonable, considered and steady. My reason for even thinking this is a subject to address, is that this is a characteristic of any accomplished being. All of you in this class, of the Serara, Monjoronson Magisterial Missions being tutored and coached will come to have temperance in all things.

“To not have temperance would mean we are unbalanced, being overboard in areas such as how we spend our time, how we consume food and drink, how we handle our resources, what we demand of our body, either to much or to little exercise for instance. Even being a couch potato regarding excessive study and scholarly pursuits can be deleterious to equilibrium. [perhaps spending 12 hours per day for months on end pouring over manuscripts as you follow a thread of knowledge].

“Having said that, the other side of the ledger often requires excessive behavior to accomplish a particular goal only possible with terrific effort brought to bear in an area that we need to concentrate on. This is where wisdom is developed in a trial and error experiential endeavor. After the time of crisis is past, a return to normalcy would be the hall mark of temperance.

“Large corporations all over the world are notorious for using up an individual of brilliance and genius, demanding such over the top effort and performance that the marriage and family are neglected and damaged, the health of the individual is ruinously under stress for years on end resulting in a short sighted burn out of an invaluable asset, to support a: ‘results at all costs’ approach to the bottom line.  In payment, huge amounts of money might come to the executive, but on balance the damage is not worth the remuneration.

“For the worker to be undeterred by pressure to be used in this manner may destroy a promising career, but no matter as the choice for a temperate lifestyle, family and children that are not neglected, is the way of the wise. Sometimes the burnout is so severe in an overused worker; only a total change of occupation for several years can restore equilibrium. The leader of groups of people, such as teams to accomplish something together, has the important responsibility to assign and use those under their care with fair reasonable, sustainable work schedules with moderate requirements so high standards of longevity are maintained.

“The new norm in the rebuilt society of Urantia under the tutelage of the Adam and Eve schools will see a work day eventually of only 4 or so hours, for most workers, fostering a balance that has at its most basic underpinning, sufficient time for peripheral educational pursuits, public service, occasional travel, artistic aspirations, physical conditioning, and plenty of family recreation.

“There are times when none of this teaching and advice applies because for instance the youthful resilience is so indomitable that a pace that would destroy one person can be maintained for many years by another without harmful effects. But in general a wisely run society will have temperate moderation as its foundational principle.  This principal is important for the sustainable development of the forests, oceans, arable land, fossil fuels, mineral deposits, population dispersal and appropriate education. A scarred landscape, unrestored to original virgin condition after mining operations, industrial poisoning of sub soils and aquafers, farming methods that deplete fauna and soil humus, air pollution from manufacturing and transportation, destruction of wetlands in overdevelopment, deforestation, overfishing, all a lack of temperance and moderation.

“When a first life mortal is learning the basics of becoming at least a partially accomplished individual, mastering at least part of the survival skills on an evolutionary planet, bringing themselves by experiential trial and error to some semblance of maturity, moderation and temperance is a big part of accomplishing that.  This is ‘Meloloc with this lesson concerning in the end, planetary sustainability.”


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Kathy Rathbun

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Thank you, Daniel and Meloloc. I come to this Mission with a substantial amount of disarray. Peace has been like quicksilver for me lately. 
Kathy Rathbun
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