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Author Topic: Mansonloran, Relating With The Public, 17 July 2016, Alderfer, L V NV. US  (Read 387 times)

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Teacher: Mansonloran
Subject: Relating With the Public
Category: Monjoronson Staff and Messages
TR: Daniel, Las Vegas, NV.
17 July 2018,

     Transmitter: In recognition of the Preeminent and the Omnipotent way that You are Father, I am here with openness and without agenda of any kind, only happy to help. Is there Someone You would like to have speak with a lesson or message for all those You are training in the Magisterial Missions today?

     Mansonloran: "Thank you Daniel, this is what I would have you write. I am Mansonloran, charged with teaching, now in the corrective time, on many subjects for the maturing of you agondontors being readied for service positions having to do with assisting many of the Celestial workers now here.  You’re particularly useful as you know, because among other characteristics you have come to have unshakeable trust in what The Father is doing. This supreme confidence that many of you even do not realize is so unusual, comes across as the refreshing breeze of certainty that strengthens the resolve in those you will work with.

     "To paint a picture for the way some of you will be used in coming developments; there will be occasions, almost innumerable in number where a gathering is scheduled for a group in a particular area.  This will be after the major disruptions and the catastrophic changes to the landscape and after some semblance of normalcy is returning. This group called together has been promised to actually be able to meet those beings in charge of their district or large area. You would go with the administrators that are composed of Melchizedek’s, perhaps a Midwayer, perhaps a materialized ascending Mortal who would engage all those present in a town meeting atmosphere. Perhaps several or even more of you would be right with them in mixing with all present before the meeting is called to order. In the many conversations informally all would come to understand the very friendly and personable way of this new administration. You would be alert to local persons of stature and respectability that you would then take in hand to introduce to the actual Celestials present. In this most comfortable and natural manner this gathering would quickly have a feel and grasp of the true nature of The Fatherly, and affectionate face of all taking place world wide.

     "Then when the Celestial in charge would finally take the microphone to talk of what all are wanting to know about having to do with the things to shortly be taking place in that locale, He or She would with lightheartedness demonstrate a most agreeable manner of conversation engaging all, stopping for questions to be answered etc. Meanwhile you are there with the audience, informally present. At the break after a short while you would again be meeting and enjoying conversation, as you are friendly and interested in all present. You would come across in the audience, those that are curious and open to what is happening and these you again would make sure to introduce to the Celestial leaders as a way to help all feel important and valued as local citizens and leaders. I think you can see your most extraordinary value in the way you would be able to be the interfacing agent in making these gatherings highly successful in giving all a most positive perception of what the Magisterial missions mean to you and them personally.

      "Your unique personal story as a member of the former society, now only a shadow of itself,  and your recent personal story of what you have seen and experienced as a worker for the new administration, will go a long way to turning on the light bulb in the minds of all you meet. You were there from the beginning and you emphatically and empathetically can relate. Here is where you as a headquarters worker will find out about the problems and challenges these people face every day. Upon return to the place you are working out of, you then could go to the persons in charge of all the different categories of administration to directly be able to personally ask for specific actions to be scheduled in the area you just had the meeting with.

     "Here is the personal touch as you provide the follow up for those you have just become acquainted with who have shared their, in many cases, urgent concerns. You know and can perfectly relate, as a fellow citizen of this time and culture. You are above all friendly; you are consistent and trustworthy to get back to them. This is the vision and intention of All in the Monjoronson, Serara mission for one aspect of the personal interfacing so important for successful winning of cooperation and harmony. Those of you who speak other languages will be very helpful but all of these administrative functionaries such as yourself with a translator at your elbow could communicate just as effectively in many, many places around the world.  It’s the highly informed, friendliness, acceptance, patience and love that is needed.

     "Thank You again for noticing and perusing this lesson, tucking it away as a harbinger of coming attractions as you say. Loving respect and admiration of you all from this one: Mansonloran Melchizedek, sincerely, Domtia"-------


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