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Author Topic: Mansonloran,Mission Commitment-Van&Amadon, 26 July 2016, Alderfer, LV NV.  (Read 443 times)

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“Eyes Only”

Teacher: Mansonloran
Subject: Mission Commitment- Van and Amadon
Category: Serara Staff and Messages
TR: Daniel, Las Vegas, NV.
26 July 2016, 18:32 Z

Transmitter: Thank You our Father for this opportunity to receive whatever you might want for the Serara, Monjoronson Magisterial Mission to have at this time. Is there some lesson or message or teaching for the expansion of all today?

    Mansonloran: “Yes Daniel, the message for this time is this: Seldom before on Urantia was the opportunity so great for someone like all of you on these Mission training forums. Our mentioning this perhaps 15 times in the last month should ring a few bells. Our view, as We look at all of your lives, that We can see very clearly, although many of We teachers cannot read your thoughts, is more times than not, a picture of an individual who knows the basics of the UB knowledge, is very excited about that, believes the Corrective time and Magisterial Missions are honestly: ‘Father and Mother Spirit of Nebadon’s most urgent current project’ and yet there is a disconnect that is puzzling to Us. We observe often a wait and see attitude that is a little maddening to us. You see very clearly that this is it and then act as if you think the only way you will know you personally are wanted to work full time starting now is for a phone call from Ron to summon you to headquarters.  Let me tell you a little classified information: He has already called.

    “Perhaps the only way for you to begin being very regular in your worship time, for you to constantly be speaking to God under your breath, for you to ask every day for The Fathers love, power and support for Christ Michael, Jesus, Machiventa, Mantutia, Monjoronson, Serara, Adam and Eve, Ron Besser and the Morontial workers on the York Office building, is for you to get a personal letter from ‘Meloloc, one of your frequent teachers, telling you to hop to. There again you have already received that about ten times.

    “I am assigned specially for the aid of Ron Besser and the headquarters workers in the Magisterial Missions that began officially yesterday the 25th of July, 2016. Our challenge is to encourage many more of you to take this as serious as you do your daily bread. We think you will and since you can now see that what I’m reminding you about is true, and you agree that it is something you now want to begin, here is what you can do: Pray a simple prayer that goes something like this: Father, now I see and understand, Forgive me for my reticence, I promise regular effort instead of sporadic effort, Your will is now my will, From here on, I am yours for the corrective time. I am willing to put myself out for you more than I ever have. I ask for Joyful feelings of courage about this decision and the energy to pay the price of dedicated service. Thank you for answering this even before I am finished speaking. Amen.

    “There was one time on Urantia a story written of two persons, we could emulate. I am referring to the account of Van and Amadon. Among other things, their task was to prepare for Adam and Eve’s arrival. Their example is so stirring and sterling that few aside from the remarkable Machiventa Melchizedek, our Planetary Prince, have equaled their feat of faithful service on this planet. Read a small part of the hard to believe account concerning the length and extent of their service starting in the Urantia Book paper # 67 section 2, through # 67 section 8. This story [much more is included about them but this will make My point.] has deep philosophical ramifications pertinent to service in the Corrective time. You have been called, summoned and placed here, now what will you do? Thank you in advance for listening and taking action! With genuine over the top excitement to be working with all of you, our most unique and colorful brothers and sisters, my salutation is: Love, Joy and Affection, Mansonloran, Domtia”…….


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