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Author Topic: Mansonloran, Faithfulness Now, 27 July 2016, Daniel, L V NV. us  (Read 369 times)

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“Eyes Only”
Teacher: Mansonloran

Subject: Faithfulness Now
Category: Faith of our Fathers
TR: Daniel Alderfer, Las Vegas, NV.
27 July 2016, 18:42 Z

Transmitter: Thank You, our Father, for Your love patience and mercy!  I am here open for any transmission, Is there a message of any type, that you would like me to deliver today?

Mansonloran: "You can begin typing Daniel.  Our message today is about the effect the delay of these missions have on each of you. We see so often, kind of a petulant fault finding with the administration of the Serara, Monjoronson, Jesus Missions, which are led by Michael of Nebadon for the Father Himself. We wonder how well these same fault finders would do with the same task and responsibilities. When We see an individual that is serenely sailing along, growing and expanding with the missions, especially working to build friendships on the Forum, and is diligently keeping abreast of all the posts loaded with new information and that, unlike the faultfinders, is extremely cautious, not to cast aspirations of wrong doing on the Celestial leaders. At this, We swell with affection and admiration.

“This hyper concern over the language being used by those coordinating the information to keep all abreast of the latest plans and intentions is disconcerting. The hyper concern shown, is highly distressing. In throwing up into the face of the administration the statements made that then, by necessity We were unable to fulfill, is like you are saying; see there, once again you have failed and left all in the lurch. How could God be so incompetent?

“You seem to want to be sure to call Our supposed malfesence to the attention of all and wanting to emphasize the disconnect between the intentions for action We shared with you and what We actually were able to pull off. Really, is that the approach of a friend? You mark your calendars at the statement of a new intention, so you will have proof of the gaff which you strongly imply, because of Our track record, almost certainly will be a dud again. Is that the way of a friend or of a highly judgmental record keeper building a future legal case.

“You pop up unfailingly to reiterate Our  language of the latest attempt in the most difficult coordination ever pulled off, to make sure you understood [you said such and such on such and such a date, right? You want to know] You then try to reason with God about the fact that if things were stated this way or that way, in your judgement and wisdom, wouldn’t it have worked much better then the way things actually were done? What gall you have. Missing the point totally about the difficulty of such an undertaking. You want to again review, just exactly what We said, to, it seems, make double sure We will be exposed should plans again go awry. Is that the way of a friend?

“The relief in your own personal situation that a fulfilled announcement promise would bring is understandable. Every single one on the training Forums has the exact same credibility problem with their family and friends. Why are they full of faith and trust no matter how many resets may need to take place? That is the way of a friend. Always thinking the best and never till death, not one word of complaint about anything. Full of confidence in the perfection of The Fathers leadership.

"Soon all will surely happen! To be known as one with unshakable confidence through the darkest hours of uncertainty, one who knew way back when, that all was perfectly being handled. It is not too late to join the crowd of the faithful here, who were not murmuring over the long haul. This is Mansonloran, wishing you all a good day".


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