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Author Topic: Monjoronson, Teaching Mission Failure, Longevity, 21/7/16 Alderfer, L V, NV. US  (Read 340 times)

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“Eyes Only”
Teacher: Monjoronson
Subject:  Teaching Mission Failure,-Longevity
Category: Monjoronson Staff and Messages
TR: Daniel, Las Vegas, NV.
21 July 2016, 17:43 Z

    Transmitter: In effusive appreciation of your love and support on my journey, I Thank You Father in this moment for hearing my prayer of Thanks and full confidence of your inspiring this message.

    Monjoronson: “This is Monjoronson, an Avonal Son, coming with a message of remembrance. Remembrance of the time in the teaching missions of 25 years ago. Excitement was high as most realized the lessons and communications were actually from We Celestial beings with a mandate to deliver educated, serviceable, energetic workers for the corrective time. What happened was a disconnect between what the persons at that time heard and what they then chose to do in their own personal lives. All the knowledge was there about humble long term service as exemplified not only by the teachers themselves but the example of countless mortals who had understood and consecrated themselves for the long haul. This was illustrated in the scriptures, but also individuals among the teaching mission groups themselves, that for decades and then till death kept up the same energetic press to do the work of disseminating the Urantia Book revelation but also the wealth of new understanding coming through TR persons specifically for the training of those to be workers for the Corrective time.

    “The story needs to be told and this is My contribution about what happened that made it imperative We again build from the bottom up. To build a group of mortal workers that would actually come through with the work ethic, humility, dedication, loving consistent service, and resilience, I call faithfulness. A group that would weather the ups and downs of and fits and starts unavoidable in the full implementation of the Jesus, Monjoronson, Serara Missions.

    “We had so many individuals that through energetic service learned to hear the voice of God.  Who through much work and trouble and aggravation, year after year, sometimes traveling long distances to assemble, then would at their own expense and in the middle of very busy lives, copy and set to tape what we were instructing through this new way of delivering all the educational material necessary for their maturing into teachers and workers. They were then, to work side by side with all the Celestial corrective time Workers. What happened? The most common ailment that was the nemesis of so many was, simple weariness of well doing.

      “They forgot the magnitude of their calling. When a person has come to a place of consistent worship each day, a consistent study each day, a consistent intercession for those supportive requests and reinforcements of those around them in the work, you would think they were home safe. When life and the corrective time or whatever the press in their life time was, and they were asked to continue with and accomplish and for that to go on and on endlessly with little substantive progress that can be seen, and then with continuous attrition in the brotherhood, many simply fade in resolve to the point of being un-useful.

    “The second most deleterious situation at that time was the petty rivalry amongst TR persons that would spring up like magic in so many situations that called for warmhearted unmitigated brotherhood and continuous humble acquiescing and unquestioning cooperation. There would be an attitude of drawing in the wagons against the leadership of another, to foster a clique in a certain area or of fossilization of scriptural takes precluding warm magnamamous acceptance big enough to include all, irregardless of some having quirks, then judged to be unacceptable in the family. This record of human experience was written and illustrated as always for those that come after, in this case those being trained in the Jesus, Serara, Monjoronson Missions and Forums. I’m speaking of you on this Forum.

    “We working in the human arena are working with an inexact science, where free will in each leaves the door open for abject failure as we depend on your making the choices that make it all work. As you study the situation we are all in at the moment, with ‘keeping on’, such a inimical part of the success of the Group called the Monjoronson, Serara, Teaching Mission Forums and with our track record of the last five years, I think you can see the heart of your most severe testing. A testing we may be asked to be ongoing, for a great deal longer. It boils down to the question of: ‘Is my service totally unattached to the amount of personal suffering involved in this journey, or must I have relief, and if I don’t have relief in the time allotted then the model is rejected’.  

     “Say, worst case scenario, we continue to need and require the same dedication and even more as we prepare many for service, leadership and teaching, and the actual public announcements must be put off again and again in a timing nightmare to try Methuselah, would you stick in here? Some on the Forum by the regular comments show that the Public announcements are paramount to their mental stability. Yes, our job would be clarified and the joyful issues of family doubtfulness would be resolved regarding our standing in their mind concerning our balance and sanity, but is their take on our passion and life's work very important? Is our joy in open ended service to The Father the be all and end all, or not?

     “This is your Teacher, your Brother, your Celestial leader, your Magisterial Son, Monjoronson, good day!”


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