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Author Topic: Pre'Msha; Lighthouse Illumination of Spirit Workers; 7/13/2016; Hinkle; MT, US  (Read 394 times)

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  Teacher:  Pre’Msha
  Subject: Lighthouse Illumination of the Spirit Workers
  Category: Faith of Our Fathers and of Our Children
  TR: Josiah, Missoula, Montana
  2 July 2016, 01:35
        Transmitter: Father, I wish to be a vessel for your light. Help me to shine forth your light. I desire to be your trustworthy scribe. I know you will lead me into each moment with your instruction, your guidance and the comfort of your love. I wish to be of service and I know you will find me where I go as you lead me to fulfill your will. Thank you for the opportunities which daily present themselves. Help us to evermore discern the Divine will, Your will, The Father’s will, the will of Perfection.
        Pre’Msha: Today you shall begin by writing this message. Today’s instruction is about how one deals with situations that are unclear.
        We begin by saying the schedule for events isn’t far off now. We all intend to continue to seek The Father in preparation for the days to come. We are surely in store for a marvelous occasion. Lifted by the spirit of the age to come we find our duty well. The desire of each of you to be of service is a light of the spirit your material eyes cannot see. But to us who behold this living light of God in you, we behold a power greater than any other in all the grand universe.

        Times before now have been without doubt trying; but with the light of the spirit which grows in each of you every day, you are without doubt prime forces of light with which to contend. This force growing on Urantia will one day be released in full effect and this light of God will be a joyous occasion for some nations. Others will not endure so peaceably. The appearance of the mission will be unsettling to the everyday motions of many cultures. This will be a time of mistrust and confusion and you, with the luminescence of your bright spirit light, will be like a lighthouse for all those lost in the vast cultural and national oceans of confusion; to find their way to the safety of the saving harbor that is the spirit kingdom. That is all for now, we will stop here as we see this scribe finding difficulty in maintaining focus.


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