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Author Topic: Mansonloran, Becoming Learned & Return to Vigor, 20 July 2016, Alderfer, LV NV.  (Read 331 times)

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“Eyes Only”
Teacher: Mansonloran
Subject: Becoming learned & Return to Vigor
Category: Melchizedek Teaching
TR: Daniel, Las Vegas NV.
20 July 2016, 20:50 Z

    Transmitter: Thank You our Father for the message that I feel you have to be received today!

   Mansonloran: “You can begin writing, I would like to identify myself as Mansonloran Melchizedek. I am working with Serara as a teacher. Along with many others, whenever there is a subject that needs placed in the Archives of the Teaching Mission List, we will do that.

      "Our subject today is: ’Becoming Learned’& Return to Vigor. To explain what I mean: ‘Becoming Learned’ is largely meaning, to master the Urantia Book, and then to become conversant with the general  knowledge of most educated persons on Urantia at this time. When you have accomplished this in a general way your usefulness is large indeed. When you have read of or at least know some about, most historical events in the last 150 years it brings a connection with others that enables a rapport in having them able to relate and consider you of respectable status.

    “This kind of learnedness is the result, in the experience of most persons, a work of approx. 40 years of avid reading and studying. You can see why The Father has so many in the 50’s through 80’s category here being trained on these Forum’s. Those of you much younger and in some cases just beginning your absorption can start to arrive at this status by being open to anything you don’t know and to in an interaction with others, use a short cut, and that is to let them fill you in, as most enjoy doing that. My object in this lesson is for all to have a new appreciation of the value of scholarship.  It really should be your fondest desire that you vigorously pursue.

     “Use every free moment you can to pursue interests and questions. Look over and check out all on the tmarchives and use the public search engines to bone up on things you encounter as this is a very efficient educator. In the course of events now upon us with the world almost immediately to be awakened from a sleep of unknowing acceptance of the worlds erroneous belief systems, all will begin a new educational journey of discovery that will amaze them. Your place as ambassadors from the headquarters of the new administration puts you uniquely in a position able to enlighten and guide many from confusion. As you speak, look to and let your adjuster come through you to correctly explain the way things really are now in the Corrective time.

   “Return to Vigor: The most typical identifier of all of you here is your avid studiousness. You want the truth of the way things are, more than anything in this life, after the most important, which would be having a place of service in these Missions. Your maintaining an interest in all that Father Michael and loved Creator Spirit of Nebadon are doing with the corrective time and these Missions comes from the choices you make each day. To neglect the pursuit of your own increasing usefulness, by letting up with practice and study is a path leading to forgetfulness and fading of resolve. If this has been your experience, the solution is to return by prayerfully asking for help about this exact issue. Perhaps the most motivating thing to remember is how you were placed here, how providential it was and how rare and unheard of is the opportunity to be used with Celestial workers in a Magisterial Sons Mission.

   “I end this now, covering these issues, for your reminding. This is Mansonloran Melchizedek asking your attention and energy that comes from The Father, as we continue the vigorous  effort by all of you in concert with the Celestial workers here at your side”.


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