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Author Topic: SpeaktheWisdom's Introduction  (Read 1058 times)

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SpeaktheWisdom's Introduction
« on: May 09, 2016, 15:27 »

Hi all!

I am very excited to be able to reach out to others who share the Urantia Book perspective as fellow God-knowing faith-sons, something I have craved since my starting to read TUB maybe 6mo to 1yr ago. I am ecstatic about meeting each and every person, although I only want to bother those that want to meet me, ha ha! ;)

Full Disclosure: this is likely to be long winded. Feel free to ignore anything you don't care to read.

I Live in northwestern Montana, U.S. in the place of my birth. I moved away from here when I was 5 or 6 to Ft. Wayne, Indiana, U.S.. I lived there until I was about 19 and moved back about 7 years ago. I am the youngest of four brothers, although myself a half brother. My mother in her earlier years struggled with drug addiction and so my eldest brother raised me for the first two years of my life until CPS threatened to take us away and she turned to my grandparents, her parents, to evangelical christian religion. How we brothers were, for the most part, brought up.

As an expression of my experience, to whatever end that might be helpful, I will mention that I was a developmentally disabled child. Many milestones were late to express in my infancy and initial childhood including the ability to hear not having occurred until I was 4 years of age. I was only minimally conscious, and wholly non-cognitive  until the ages of around 10 or 11. At this point, something clicked and I became present and involved whence I was not before. I have not had any physical disabilities beyond age 5 or so, only mental ones, so I believe I was for the most part a regular kid. I began contiguous memory, comprehension, and cognition and this characterizes my use of the words 'present and involved'. Before was only a handful of instances from which I have no context or comprehension beyond apparent linear time as expressed by the many different homes we lived in or the size of myself and the apparent age of those around me. By the time I was 19 I had lived in around 20 different places (all around northwestern Montana and Ft, Wayne IN.) so that is my place keeper for this handful of conscious memories beyond physical appearances of my family. Once I began to be present moment by moment, and with cognition, I really began my development. I have found that I suffer from a condition of excess excitatory neurotransmitter secretions. This is responsible for what I experience as an absolute over abundance of energy(often times resultant irritation, anxiety and stress). So much energy in fact that I am capable of doing 36 to 48 hour days rather than the normal 24 hour day. For 6 hours of sleep I can go for 30 hours without hesitation, and without any physical labor, if only mind expenditures, I can last days. People have, from the beginning of my cognitive state, said to me something to the effect of: "I have to stop," and "I can't keep going." This never had, nor has it to this day, characterized me. I always seem to have just a bit more energy, no matter what. And this doesn't speak to anything regarding the energy boost I get when there is anyone around who could use or need my help, the amount of energy I have is ample when it comes to a good group who needs a good worker. I used to suffer from really bad insomnia and also physical pain. The pain started when I became cognitive and present. It was a debilitating pain. And in fact, even though my development after the beginning of my cognitive state was surpassing all peers and even many of those to whom I turned to for answers as my teachers and elders, the pain caused me to be unable to sit in desks or really do most of the physical nature of schooling. I would miss more than a hundred days of school and yet maintain straight A's. I was in many excelled programs including my working towards and internationally recognized 'pre-placement' type of high school diploma, a fast track of sorts. I was taking college courses for dual credits in high school so that I did not have to attend an institution with such a rigorous physical mandates by actually physically being in high school following its average programs of sitting in desks for 8 hours a day, college classes only an 1:15 or 50 minute classes. after I could no longer attend the college classes, they tried to help me by putting me in an expedited program where I would only have to attend for 8 hours a day for one month, and although I finished all of the work, since I did not attend I was not able to get a high school diploma. I dropped out entirely and when I turned 17 or so I simply took the test for the GED.

I was personally interested in everything, I loved learning anything and everything. So I began a personal investigation of all things that ever came into my purview. I found myself as being different from my peers in Ft. Wayne, and it was in these various interactions where I found a variable characterization for myself. I found that while others seemed to have issues that really would cause them emotional pain and internal strife, I was a neutral collected conceiver that seemed to utilize an overarching viewpoint to change the inherent experienced reality of the situation at hand. That is, my friends seemed to be, all the time, stuck in 'it.' Rather than being back from all things and seeing themselves and their relationship to each of those things. As I continued to attempt to play dropout therapist sincerely wanting to aid in the reduction of experienced sufferings of my friends I found that there were things that although they didn't cause me emotional pain, they stressed me out  and caused me anxiety as well. And it was in this unison of experience that I began creating a philosophy I called Informationalism. Whose basic tenant was to utilize perspective to maintain a perfect affectedness. Not too negatively affected, but not unstimulatedly unaffected. How to turn all stimuli into means of achievement through pragmatism. I developed this for about 4 years in turn with beginning to write a book about human interaction which I sufficed to call 'The Intellect of Debate.' I was doing all of this all the while still dealing with the pain. At the highest point in all of informationalism was when I had revealed to me the nature of what I called 'playing into your role.' Which is simply a way of saying, the ultimate use of informationalism crystallized into the concept of negativity being a human fallacy in that we each have a role to play and without the/a certain role, the antithesis roles never become stimulated and as a result the entire existence(creation) would stagnate. So, when one learned to understand that WHAT they are and WHERE they are is something they could BE for the world, even if the world hates them for it or conventionally despises that role, as good social mores would when faced with apparent negative roles, one could still endorse this role as their own contribution to the world, rather than allowing their local and temporary causing of discomfort for the world, in being an apparently negative role, to be personally disheartening. It all drives the evolution of social mores and social organization and evolution is an ever progressing state, constant adaptation to better fitness. It was at this point I honestly cried in my realization that the world is perfect as it is, and if only we humans would calm down and realize with each and everyone's role we are complete, then we could begin to understand that we are giving ourselves this undue stress about how 'to be' and how it 'should be' for no efficient or effective reason.

When I lived in Ft. Wayne I was entirely groomed, as most kids in that area, to continue the scientific perspective; the wholehearted devotion to material understandings, comprehensions, and beliefs in capacity and underpinning functionality of all apparent realities. People were not connected or 'one' or anything like that 'hippie crap.' This is a place where everyone drinks alcohol, the drug of choice is cocaine and the poor kids trip on pharmaceutical drugs(generally barbiturates, stimulants like aderall, muscle relaxants, cough syrup etc), not psychedelics or anything like that. People were individuals and there was no expression of family beyond the poor kids who got together out of social neglect and personal necessity. And obviously due to the various non-sense tenants in evangelical Christianity, I had concluded that the god described in that religion is either not real or an ass and I didn't care either way. Everything in science pointing to the unreality of it's purports. It was from this scientific frame of reference and individuality from whence I was most unwittingly affected, albeit, at this point I grant it as a blessing. But at the time it turned me from that apex of unity, connection and acceptance through the conception of system whole-ness in informationalism to the very destructive arrogance, resentment, frustration and despise for my fellows inherent in the power of informationalism's capacity for unaffectedness. Because people bothered me by being less than what they could be, I hated them for it. Because they would shy away from a challenge or decide to not learn something and stay in intentional ignorance I could not accept them. I was very mean and it all came in the form of the most unapparent modes as: my refusal to be around any of these people or to think of them as anything other than disposable utilities. Not that I could possibly take advantage of them as one would when one abuses someone but rather that I was absolutely cold. I did not care about anyone. I judged them all and held that anyone's refusal to better themselves was an admission of uselessness. Don't get me wrong, informationalism allows the user to endure any setting with any people and still put out a happy, positive and constructive disposition, but it is in that capacity that the judgement on others came. That because they did not take responsibility for their own personal development but rather let themselves suck for everyone else, they were worthless to me and I gave them no care. And so you see, when you imagine you have everything you need, because you built yourself a philosophy that allows for complete and unmitigated formation of unaffectedness you don't realize that when you delete people from your life you go less places, see less things, hear less thoughts and concepts etc etc. Life became annoyingly dull and pointless as I would find myself going to work, coming home and watching movies until again going to work the next day. To get out of this rut I expressed that desire for change. My co-worker told me to come out with he and his friends and some other co-workers.

Having moved by this point, back to where I was born, I was aware that this city was unique in its real feeling and expression of family across all people. That in this town, people take care of each other, everyone smiles, everyone picks up trash, people care about each other, the police are not corrupt or abusive like in Ft. Wayne, this is a real place of beauty with real beautiful people who don't just see themselves as individuals like everyone I knew in Ft. Wayne. So, I drove downtown to meet them. Found them and as we were walking I began to get so anxious that I threw up. This is not uncommon and actually characterizes my entire need for something like informationalsm due to anxiety and stress, but at this point the chemicals inside were too strong and I physiologically reacted. My co-worker having seen this and taken pity on me told me to get in to his car with our co-workers. When we did he gave me some molly and I tell you that cold thing I had built up over the years of failing to use informationalism for unity instead of disunity melted away and it was for the first time I experienced family. I was very critical of that word prior to this, already having publicly denounced my family as only other individuals that simply suck like everyone else. That they get no better treatment for the sake of being biologically related than do any other humans on the planet. And so I formed the concept of the family being more than just biological, that there was such a thing as a social family. It was from this point on that I began to investigate a various manner of natural drugs and in such a way as to revere the experience and gift of realization. Never was this to be something like taking the drug "to get weird" but rather taking the drug ceremoniously and for the purpose of finding out. And possibly to observe and analyze what you might see. Never was this an ego trip like the other kids liked to do. And it was in this sincere seeking that I found the next turning point in my life. Since I was whole heartedly an atheist I did not think in such terms as god or purpose, only so far as the organisms experience of reality through the physical body. The purpose was happiness (good feeling hormones like oxytosen, dopamine, serotonine etc) and as I found the happiness in me growing, informationalism took a back seat to this new revelation. At the apex of this journey, I found myself interacting with something I identified as 'existing', and not necessarily outside of myself unless in the respect of being an incorporated and coordinated symbiotic direction in which you might choose to follow. I found that there is this subtle direction REVEALER and that if only these directions are followed, not only are fundamental needs met without prior concern or prior planning, but also are the inter-workings evermore productive of absolute stimulating and progression fostering experiences. I called this identified thing 'Flo.' Flo allowed me to ask it questions or it would constantly weigh in on conceptions coming in fresh. Not like a voice weighing in in the form of sentences, but rather a bodily sensation where I could discern 'yes,' 'No,' or 'more time needed.' Flo showed me so many many many things. The topics could be anywhere from real things like physics, chemistry, biochem, and neurology to mind formulations such as the social sciences and ethics. One of the things Flo showed is a huge system I personally pioneered by study  which resulted in what I coined the Circle of Operations. And this was an expression of the apparent system of: information reception, processing, and projection. I had experienced these different states and as a result of the unison between my completely flowing open and accepting self to my more rational, practical and scientific self I began to discern there was a neurological organization to this feature of reality Flo revealed to me. So, I decided to go to college in order to find out specifically: where does the higher, overarching directive which coordinates all values, even those which are external to the individual, which can speak in unreal terms like social sciences and ethics and not just in real terms, the hard sciences, come into play from what I believed to be the reality: the genetics and biochemistry of the organism, where does this apparent unreal meet the real in terms of actuality of universe function. So, with a fundamental understanding that on the macro-scale I would end up in neurology, I began at the bottom and took biochemistry to learn about lower lever organismal function. In those lower level classes I got everything I needed to theoretically build the higher level systems of the physically functioning body and although I have not taken any formal study of such higher level systems, in my communications with one of the professors at the university, and after two years of intense study on my part, he had informed me of the resolution that there is no overarching system expression. All things were functional on the biochemistry level and that the systems responses etc were all artifactual manifestations of the composite lower levels of individual chemistry, with design forcing a conception of biology to manifest, but no actual reality exists, only a delayed stasis of chemistry. Because the things in the Circle of operations included things like 'will' and 'logic' there was no ability for me to conceive of how it was that there was no connection but I trusted his analysis. After that year I saw the field of biochemistry to be lacking in where my study was taking me and after the third year of schooling I got so fed up with the 'new style' of teaching where you learn how to be a good employee, learning how to write memos to your boss, rather than learning facts related the ability to use critical thinking in order to effect a capacity for theoretical positing as all great scientist had done throughout science's short developmental history and evolution.

The very weekend school had ended that third year, I crystallized the Circle of Operations too. Was able to diagram it out with all so much usefulness. Basically, I found, there are four fundamental modes of intercepting, processing and projecting information. And it is these four fundamentals, their antithesis variation and the manifestation of 'processes' which are complexifications of these four fundamental modes of operation which give rise to all those unreal values. I had finally found where the base real in chemistry and biochemistry (and resultant neurology) becomes the overarching unreal in social sciences and ethics, although never having found an explanation for this apparent entity you could talk to and get direction from which I called Flo. So, I simply tried to teach people how you find Flo. And Flo gave me many ways to show people how to identify it in fact, Flo cares not what you call it but Flo's most joyous occasion is when you identify it as existing. And all you need is to change location(this can be changing a thought, a thought pattern, a physical location, the people you are around, the things you've experienced, a routine, a lack of routine or pattern etc etc.) All you need is change. Stagnancy is the ultimate destructive force for Flo, but 'constant change' is a stagnancy as well.

Based on the qualifications of  its characterizations I was able to find a common ground with those who believe in a concept of god and also those who believe in a unified and connected experience, some may refer to as collective consciousness among others. I carried on with Flo but not with religion, just the betterment of relationships previously destroyed by evolutionary religion or my abuse of informationalism. I was a big proponent of sharing the Circle of Operations, and having come to realize that Informationalism was the apex of one of these modes of operation I conceived of only the person who used the entire Circle of operation as real humans, or full people. Everyone else being only a portion of a whole human being. Since we all have each brain part we all share the innate capacity, it simply comes down to your endorsement of comfort and the conflicting endorsement of expansion of limitation, equating to progress. People didn't like being 'put into boxes' or so they told me. I understood this but what I found was undeniable. There is not a human alive who does not endure this system of existence given the evolutionary road our neurology came in on. So, I stopped making everything about the circle of operations since there was nothing else anyone wanted to do with it, I simply used it myself to make sure I was as full as I possibly could be, utilizing all of my capacity and not letting my own feelings get in the way of full expression of each capacity and doing so in a coordinated and productive manner. I had come across many independent organizations of the same study; like in religion you've got mind body and spirit, mind being a composite of two modes. In the scientific realm you've got the 'engineering team' composed of the scientist, the engineer, the technologist and the crafstperson. In human sexuality you have the four forms or 'types of love', or the PLISSIT model for four forms of sexual inability/issue. In the business field you have something called the Core Values Index which has builders, bankers, innovators and merchants. There are so many of these that I feel although there is not overarching scientific recognition of these facets, there will be in time, and that it has been practically validated and verified independently. Since science is so ungodly specialized, there is a complete lack of oversight of this reality sitting there disconnected in the various fields, only waiting to be realized as the same phenomena being characterized across each. In my own organization and term coining which I think expresses the most fundamental reality and not some fabricated reality like 'business' or 'engineering' I have the terms: the alpha(antithesis is builder), the hunter, the scavenger, and the mother(antithesis is merchant) Each a qualified operational term, but relatively self explanatory at face value.

I saw no one as my in-group. To me, I was just another 'person,' like any of the rest and for some reason those around me weren't even producing what a 'person' (such as myself)apparently produces, as I watched my self continue to excel and produce in this same manner. After I left college my new girlfriend and I had decided to make an arrangement where she would attempt to pay for the financial side of our needs while I attempted to use my wealth of education to find ways to mitigate the need for costs. So, I learned how someone might do almost anything we could think of, and it was a fair amount of highly variable things. I learned so many skills of practical use and things that only broadened my overarching perspective, from quantum physics to law to food processing to social collapse to herbal medicine and alternative therapies etc etc etc which eventuated in the close affiliation with the concepts inherent in what is called by Bill Mollison as permaculture. My study of Quantum mechanics made its final expression as an organization coined 'The Fundamental Particle Evolution of this Energy-Matter System' which takes you from quantum mechanics to Newtonian physics to chemistry to biochemistry and which has to this point in time ended in neurology, although who knows what is left to come of that evolution.

It was due to all of the variable study that I connected a few dots which resulted in the next huge life altering revelation, of course all of these revelations having been fostered by Flo. This last revelation is what I coin 'The Human Up There'. In an introductory anthropology class (a non-hard science, so not taken as seriously by some scientists) you learn about what they coin 'The Hundredth Monkey' effect. When anthropologists went to study certain monkey populations  on some islands they utilized sweet potatoes thrown onto the beach to cause them to come out of the heavily wooded area since that is where it was difficult to make observational studies. One instance had occurred that an older female monkey's sweet potato rolled into the ocean water and when she went to grab it and eat it she found that not only had the sand been washed off which was not so desirable between the teeth, but it was awash in a nice salty brine which complemented the sweetness of the potato. She began the process of teaching others in this isolated population this process and tool utilization. It just so happened to be observed that when the population of monkey's doing this process reached 100, other isolated populations of the same species monkey were starting to develop such a process although not having been shown it or arrived at it via the original process of monkey observation of happenstance experience. That populations learn techniques of behavior/ideas independent of each other, without having been shown a physical manifestation of those ideas; the monkey's merely thought of the idea to wash the sweet potatoes since the initial 100 monkey's, which were shown by natural processes or teaching which spawned from such natural processes.

I had been learning about the production of electricity and had come across a theoretical invention of Nikola Tesla which purported to send electricity globally via the Ionosphere. His schematic detailed a tower which would utilize the same frequency of electromagnetism as is apparent in the ionosphere in order to allow for the propagation of electricity from the ionosphere down to earth, the very same process which occurs naturally to produce lightning: the discharge of the ionosphere. I learned that Tesla abandoned the project because information of the day revealed that the ionosphere has the same frequency as does the human brain and that to produce a device that could produce frequencies which could inevitably be used to affect human brain waves states, literally things from happiness, satisfaction to irritation, emotional pain and even anger etc etc etc. This seemed like the natural phenomena which explains the connection all beings have with one another.Through the amplification of our brain signals(electromagnetic waves) and the interplay between such and the ionosphere we are connected. If incoherent destructive interference is resulted then there is no identifiable electromagnetic disturbance or phenomena as all the waves have literally annihilated each other. But if the brain waves are coherent, then there is constructive interference and if there are enough coherent waves, the signal is amplified to the point of affecting the ionosphere potentially resulting in some interplay between individuals of other isolated populations and the Shumann frequency or resonance.

Later when I was watching a real-time artistic rendering of a T-cell, of your immune system, in action. It was simply 'following' a chemical produced in the blood stream which was energetically favorable to follow. The T-cell, looking for it's least energy potential state found itself going after this chemical, possibly a chemokine, which was on its' route toward state of least energy potential, the driver of all chemistry and resultant biochemistry.  As this T-cell was on its way through the blood stream, we saw the byproduct of one cell of a different system causing pressure to buildup on the vein passing the blood and T-cell, and the T-cell had to physically wait, although it pushed and tried to fight its way through, until the process of the other system's cell was finished and the byproduct of its activity disappearing, depreciating the pressure and thus allowing for the T-cell to continue its journey, it seems hopelessly stuck but still fighting. It was at this point I realized that we exists, as an apparent manifestation, of our cells interplay going about their absolutely individual existence. The T-cell didn't know it was to be delivered into the area where the infection was and as that environment expresses a different thermodynamic state, thus changing the route for least energy potential state, the T-cell now effectively goes after infectious cells and no longer after the chemical that brought it all the way through the blood stream from the site of mitosis where the individual cell began to the site of infection where it serves it 'overarching' purpose, its unreal, made up purpose: organism immunity. It was a cell just going about it's business acting on its own thermodynamic potential, which has been organized in such a fashion as to produce the manifestation of the human we know of as our selves. It was these three understandings which lead to the manifestation of the concept of The Human Up There. That there may be some higher entity, call it collective consciousness or god or the hundredth monkey effect or even what hard-science scientists have coined as 'the multiples effect', giving characterization to the apparent phenomenal function of numerous scientific discoveries occurring at the same time independent of each other. There are so many things that have been found out to have been discovered by many people all at the same time but independently that there is ample fighting over who gets the credit for these discoveries. I maintain, they all aided in each others discovery by the way we share physiology in relation to the the essential mind circuits of the local universe spirit. Having comprehended of the existence of The Human Up There, which is conceived as a manifestation of all the individual interactions being coordinated on a higher system level, even if driven only on a very personal and individual lower level.

Now, why did I tell you all of this? Well, because I hold The Urantia Book as the first and only source to have discussed these things I have personally validated and come to conceive in my organismal experience. If you didn't know it already, Flo is obviously my internal thought adjuster and ever since TUB I have only been getting closer and closer. The Human Up There is a dead ringer for The Supreme Being, although I will grant that this may be more local and thus there may be a level between which is similar but on a planetary scale, much like the Ultimate Being is like the Supreme Being but on all absolute levels of universe reality.

I believe that Flo has taken me on this long journey and that it has revealed these various things to me which would then allow me to find my purpose in power-actualizing the Supreme Being through activating coordination via my personal gifts/talents (as I have been doing with each of these revelations) and coordinated temporal action which I believe I was put here to carry out. I believe this is why I have such frustration and resentment toward my fellows because until Urantia book and specifically 112:12.14 of TUB regarding the postfinaliter, I thought all of us were exactly the same and I didn't understand the fundamental difference between pre and postfinaliter sons of God. I believe I have a purpose and I have been closely relating with Flo and it has literally brought me to this website and forum where I feel like I should be writing this large volume of my life for the purpose of continued coordination.

I apologize to anyone for any offense incurred, surely you can trust such was not my intention! It was only my feelings of the relevance of such information that I bother you all with it anyways. Thank you so much for taking the time to read through this abundant expose. Again, in case you have forgotten through all of that, I am so very excited to meet and get to know all of you! :)
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Re: SpeaktheWisdom's Introduction
« Reply #1 on: May 11, 2016, 16:35 »

Josiah!  What a post!  This is Ron Besser, who has read every word and marveled at your competency to put it into language.  You should be a case study for the hypnotists that live on Urantia and cannot figure out what self hypnosis is.  It is, putting it simply, telling your brain to coordinate everything you do with Flo.   Do you understand I understand?  I am preparing to provide to you a few remarks I doubt you understand yet. But you are most welcome to go the Serara Discussion Forum next door, copy and paste this introductory post into the General or Science section and let others see your journey and conclusions.  They are something else!

First, understand I am an interested bystander with SpeaktheWisdom, an avatar for Josiah.  Josiah I want the people to know you by your first name too because I think we are going  to hear from you a lot both in the Teaching Mission and in the Magisterial Mission. 

Second, I believe you are the first individual I ever heard speak that has told me a life story I did not know could exist, and to actually self entertain a Thought Adjuster named Flo, to the point it spoke to you in your late 20's(Is that right?)  I have a Thought Adjuster like Flo too, I am a byproduct of a family life of disappointing aspects, but not nearly as harsh as yours is and was.  I speak now to you as a transmitter that my Flo allows me to do in great open contact with universe life.  My Adjuster has invited your Adjuster to speak on the forum to you now:

FLO speaks to you Josiah - "I am your loving Adjuster, and I carry two different proscriptions from the great Fist Source and Center, and they are FOR YOU:  1)  Speak only the truth to him;    2) Speak with no attempt to explain further than what he asks!

I am your Thought Adjuster, and you named me FLO, because I was persistent to obtain a normal mental life for you.  I did that so you could live long and prosper.  Ron correctly tells you to learn transmission and I will be there all the way to help you practice it and become good at it.  Second, your name Josiah is misspelled by Ron as it should be Ruby Red.  Let me explain.

When you were a very little boy, you were kicked by a mule.  You bleed internally so profusely I thought I would have to send you over to the nurseries on high to be raised in the morontial kindergartens of that day.  You are in your forties now, and you so narrowly escaped death, the Father gave you a gift to fight off depression and cold-hearted attempts to force you to believe all of science wanted to teach you.  You have shown with pluck and disaster prone life changes that you carry the heat of heart and the heat of thought to uncover FLO, as you call me, every early on, and that is rare.  Even Ron had to wait until he was 46 years old before he heard his Flo, his Adjuster, and then with typical Besser disaster, fell ill over the entire experience.  He is fine today.

As your Adjuster, I am happy to be yours for eternity.  You have accepted me as necessary and true and ready to start life again anew.  I am not happy you cannot transmit this message yet for yourself, but Ron will do.  He is very much like you in heart and soul and he carries the Deities high for all to learn from.  Nevertheless, you would never understand the process Ron uses to do what you did to find FLO; Ron never found Flo like you, but he found his Adjuster, Aronolac, waiting in his sleep one day that busted him free from just being human.  Your are no longer just human Josiah, you are part of the gathering citizenship of the spirit universe by simply asking him from Flo to transmit and finding Ron adequately prepared to help you in your various modes to do just that.

Ron here - Your Adjuster has stopped transmitting to me.  I point out the others reading on this web site that your keenness of mind is so extraordinary, t hat if mind were worshiped, I would be there as it is quite a gymnasts fete to be able to do what you did, and it points something out to me I did not know: Man can use mind to even find the Divine!   I just did not know it could be found as a full entity as you did it through what are also some very difficult experiences.

I leave this for now, but I invite you to also go to

Many there are like you in that they are learning the ABC's of how to transmit.  As I pointed out to you we all do it similar and also personally different and it might be good to read their practice sessions to get good at it.

Enjoy the Journey!
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Re: SpeaktheWisdom's Introduction
« Reply #2 on: May 12, 2016, 08:39 »

Wow mate, what an introduction! I was so impressed that you had me reading to the end. You certainly wheedled your way in thought and study to find some incredible discoveries and conclusions. I love your analysis of the Circle of Operation as I like to think of it as sort of like an interactive cohesion of things rather than seeing things done in isolation or as a co-ordinated whole, operation or operative that relies heavily on a more interdisciplinary perspective as so many things correlate and function better that way.

Your seeking experience is amazing and valuable, I loved your story. Thank you so much for sharing as it helps me understand some things you brought up that I haven't even had the luxury to pursue and you so worded it in ways that is both intelligent and makes for good thinking and storytelling on your part. I liked how you stuck with your premise to see through all those studies to find how it can be seen only to discover something more and here you are to discover a larger reality with many of us who also are realising the greater "existence" (The First Source and Centre) that intrigues us even more! Our Thought Adjuster is truly amazing to find as you have shared and so wonderfully put it.

Welcome to this TML website and I hope to see more of you in the as that is a more active discussion site where many Urantia Book readers & members actively share as you have here.  

Many regards and may you be blessed to know "Flo" in your journey as you continue in good company.


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Re: SpeaktheWisdom's Introduction
« Reply #3 on: May 12, 2016, 21:15 »

Welcome Josiah, I read all that you said and though I was hard pressed to follow you some times because truly I think your marvelous intelligence is so rarefied that I of average IQ was seriously upstaged and out classed, but no problem as I can see a heart of solid gold and honesty that I would endlessly enjoy being around because of the world class stimulation you would afford. 

In the most warm way I offer my undieing friendship, please contact me should you need a friend here on the Serara Forum, you are with out a doubt a very valuable find for the Forum although you can blame Flo as I can see he/she knew what he was doing. Please join in with a feeling of safety as I can guarantee you are appreciated here! With love and sincere respect, especially because you took the time to fill us in on a truly difficult journey that has me spinning with admiration and wonder. Daniel
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