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Author Topic: Pre'Msha; The Guidance of Truth Seeking; 7/14/16; Hinkle; MT, U.S.  (Read 394 times)

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Teacher: Pre’Msha
Subject: The Guidance of Truth Seeking
Category: The Will of God
 T/R: Josiah, Missoula Montana
14 July 2016,  0:10 Z
      Transmitter: Dear lord I come before you in this time to offer myself to be of service. Thank you God for this opportunity to be here with you.

      Thought Adjuster: You are welcome my son. It is time we take a message. [Transmitter: Thank you Flo (Thought Adjuster). Lord, help me to find your voice. Help me to be here with you. Is there a message for the forum, TM eyes only?] Yes my son.

      Pre’Msha: Today I would like to focus on elevating the spirit. In this respect, the condition of morale for the forum is predicated on the need to discover new heights of spirit reality. Without the need for dictation regarding the influx of spirit born personalities, without regard to the overwhelming amount of incomprehensible material [on the Mission forums], one finds they truly seek God when they set aside the condemnation of their fellows and seek to exonerate the truth found within them.

      It is inaccuracies in the details which allow one to mistake the power of love for the guidance of truth. The Way is revealed when the truth is sought after. In its honest seeking man finds his greatest ability to fend off all attacks of criticism which might avail to test the faith. In so doing, man lives a life ready to accept the disappointments and hardships awaiting him [this is how the spirit is thus elevated]. The honest truth seeker endeavors to find his home with those who are counted among the wise but he is not lead astray by such desire as the truth will always prevail being the fundamental goal of his life. When one seeks the truth beyond all else, they find God. This is an acceptable time to stop. Thank you for your work today.


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