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Author Topic: Mantutia, Use Of Our Time-A Summons,23 July 2016, Alderfer, L V NV. US  (Read 409 times)

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daniel alderfer

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“Eyes Only”

Teacher: Mantutia, Melchizedek
Subject: Use Of Our Time-A Summons
Category: Serara Staff
TR: Daniel, Las Vegas, NV.
23 July 2016, 21:25 Z

Transmitter: With only feelings of trust and elation, our Father, accept my adoration and respect for your commitment to every one of us, consistently demonstrating over billions of years,of mercy, concern and magnanimousness. Thank You Father! Is there a conveyance or lesson that is important for our instruction today?

     Mantutia: “Yes the teaching today is about the judicious use of time. This is Mantutia Melchizedek, Mission supervisor immediately above Ron Besser. There is almost certainly not one of you students that upon reflection would disagree; your biggest provocation in being much more mature and advantageously useful is the hardnosed allocation of time. Just about the most frequent circumstance as we see as you go about your lives is a squandering of parts of the day that are allowed to pass by, even though reasonable obligations are let slide.

     “To begin with, the subject of what constitutes a days activity if looked at over rigorously, is important to understand. When leisurely time is allowed for each of your meals, when that vital walk is accomplished, when you make time for some light reading, when listening to music, when playing with the family is not allotted for and allowed to give respite, then especially, since most of you are only in the beginning stages of seeing the more strenuous life style that is on the horizon, there is a pitfall here we can avoid. That is: ‘Being daunted or discouraged.’ The other side of the coin that also figures in, would be: a production limiting lack of urgency that will hold your expansion in stasis.  The solution is the solution of all time, as the Adjuster loves to fight your battles with you and for you.

     “The admonition, not to be to hard on yourself as the days go on with little progress in some category is truthful reinforcement. A student’s path is continuous desire and reasonable adjustment to get to that place of efficient use of the day. This is a checkered story of starts and restarts, rests and new beginnings. The way of the family of God is stimulating encouragement with plenty of allowance for human foibles in reason. Your responsibility is the pressing forward endlessly as each day dawns. To try again. Trying again is praise worthy, however, some sweat is expected. Illness or accident or privation is sometimes the friction we press against, again part of the polishing for more usefulness.

     “This life of being trained in the first time ever use of mortals in close cooperation and commiseration with accomplished, trained Magisterial Son Mission Celestial Workers, beggars description in distinctiveness and particularity. The break you are receiving, the scope, the fortuity the freedom and the chance you are being given is calculated by Mother Spirit and Father Michael as being reckoned to produce something wondrous and to be worth any trouble. I am speaking to you in such a frank and same level conversational manner because we believe you will put 2 and 2 together, accept the summons, and come along.

     “I end this discussion and discourse with this thought: It is Providential that you are here and it is Providence that will be with you every step of the way. Thank you for reading, weighing and assimilating these lessons in the classroom of the Spirit. With calm assurance of the happy days ahead, working together, This is Mantutia, your Teacher, brother and immediate supervisor. Good day and Domtia”…………


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Dear Brother Daniel,
All your posts are too wonderful and words cannot express the gratitude we feel that you are here with us, a being of light and service especially to our Celestial friends who are granting the most precious of gifts to all of us here and to those who will read these transcripts in the future. Of course we give thanks too to the many TRs who bring to us lessons for our spiritual food in preparation for the missions and to bring us to oneness/fusion one day with our TAs.
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