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Author Topic: John G (JohnG564) Introduction  (Read 373 times)

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John G (JohnG564) Introduction
« on: July 21, 2016, 17:46 »

My Journey so far:  by John Godfrey
This is my rather long and personal introduction to myself to you all.  Don’t feel like you have to read it all, I can get rather long winded, but if you want to know me and perhaps find that you and I are similar in some ways, feel free to dive in.  I’m not quiet a prophet, not quite a T/R’er, but like most of you I try to hear the voice of God within and follow it.  I look for signs, always have, and occasionally find them.  I just retired at the end of last year and also turned 60, so I’ve been at this thing called life for quite a while.  Here’s part of my story:
I guess it all started back in the early 70’s for me, a high school junior seeking more from religion than my Catholic upbringing gave me.  I found out that our Army base chapel there in Heidelberg Germany had a Friday night Holy Roller service for those interested in such things as praising God loudly in song and spirit.  I went and ‘found God’ or something close to it anyway.  I then attended a Bible Study, something quite unheard of in my Catholic upbringing, and soon joined the ‘Teen Challenge’ outreach program talking on the street to people that would listen and helping rescue drug addicts from their problems.  I was one of those ‘Jesus freaks’ in my high school and occasionally wore Christian shirt pins, one of which stated “Jesus Christ changed my life!” which greatly upset my mother.  She told me upon first seeing it ‘There wasn’t anything wrong with you to begin with”.  My good Catholic mom did raise me well, even getting me thru my youth and the terrible two’s, which for me lasted at least 5 years.  
Upon returning to the states I joined a Catholic Charismatic church in San Antonio Texas that gave much relief to my mother.  At least John is ‘back in the right church’ she probably thought.  But I did find my way to several bible studies each week to keep me moving forward. 
In time I went into computers and got a good government job back in the 80’s.  In 1992 I moved to Maryland, my 35th move in 37 years.  Oh the life of an Army brat!  So many addresses, so many different churches….  While driving to Maryland I told God that I wanted to keep on going with Him, but I didn’t want to go to any more churches.  I was tired of them, seeing only what man was doing in them, and very little of what He was doing in them.
Four months later I found myself in a local Urantia book study group.  That’s a long story in itself, for another time.  Two months after that I attended the 1993 International Urantia Conference in Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec located between Montreal and Quebec City.  I went to the first day’s meetings early to attend the early morning music program.  When I went in to the large conference hall I saw a hundred or so folks singing praises to God, many with their hands raised and slowly waving back and forth in worship.  ‘Gods people are here too’ I said to myself, and I joined into this new spiritual family.  The study group nearby continued for 10 years or more, and that was great.  Many of the members are still very close to us. 
Seventeen years later 2010 was coming to a close and I found myself sitting at work at the ‘computer help desk’ in a quiet part of the department.  With several hours of the day spent sitting and waiting for calls I started getting ‘other calls’ from close by. 
11:11 am was the time on the computer screen.  I had heard about the 1111 angel corps, and the Urantia Teaching Mission, but didn’t think it was real or valid.  Later in the day I saw another one, maybe it was at the grocery store getting back $11.11 in change from the cashier.  The next day it was something else, then another one, then the next day another one….  After about 10 days of this happening I finally gave up and said “OK, I hear you!  What do you want?” 
Well there was no answer, none that I heard anyway.  But I went to my email and looked at some of those ‘11:11 Progress Group’ emails that a Urantia study group friend had sent me from time to time.  I had read some of them before but didn’t find them believable, but this time they sounded true, and real.  I read some more and liked them also.  I searched back a year or so to find the ones that I didn’t believe, and found that they also sounded true this time.  So my studies began with that, and that lead to reading the first of George Barnard’s books “The Search for 11:11” followed by his other two in the series.  I found them fascinating, and shared the stories with friends at the ballroom dances who also found them fascinating.  They weren’t about religion, or God, or Christianity, they were about Angels helping people helping other people, many people of all sorts. Everyone was interested, Christians, Jewish folks, and people that didn’t even go to a church.  Something about Angel stories just makes people feel good, just like dancing!
The Teaching Mission was the next adventure that I read about in 2011.  I read hundreds of the archived transcripts from the 1990’s and joined another study  group in Washington DC that mostly read the Urantia book but discussed the Teaching Mission and the 11:11 also. 
The Forum (Monjoronson Forum at the time, now the Serara Forum) also came into my view.  Many members of the study group I attended actually knew Ron Besser, but they had their own T/R’ing thing going on and didn’t need anything much else.  It was there that I learned of the several groups within the Teaching Mission, some that didn’t get along with each other, with serious and frequent battles between the groups.  Sustainability was the topic of Daniel Raphael’s group, and he has written some books on the subject, teaches it at a college and has a Ph. D.  He T/R’s for Monjoronson, Machiventa and others, but since he is so knowledgeable about the topic of sustainability I couldn’t really tell if he is channeling anybody or just himself.
Lately I ask myself “Did the messages in these various groups give me a sense of Love, Joy and Peace?”  The Teaching Mission, definitely yes, but the others not often really…  There was a lot of confusion and anxiety.   And that should be a note of discernment for any message!
Much of the Teaching Mission material from various groups can be found at the Daynal website at: 
The Forum seemed to be the place with the most current activity.  Lots of things were happening there!  Comparing it to the Teaching Mission history was like comparing Star Wars to the old original TV series Star Trek.  Star Trek was nice, but all the action was with Star Wars, and The Forum.  I was into it big time and read it every day.  With many hours to read at work and on the commuter bus every day, I got a lot of stuff read, maybe a little too much stuff!  Again, was there a sense of Love, Joy and Peace?  Good question!
2012 was the year I took action.  We were told that this was the year for the start of the mission, and we had better get ready for it.  I bunkered down, almost literally,  and prepped for the end of days.  I got my house ready to sell and stocked up on food.  I even bought a Jeep Wrangler, not really a part of this prepping thing, but I needed a replacement vehicle and since my wife just got a Prius I figured even if I got a big assed Jeep our ‘fleet average mpg’ would still be high!  So I looked at Jeeps for a month then bought a big red one.  Still loving it every day since, I should have bought one back in my youth!  I named him ‘Big Red’.
I got very involved with the Teaching Mission that year, spending several months practicing the meditations and T/R work with others, with very well respected folks.  Nothing ever came to me, time after time of trying seemed to get me nowhere.  I finally gave it up and went on with my spiritual life without it. 
2012 finally went out with a whimper, as did 2013, 14 and 15.  Predictions had come and gone, many of them every year.  But I have met a lot of great folks in my journey, many spiritual seekers like me trying to find the truth in all things.  Some of them still chat on the Forum, some just mostly read like myself and stay quiet in the background wondering what is real and hoping that at least some if it is.  It’s really hard to tell since we all want so desperately for the celestials to do something big to help our world.  It all sounds good, but who knows?
In September of 2012 a fellow Urantia book reader introduced me to the web discussions by a fellow named Michael, from Maui.  He’s an internet troubleshooter for the State of Hawaii, has a wonderful wife and a few grown kids.  At around 63 years of age he has written no books, has nothing to sell and no need for any financial help of any kind.  He just teaches spiritual ideals from the Urantia book and from the special training he receives from the celestials.  He’s had quite interesting experiences with the celestial teachers since 1971.  His talks bring the reality of celestial teachers much closer to home than I ever realized before.  He helped me grow in my understanding about the practicality of the Urantia book teachings, and how they fit in the progress plan for humanity.  I often get a strong sense of peace when listening to Michael.  The love of the celestials is also quite evident in his talks.  I don’t find that kind of ‘Love, Joy, and Peace’ in many places these days, but I still find it there.
For those interested, Michael from Maui discussions can be found on two websites:  and
More recently I started an introductory Urantia study group at our home in the fall of 2015.  We now take our group to meet with a group in York PA, only an hour away.  We’ve attended for a few months now and there are many long time readers there, and that has been wonderful.  We read and discuss the Urantia book, and several members are well aware of the 11:11 angels and the Teaching Mission history. 
My wife still puts up with me, and she very much enjoys the York study group that we attend.  She had only read a few pages of the Urantia book with me years ago, but she has stayed more interested in it recently.
Now for those of you who know me at all, how can I not mention Ice Cream!  I don’t really like Ice Cream, I LOVE Ice Cream!  It’s almost spiritual, well it is for me anyway.  What I can’t achieve with meditation and stillness, well I think I’m closest to something when I have Ice Cream.  We once had a July picnic at work and they had an all you can eat Ice Cream Sundae bar.  I was on my 11th (a good number again) and I told one of my co-workers that and he said “No John, that’s number 12, we’ve been counting!”  Talk about multiple something-gasms….
It has been the most exciting adventure for me, this past 5 ½ years particularly.  I do still keep up with the Forum groups and the 11:11 discussions, and the Daynal website.  Something about Star Wars still keeps me reading, hoping some of it will come to pass eventually in my lifetime.  If not I’ll keep mowing the grass or blowing the snow at home and driving around in Big Red trying to rescue people from who knows what.  You never know when you will meet somebody that simply needs a ride and a good word or two about God!  Now that I’m retired I surely have time to do something important, if only I could find it.  But the small stuff is important also.  Friends can become good friends, family can get to know the real me, and  neighbors can always use a hand or a favor.  And so the journey continues…
To Love, Joy and Peace, … and Ice Cream!
John Godfrey
Columbia MD.
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