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Author Topic: Consolidating Diverse Opinions through Angelic Coordination  (Read 508 times)

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       EYES ONLY

      Teacher:  Luminerion
      Topic:     Consolidating Diverse Opinions through Angelic Coordination
      Category:  Brotherhood of Man and Citizenship in the Universe
      T/R:  Amethyst
       Location:  New York State
       Date and Time:  July 28,2016  9:00 pm eastern time

  Luminerion:  “I have been referred to as Chief of Seraphic Services, and indeed, I have served in this capacity.  Today, however, I approach you more as a coordinator of seraphic activities.  Many of you are growing in your abilities, and this has not gone unnoticed or unappreciated.  You are beginning to bring your transmissions to this forum masterfully, and I seek to help you see more of how your seraphic helpers can work with you to form a team  (or even a network) of two or more to enhance and expand on a topic coming to fruition in a transmission.  

First I will provide an example of what I mean, and then I will elaborate  on the role the seraphic hosts play in this teamwork.

Have you ever held back from posting a transmission because someone else had posted one somewhat similar to yours?  Maybe it was because  there was some variation in the one posted from yours?  I invite you to take this as an opportunity to add the voice of your teacher to the topic.  It may very well be similar, but an additional voice can expand and add depth to the topic.  The information may contain discrepancies and differences from others, but this is somewhat to be expected, and will also provide an opportunity to polish your skills of discernment.  The point is to add to, clarify and fine tune the information.  The more voices that contribute to a particular topic, the more essence and depth can be provided.  So when you read a transmission that is of particular interest to you, ask your teacher and Father Within if there is anything more that can, or should be provided.  In the spirit of love and sharing, important points can be brought forth.  This can help us, your teachers and guides, amplify the understanding and appreciation you receive, and to more fully grasp what is being shared with you.  

Now I will address the seraphic role and reasoning that applies here.  Seraphic activities unify, correlate, and integrate a vast array of spirit influences and beings for the benefit of their wards.  Your seraphim can be of invaluable assistance in tying together, from behind the scenes and from various sources, different aspects of an idea or concept you put forth in your transmissions.  When similar messages come from many types of diverse beings, it adds a quality that is more complete and unified than might otherwise be  the case.  During this correcting Time, more and more information is coming to you and as the pace accelerates, it can be more and more challenging to read, digest, and understand all of it .  Collaboration among the seraphim, Adjusters, teachers, t/rs, and forum members can help organize the material and edify your understanding.  Your integration into your larger cosmic family requires that as you grow, more and more you consider the differing opinions on any given topic from a huge and eclectic universe family.”


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daniel alderfer

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Dear Luminerion, most appreciated coordinator of Seraphic activities, and superb personal encourager. I am magnetically drawn to you and your personality, I hope very much to remember you and spend time with you. Hopefully working in York Pennsylvania, I will have some type of domicile and I want you and any friends you can persuade to come to please come for a long visit.
 Thank you for this delivery of so many encouraging statements and reassurances for understanding and weathering our course of training, that explained and comforted us for the ins and outs we experience as we learn to receive Celestial messages. You have blessed me today for this lesson for the TML archives.
 Dear Amethyst,
This effort you delivered should encourage you deliciously, its clearly heard message shows your ability to carefully listen and focus. You certainly gave us an exquisite example for being used this way. I'm so happy for you and we are enjoying your exciting progress.
 Most special gratitude and regards. Daniel
While he was a great way off his father saw him and had compassion., 970-618 1214,-  7223 Iron Oak Ave. Las Vegas NV. 89113
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