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Author Topic: Mansonloran, God Contact-Worthiness, 23 July 2016, Alderfer, L V NV. US  (Read 442 times)

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daniel alderfer

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“Eyes Only”

Teacher: Mansonloran Melchizedek
Subject: God Contact-Worthiness
Category: Melchizedek Teaching
TR: Daniel, Las Vegas, NV.
23 July 2016, 20:17 Z

   Transmitter: My Father, my Creator, This time with you in service and work is most enjoyed and appreciated. Thank You for this opportunity for doing something, to bring along the refurbishing of Urantia. Is there a communication for the World or for those you have placed here in the two cardinal Mission web sites for training?

   Mansonloran: “Yes Daniel, continue, Speaking to you at this time is: Mansonloran. The purpose for this teaching is the clarification about being in contact with God. You are in contact with God, every second. You come to know and believe this because you have the temerity [boldness, audacity] to persistently be still, no intention, agenda or regimen necessary. Your Adjuster knows why you would repeatedly do such a thing. When no feeling or sense of contact is there, the reason is: our unbelief, it is as simple as that. Finally you make the leap [by sincerely asking for the faith, the belief] to be able to visualize in your imagination, to feel in your imagination, Their presence, the close proximity and the peace, tranquility and warmth of Father and Mother of Nebadon, and to feel the Adjusters aspect.

   “When we are able to do this, no circumstance is to difficult for our life. Learning to do this is an overriding urgency for your life right now. Expect to hear a faint and clear voice, or thought, a sentence coming to you, It will sound like your voice, if you listen carefully. When The Father [your adjuster] sees you persistently come like this, being perfectly still in private and it is patently clear you want this conversation more than anything, then you will hear. Any skill we develop without fanfare, without effort, without desire attached, is a skill that can be unappreciated. This is why the application of diligence and industry in this case, often is the key the Adjuster is looking for.

   “This new life experience of being in a corps of what will develop into a front line cadre, handling ambassadorial tasks, is not a lower echelon support group that loads the wagons for the supply of the army. Your imagination needs to be stretched. Instead of looking at your lowly station at the moment that precludes any such destiny, enter into a vision of transformation personally that you KNOW by now is possible. Throwing out the fear and being willing to pay the price: [‘consistent, persistent, meticulous, assiduous, sedulous, response for duty’.] Ask The Father [your adjuster] to help you believe it is true.

   “There is one, consummate, thought or principle that I think may stiffen your back bone like no other.  It is this: ‘Every single one of you was observed for many years and were led to do what you did to have the requisite experience for this position in the Ambassadorial Coterie or detachment’. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

   “The many dozens that We attempted to train and then who found some excuse to abandon the most wonderful thing that ever happened to them, in most instances wanted one item: ‘Vision’. The prophet said: ‘without vision the people perish’ A person develops vision by immersing themselves thoroughly in a subject.

   “This in a class room setting to rival few others, [students scattered all over the earth in hundreds of environments] is your instructor: Mansonloran Malchizedek, full of pleasurable feelings of accomplishing something today. Warmest regards, Domtia"……….


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Dear Mansonloran,  I hope you don´t mind me saying, I gave up smoking after years of battling with that addiction but I will
happily go out and buy a pipe so that I may smoke and enjoy your message to the full.
Daniel, thank you for posting.
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