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Author Topic: Ron H Bio "A Long Long time ago..."  (Read 408 times)

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Ron H Bio "A Long Long time ago..."
« on: July 28, 2016, 03:54 »

Hello all. I would like to introduce my self to you. My name is Ron Hammar and I live in Mt Shasta, CA, USA. Were shall I start to tell you about my self? 

            Well it all started a long time ago in the city called San Mateo not far from the California Golden Gate Bridge that is by the City By The Bay or as they say San Francisco.  It was in the year of 1945 it was night time in the month of April under starry skies. Many have asked about the sign that I was born under. It is “Hospital” in big red letters. Yes I came into the world the usual way the last of three children the first being my brothers Bob and my sister Donna. My parent’s names are Carrol and Alrose Hammar they were from the state of Kansas and moved out to California after they got married.  They named me Ronald Lester Hammar a name that when I was young I did not like because in school every one seemed to have a more common name. I did not come to value my name tell many years later.
My schooling was at a Catholic School for grades 1st to 8th. In the school the sister would tell us about what we could do by being a priest and the education that we would get. Some times I had thoughts about that but that was all.  This was in a town called Mountain View CA.
In the year of 1959 the family moved up to a small town of about 4,000 that is called Auburn in the foothill were Gold was discovered in 1849 at Sutter’s Mill. The High School that I went to is called Placer High and it is the oldest school in northern California. It was founded in the 1880s. I was in the class of 63 and in the lower half of the class as my grade point was not the best. Looking back I wasted much of my high school years.
In the year of 64 I moved to the “Land of Sky Blue Waters”, Lake Tahoe, CA. The area is called State Line on the south end of the Lake. At that time the whole south end had a population of a few thousand. Out side of the gambling at state line the next biggest employer was Heavenly Valley Ski Resort and it is heavenly over looking the lake. This is were I worked tell the spring of 66.
Working there was such a joy for the whole area was one of ever changing beauty. Every day I took a chair lift that would bring me a few thousand feet above Lake Tahoe for work. I could see the whole lake in front of me. The setting of the lake was ever changing. Some days there would be low hanging clouds that would be about 500 feet above the ground and we would be going up in the chair and then pop through them with a bright warm sun shining on us and you could look back over the lake and all that was there was a big cloud like a flat roll of cotton filling the whole lake basin. All you would see was snow all around that blended into the cloud with a clear blue sky above you. No sign of man but the chair lift out of the cotton cloud. Other times you could see the brown water from the Truckee River flowing into the lake at the Tahoe Keys looking like a marble swirl in the aqua blue water over the lake bottom like a shelf covered in glass. The lake looked like a gigantic beautiful jewel in a setting of green Jade. The water was so clear you could see the bottom to a depth of 200feet. (About 70 feet now.)
The lake temperature would be in the 60 degrees only in the top few feet of water from summer to winter. Because of this the lake never got ice on it but around the shallow area. It would only be a few feet out from the shore before you would have open water. This would only be on the South Shore of the lake. The water was so clear it looked as if you could just stick your hand in it and pick up the rocks on the bottom.   It is 24 miles long going North and South and 13 miles wide. It has so much water in it that it can cover the whole state of Texas with 8” of water or the state of California by 16”.
It was in the year of 1966 in the spring after the snow was all gone. I was working in a café as a dish washer that I got into a conversation with one of the waiters about the Catholic Church and what we felt was wrong with it. The owner did not believe in God and he joined in with us about all churches being bad. We told him that we believed in God but did not think much about the Church. The waiter said she had a book that I may like to read about the Church and she would loan it to me. She wanted it back so she brought it to work a few days later for me. It was on Sunday that I got the booklet. It was by Garner Ted Armstrong.
This is when I had fallen in love with the Devine. I read it on a Sunday night and it was about three in the morning when I got done with it.  It was called the “Plain Truth” and it was about the church and it adjusted a lot of my thinking about the Church, Sin, and Man, and I was so moved from the truths that it told me, I was moved to pray to the Father in which I did. Not like I was taught in the church, but I just started to talk with God and pour out my heart in love as I fell asleep.
  The next day I was driving around I started to get thoughts in my head about the way I was living my life, with out much of God in it.  Which I did not like and so asked how I can change, the whole world is designed to be this way.   How does one serve God?  
 It was a few days later after work in a conversation when the owner joined us. He started asking questions which we could not answer. It was in this setting that the Janitor which she knew joined in and started giving the owner answers to his question and they were so reasonable that the owner was feeling his beliefs system was in danger so he just walked away.

The woman and I were so surprised by what Joe had to say that we started asking him questions about the bible and God and Jesus like what happens when we die, is there a hell, why does God allow evil and many other things. I had one question that I wanted to know. Now at this time I also was being called up for the Draft for the Vietnam War.  So I ask what the bible says about going to war. “War is killing your brothers and do you think Jesus would be a part of that war? What would he do?  The bible say you must not murder, life is sacred in Gods eyes.” I never knew that I had a choice to not go to war tell then. Though I had always thought war would be hazardous to my health.
 I asked him how he knew all this and he told me that he had spent 10 years studying religions and boiled it down to 3 Churches, the Mormons, Seven Day Adventists’, and Jehovah’s Witnesses (JWs). I knew some Mormons and I was not that impressed with them, my room mate was a Seven Day Adventists and I did not know any thing about the JWs. Of the three he said that the JWs were the closes to living what they believed. I ask how do you contact them and he told me to look them up in the phone book and ask for a bible study and they will be there rain or shine. So I did just that.

I moved back to Auburn a few weeks before my Draft date and the first day that I got home it was early afternoon and I was sitting in a chair talking with my mother about the war and things about God when I told her I am thinking about changing my religion.  She was in a rocking chair and said it would be OK to go to a different church then she looked at me and all of a sudden stopped rocking and pointed her finger at me saying “Don’t make it Jehovah’s Witnesses though!” I told her that is what I was going to look into and this just caused her to come off the wall at me so I just had to go out side to let her calm down. Then at dinner Dad started giving me his thought. Well I just went into my room and left them to the TV. After a about 30 minutes I came out and went to the book case and got the Family Bible and took it into my room to read which I did that night.
The next morning at breakfast Dad was more civil in talking with me about what he wanted me to do. He was telling me about all the bad things about JWs and things that he did not want me doing. I told him that I do not know if I would or could do those thing or not but I am at lease going to look to see what they have to say. Then he said Son you are the only child that we have ever seen take the bible to read it in all these years.
That was on a Thursday and later that day I called the JWs and asked for a Bible study. The Elder that I talked with said he could do that next week like on a Wednesday evening if that would be OK. I said that would be about a week away. So he said would I like to have it earlier. I said yes, that would be good.  He asked how would Sunday be.  Well I said ‘let see that Friday, Saturday, and Sunday that’s… three day from now.’ The elder said that would work for him but what was I thinking of. So I said I wanted to have it today. He said he could not do it so I ask why not. He said that he had a meeting to go to so I asked when is it over? 9:30 PM OK I will be up so could I have it after your meeting. Now mind you Joe had told me that you just tell them the time and place and they will be there rain or shine. I thought the Elder was begging off on me then he said why don’t you come to our meeting it starts at 7:30 PM. I did that to meet him and his family and told him about the Draft and that I was not going to be a part of any war. He gave me a book that is a aid in studying the Bible called “Freedom of the Sons of God” and we studied the chapters about war and being an Ambassador for Jesus. Also I learned that the God of the Bible had a name, this made him more personal to me.

I went to my Draft Board and filed a form called Conscientious Objector form. It took over 18 months in hearing before a body of 4 generals.  I must say it look very convenient that I all of a sudden I became very religious to them and they rejected me every time and after the last time the office woman that I new because of her son was in my class in high school told me that I had one more appeal and that was to the California State Governor, so I did that.

In this time I had moved up to Seattle Washington so that I could go to the school of “Ron Bailey’s School of Radio/ TV Broadcasting.”  It was in the late fall of 66 that I had to come back to Auburn CA for a Draft Board hearing which I told them of my hope that was with in me and why I would not play their war game. My Dad drove me back to the Airport for my flight to Seattle. On the way he was telling me how I should do any thing to keep out of going to Jail and stop studying the bible with JWs. By this time I had made up my mind that I wanted to serve my Father in Heaven and do his will. (Thought I now see there is a lot of teachings of man in the JWs now. No one has a monopoly on God.)  Dad told me as we were coming into the airport that if I kept on this path with JWs that I should not come back home. This hurt me greatly and I knew that he was asking me to make a choice in my mind as to who I loved the most, I chose Jesus and God.  As I got out of the car in sadness I shock his hand, said this then is, Good By give my love to mom.  This troubled me dearly but I trusted in the comfort of Jesus words ‘One does not leave house or home or Mother and Father for the kingdom sake and will not receive and hundred folds of Family and Mother and Father Sister and Brother now along with everlasting life in the Heavily Kingdom.’ This proved to be true for me.

It was with in a week’s time that I got a letter from my Mom saying that Dad did not mean what he said. That you will always be our son no mater what and we love you. It was some time later that when I was getting baptized I asked my Mom and Dad if they would like to come up for it. They did and after Dad told me that Mother was ‘glad that they had came up and that she feels good that she does not have to worry about her baby any more.’ Though they disapproved of my belief system they were proud of me and my sticking to my convictions and more so after the end of the War.  Thought they were not JWs I knew in my heart that our Father had a place for them and I just trusted in his Love. Because of my love for Father and Jesus I found my self loving them more and go and see them every chance that I had. Many times a years.

It was about 6 months after I appealed to the Governor of California that I was interviewed by an FBI Investigator about my being a Conscientious Objector. Now here I was just 22 years old and have turned my live around a 180* not to get out of the war but to serve God in the way I believed at the time.  I was not against all wars and I’m not a pacifist either.

We had this interview, he had a stack of papers about 200 pages thick, and it went all the way back to my 2nd grade teacher.  It covered every thing; I was shocked of the depth of the investigation.  We talked for about 2 hours and I cleared up his thought about contradictions that he thought I had because of my letters that I had wrote to the Draft Board.  Then we had about another hour or more where he wanted to know answers to his bible questions. Why is there Evil?  Why does God allow these things?  At the end he told me that he was going to give a recommendation to have the classification but if it was not give at lease he knew I didn’t belong in jail.

I got the reclassification from the Governor but now I had a new fight with the draft board. They wanted me to quit my job and go work in a state hospital instead of being in the Arm Service. They told me that I had to be doing some community serve or we will put you in jail.  Well I just stood there and told them I was an electrician and the work was doing was contributing to the community. 

I was not going to take someone job so they can go and take my place with a gun in war! The General said the board can demand that you go to the hospital to work. I said Sir in all respect; I will not work in the hospital or any other place that would cause me to change my job. That is my stand and you have to decide what you plan to do, but I am telling you what I will not do. Well as it turned out they didn’t do any thing. And shortly there after I got a minister class 4F rating.

The Jehovah’s Witnesses open up a spiritual side of me and I love it.  I was feeling the present of God being with me and thought I did not know that the voice was not my own I really enjoy the feeling that I was having the security that I knew I had with God.  I felt like when I knew I had a winning hand in cards when I was gambling at Lake Tahoe in the casinos.  I had the spiritual Royal Flush in cards. Nothing could beat me in the game.

The JWs created in me a love and understanding for people for this is what is need for one to be able to do what they do in the door to door activity. I had the attitude like some one’s house was on fire and you wanted to help them. What would you do? You would go and tell them about it for there safety. In fact there is a law that will put you in jail if you did nothing to warn them about the fire. (It is called “Negligible Homicide”)  But in reality I have learned now they just had a Big Barbeque most of the time that was causing all the smoke.

Because of my studying of the Bible I had a interest in world history. Also I found that the names of old were so meaningful. Because of this I did some research as to the meaning of my names Ronald and Lester.
Ronald means:     English Name Meaning - advisor to the king / Counsel Rule / Powerful:
Gaelic Name Meaning - Rules with counsel./ High counselor:
Scottish Name Meaning -
Mighty counselor/ruler.  
Lester is:  “Seeker of Truth.”  In knowing this it cause me to value my name more than when I was growing up in school.  

I have to say that some of the best times of my life are memories’ in the thirty plus years that I was a JW and having people tell me that what I have shared with them was an answer to a pray for them.  Also the joy of traveling in Russia and Europe and meeting so many of the JWs brotherhood. I have come to embrace a bigger brotherhood now knowing the plain and open teachings of Christ Jesus.

Well in 1995 I took a course called YUO “Understanding Yourself and Other”.  It was the weekend before Halloween. It caused me to have an emotional breakthrough that was of a spiritual way and I cried like a little suckling baby for about ten minutes. This removed a lot of the emotional blockage that one develops from not expressing ones feeling because of personal judgment and I had a lot of that as a JW.  Also a lot of Self-righteousness.    Well after that the next day when I was bring my brother to the airport as he was leaving to get on the plane I was feeling  some energy coming up from the bottom of my stomach like a big knot. It was slowly rising up though my spine.  As I was driving back to the hotel to see my other brother Glen the energy came to my mouth and I just open my mouth and it all came out like a big balloon and I started crying. I had no pain but just wanted to cry, so I did.  It was so bad that I could hardy drive because of the tears and I was on the free way! I was asking. What is happening? Why am I crying like this father?  

Well I had to stop and get some food for Glen so I was pulling into the store, the crying started to slow down and I was able to get control of it. As I went in to buy the food my eye were still watering and it was a crying under my breath.  I was waiting in line so one of the other checker open up the stand next to where I was and called me over and check me out real quick. As I was there I turn and saw a woman with a baby in the cart, we just locked eyes, and it seemed like a long time.  It was such a wonderful feeling and then as I was walking out another woman came in with a baby and the child and I just locked our eye on each other again in love. Now as I drove out of the lot, I stopped my car to let another woman with a baby walk by on the side walk. I said OK that is it, I'm a baby! As I started crying again.

I was clearing all the unexpressed feelings that were held back inside of me.  And I got the sense of YES.   I got back to the hotel room then it really came out and I just sat on my bed and started to cry and cry and that was going on the whole day, Glen put a sign on the door not to disturb and I am sure the maid was scratching here head as to the size of that baby that was crying.  It finely ended after midnight and I finely got some sleep. 

The next day was so refreshing and the sky was so clear and clean.  This is when I had my thought adjuster talk to me and I was so surprised because it caused me to recall back in 1966 when I was talking with him then and I said, “You came back!”  I got the words “NO I never left you”.

It was a few months after this that I came to the conclusion that I was not going to be a JW any more and also for a few years before this I was losing my dogmatic thinking of the JWs, I was seeing thing in a different way and in a way the elders did not know how to deal with me. Because of this they kicked me out. I was a embarrassment to them and they did not know how to deal with me so they took the simple easy way out.  This was what I called my “Graduation.” Just like in school if you learned everything that the grade has to offer you just have to go to the next grade.  I was moving up to the next level.  

After this happen one of my neighbors came over to me who was a missionary and he wanted to tell me that I had to believe in the Trinity. I understood all that he was telling me but as being a JW I believed in the monotheism of God and that Jesus was a son of God and not God the Son. Also his name in the heaves was Michael and that he had a beginning.  Jesse kept pushing for this changed so is said to him we believe the same about life and our hope for the Kingdome. But what we are spiting about is you are telling me that the Palace has wall paper and I’m telling you that the walls are paint.  This topic is not one of Salvation or the love that we have for God or Jesus and there love for us.

In 1996 I was gong back to Austin Texas USA to learn how to teach the UYO class. I talking with Bill Reddler the founder of the course one day and said ‘I’m not going to be a JW any more’ he asked ‘why did I want to change? 'I shared all the things that I now knew was wrong with JWs and I could not live it.  He said ‘all those years that you were serving God as a JW, how do you think God views of them? Does he look on them with a smile or disappointment?  It was a soul searching question. So I went with in and I knew that Father was with me and blessed me for the love that I have for him and desire to do his will. I said to Bill I feel good, because I know that I have helped a lot of people in coming to God, and they have told me that I was the answer to their prays. Also I did it all in Faith.

It was such a refreshing feeling that I had from Bill. He was a person that really was a master but he would never have used that term. He was so in tune with his TA that to me it looked like he had someone talking to him over his shoulder.

Then in the winter of 1997 I was doing a 40 day fast in Death Valley at Saline Valley Warm Springs that is an Oasis with palm trees and all. You have to get to it on a 50 mile washboard road.

I meet a person that was living there for about 3 years and we developed a friend ship. He could see Angels/Midwayers. We would have fine Spiritual conversations and one morning when he was making breakfast he asked me what I thought who Jesus was.  I told him what I new from my study of the bible. Jesus name is Michael in the heavens and that he is a Son of God. He had a beginning and he is a god. He created the world and universe and all things in it. Greg asked if I had ever heard of the book called Urantia. I said no why you ask. Greg said well what you just told me was as if you took it all out of the Urantia book. You should get one and read it some time. 

Well after that I did see one at a Barns and Noble book store but in looking at the table of content and the way it was it bound it looked like it was just plagiarizing the bible so I just put it back on the shelf.  It was a few months later that I saw the paper back Urantia book that is put out by the Uversa Press in a book store in Mt Shasta, California USA.  Now this books cover showed what the book was about and so I bought it. I had read many other books about the life of Jesus but the writers I felt just did not understand his reason why he came to earth or didn’t give him the honor as to who he really was. So in looking at the Table of Contents I saw a lot that I had a very strong opinion about and I was not interested I those thoughts. But the life of Jesus was something that I new a lot about and so I thought well lets see how it sound or is this just going to be another New Age book? In reading book IV I just seemed to not want to put it down. I read it in a few days and then reread it again. This gave me the confidents to read the first three books now. So I was reading a paper or more a day.

I would buy copies of book IV, give them to the Christian book store on consignment, and share them with many of my Christian friends. I would use Book IV to introduce people to the Urantia book through the back door.

In 1998+ I set up “Self Love Institute helping Victims of Domestic Violence by Education in Healthy Love.”  And also teaching a Parenting course called “Redirecting Children’s Behavior” and a one day work shop called “Anger the Misunderstood Emotion, let’s tame the Beast and stop the Damage” A lot of parents would say to me ‘how can you teach this class about Parenting. You don’t even have any children’. I would say ‘Don’t judge the pie recipe by the cook but by the taste’, I always have the thought “The word of God will make the inexperience one wise

I came across the 11:11 site and started getting email and Flurries from Ron Besser and in time I found myself on this site, 

Michael has been very tender with me and I must have been very trying to those in his service that have been slowly changing my thinking. For where I am to day is not some place that I thought I would be in 1996.  Like Jesus said “I have other things that I would like to share but you can not endure them now.”

I like his words to Thomas when talking to the Phoenician when Thomas was trying to get him to stop worshiping fire. Jesus said ‘Thomas you were trying to take the falsehood out of the man and I care not but one thing, that is to put the truth in them and let it grow and it will push it out the falsehoods.’

In looking back now as I write this, I see how the TA was talking so many times in my activities like before the Draft board or the investigator for the FBI or in my JW ministry and also today. ‘Doing unselfish good as I pass by in my daily duties’

 It seemed like I was off to the side in a way hearing my self speak it was bring up point or thoughts that I had read and forgot about. Jesus said ‘do not be troubled when you come before rulers as to what you should say for the spirit will speak for you.’

As a JW I was having the hope of living forever in Paradise on earth. (It was the right environment but the wrong place) So I was not focused in having a wife or a family on this side of Armageddon but believed I would grow young again after the big A and have what I had put off, BIG SURPRISE!!  But now I know better. Things are not looking the way I had thought they would be. My life I feel has been rich. It would have been richer with those Spiritual Joys. The Promise is that all that I have missed on earth I will be able to enjoy in the mansion world so nothing will be lost just delayed. Though I do wish I could stay in the gene pool.

As a former JW I have been living my whole life for this day, thought it is not looking like what I had thought it would look like.  I pray that I will have a part in helping my brothers and sister and be a part of the changing times.  Yes this has been my prayer in the past as a JW.  I am from a long family of Long Genes, my uncle just died at 106. I hope to live over a hundred years and to having a part in this great teaching work that is going to be done for our Bothers and Sisters that is now coming to the earth.

I want to share a story when I live in Auburn in my high school years and how the first days of school were, after our summer vacation. I would ask others what they did and share experiences. So often I would get the feeling of disappointment for not thinking of doing the things that they did. I had the chance of doing it if I had just thought of it.  

This is where we are at today.   As we travel in the future to Paradise we will meet many other being that will ask us were did we come from and we will say Urantia. Oh! Tell me when did you live there? It was the year 2000+A.D. Tell me what did you do in the Changing times?... Well I knew all about the NBA stars, and NFL star players, could name them all by heart and give you their history, and drank light beer three days a week. ????  No… No, what did you do to be a part in the changing times… the transition years out of Darkness?... Well…not much.

Let that not be our answer to them!  We are living in a once in an eternity time and lets have this time go with us all the way to Paradise and be on.  People will tell us that they wished that had lived now and I feel even the Descending Sons of God and Angels would like to be the boots on the ground that we are!  So let’s be that wise son that our Father says “that makes My heart rejoice.”  

 Domtia         Ron.
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