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Author Topic: Monjoronson, The Mission Opportunity, 23 July 2016, Alderfer, L V NV. US  (Read 641 times)

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“Eyes Only”

Teacher: Monjoronson
Subject: The Mission Opportunity
Category: Monjoronson Staff and Messages
TR: Daniel, Las Vegas NV.
23 July 2016, 17:23 Z

     Transmitter: In respect and appreciation for your love and attention, My Father, is there a lesson or message you would have to be transmitted to those you are building into a team of Mortal helpers with the Jesus, Monjoronson, Serara Magisterial Missions?

    “Monjoronson: Yes Daniel, begin any time. This is Monjoronson, in happiness and delight for teaching you all like this. Never before have we had the pleasure in this way, with working to bring all of you with Us as servants, dedicated to the expansion, not only of each of you but expansion in effectiveness and maturity in the  group that will in ever greater usefulness, be working together long after Urantia has been in the full complement of light and life. We look at all of you and realize that the most central premise of this moment is for you to realize in fullness what I just said. To come to the place that you consider this activity of Serara Forum training to be above every thing in your lives. We find it one of Our most challenging teaching goals. We see that in your lives, you act like this is a peripheral pursuit. Family members and job supervisors have only to raise their hand and you spring into action, meanwhile the Sovereign and His Partner can plead in the most sincere and unmistakable way and it is taken as a suggestion to be embraced when you have the time.  

    “We understand, We do, because We expected it would take Us awhile to have it penetrate that this is your job now, if you want it. Not a part time, some time activity, but a full time every minute on your mind activity. We realize the percentage of the turned on ones, may be much less then 100% but still, somehow for Us to communicate the breathtaking opportunity. That is our challenge. Let me put it this way. Think of yourself as a newly minted bachelor of arts graduate. The university you attended is having a corporate get acquainted affair in the student Union.

     “Many headhunters are in attendance, offering to those with respectable records a position in their establishment. They explain what working for them is like, where they likely would station you, how much approx. you could expect to earn, what immediate training you could expect to enjoy, what prospects for advancement in the next ten years you could aspire to, the company philosophy and ethic. And then they, upon seeing your sincere interest, they whisper that what is really at stake here is an opportunity for full partnership in the firm. They explain that the industry is on the verge of huge expansion and that this time for your coming on board is unlike any time in the last 2000 years.

    “We have done all of the above, over and over. We know We are getting through, its just that many here find it hard to believe. Perhaps another story would help the switch to be turned on. Carla [a pretty, invented name] came to the Forum, clearly could see the opportunity, clearly could see the amount of commitment required. Her first challenge was to face the time complications, and realized the value of the chance was so rare and exciting, that the relationship with her spouse, children, neighbors and employer was to undergo radical but workable rearrangement. Her immediate family and associates saw a kind, but new resolve that would many times have her busy and occupied to their neglect. She explained as much as possible and with considerable finagling, would make up to them as much as she could reasonably, her increasing neglect. But everything paled in comparison to this new realization of a unrepeatable window of opportunity, true, genuinely worth any sacrifice. Even life itself.

    “She saw that she would have close collaborative working relationships with Leaders of such renown that few on Urantia, as secular as it is, still upon mention of their Names, instantly would recognize their legacy and service record. She saw opportunities for growth being in those types of association, that kept her up at nights in joyful reverie as she truly understood her providential endowment. Many complications came in her life to give opportunities for sabotaging her quest. Like a rock she would diplomatically refuse those time wasting distractions. The displeasure of her family and friends was a poor deterrence as she realized the full import of what was happening.

    “This over the top, 100 % commitment is the key to your success. Those having growth and expansion here would tell you nothing but nothing was as emphatically helpful and necessary as that utterly primary bond and commitment to Christ Michael and Mother Spirit of Nebadon.

    “There you have it children, as explicitly as can be put. We are confident the message will be taken to heart. This is your Magisterial Son, Monjoronson, with a warm and very sincere personal invitation! Domtia”…………..


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