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Author Topic: 'Meloloc, Romance, 22 July 2016, Alderfer, Las Vegas, NV.  (Read 379 times)

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“Eyes Only”
Teacher: Meloloc
Subject: Romance
Category: Faith of our Fathers & Children
T/R Daniel Alderfer, Las Vegas NV.
22 July 2016, 18:36

    Transmitter: In this world You have created, Father, that provides us with the experience to begin our journey to become like you, I give You Thanks and praise for my life and this opportunity! Thank you for your ever present help no matter what the challenge! Is there today, some lesson or news or message that You would like transmitted?

    Meloloc: “Yes Daniel there is, this is Meloloc and my teaching today is about the subject of Romance. Romance in the sense of falling in love with another. Of having those feelings of finding a great treasure, of cloud 9 well-being, of unlimited possibilities now because of the team being put together. I hope all of you have experienced this, perhaps many times. Because of the Thought Adjuster within each of you, the attraction is actually often the old relationship and friendship between the two Thought Adjusters.  Its all part of the plan of course, because they know as old friends and family members in The Fathers Thought Adjuster Corps, all about the dynamics now about to unfold because of you two getting together.

    “Because of the union, long or short, no matter, -and like I said, it is no accident that you end up where you did with who you did-, the real reason this is happening is that you are now in the essential school of interrelating, going for at least a master’s degree. The stuff that now begins to go on between you two is the richest you can mine in the gold fields of maturity enhancement. Some people swear off this whole messy business after a few fruitless –they think- excavations and thus bypass the other claims just crying out for staking. -There is, however for some, the place you may come to, perhaps in your life, that your responsibilities are so onerous and serious you have no time for all distractions of maturity mining and that’s fine, especially if you’ve been in the business already for many cycles. My point is that this romance thing is invaluable.

    “The first nuggets you come across you can take right to the assayer and get paid for are consistently learning to serve selflessly without much tit for tat necessary, just serving a brother or sister because that is what The Father would do. Your own comfort, ease and reward take a back seat, and funny thing when you start to have this outlook, happiness, irregardless of the performance of the mate, begins to lift up the lid and peek out. You don’t care anymore to keep score.  Now here is the rub, a common match we put you in, has it being mostly one-sided. The loved one, oblivious of the jewel they have, use you endlessly for service. Now the qualities of diplomacy come into play, patience is required, more selfless service is required in an effort to be at least half way mature, demonstrate fidelity and constancy in the face of challenge. This is almost always beautifully two sided, -‘joke coming up’- often you may switch places and have to eat crow and be the blind one and the dynamics are reversed, -just for interest-.

    “Now sometimes, because we come along and grow at different rates, your –or their- rate of growth is wildly mismatched. The ideal of society, for that match of death do part, now with easing of taboos, allows us after a tremendous and over the top effort for harmony, ‘and it must be a tremendous and over the top effort’, ‘our maturity demands it,’ we may go on to something else having exhausted all the possibilities of that no more productive vain. Or stay right there and serve some more, if the class work is still sufficiently interesting.

    “In the case of children being in the mix, here is an offer for a full doctorate –no joke, a prepaid scholarship- If we have a lick of sense, this is what we must do. Oh, we can skip out and leave the university, but those 20 years in most cases, with the dissertation and everything is the most rigorous and healthy path imaginable for our well rounded preparation in love and fidelity. In the end the family that comes to see you, the persevering and concern filled one, in cap and gown, at the graduation makes all your hard choices worthwhile. Your actually living with your partner isn’t necessary, but that choice also, adds to the degree one way or another.

    “Your and their Adjuster are in cahoots, and are helping every step of the way and We are rejoicing as this renders the loving and responsible individual, practically, whichever way it goes. This is Meloloc, Teacher, ascending mortal, fan and avid servant of Serara, an old romance guy myself, veteran of many, and oh how helpful they were!”


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