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Author Topic: Ocilliaya, Importance of the Teaching Mission, 7 may 2016, Daniel, L V Nv.  (Read 1125 times)

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daniel alderfer

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eyes only
Teacher, Ocilliaya
Subject, Importance of the teaching mission
Category, general discussion
TR, Daniel
Las Vegas, NV.
7th May 2016, 11:05 edt, 20:05 Z

       Yes there is Daniel, The times of the return of Jesus are upon us.  We will see Jesus and Serara in the flesh. They will be speaking to millions soon. This is Ocilliaya, with a message for all on the forum. I would like to say that in spite of the many delays in the past, when this takes place, all will be thrilled by the scope and magnificence of the world wide announcements. The notice of Machiventa a few days ago, of the crucial nature of the thought adjuster circuits that are to take the place of the internet, at least on the forum for internal communications should it be needed, is very significant. Now at this time rejoice in the fact of your placement in the Serara Forum! Rejoice in our holding you in our arms, in reserve as it were for specific use, when you will be most needed. None of you can help that we called you, one by one. Your response, of willingness, was the key to your growth into usefulness. Your belief when almost everyone thought the Serara Forum was a myth of wishful thinking on your part.

     Even the long time Urantia Book scholars, who have mastered the factual content of the Urantia Book, are blind to the most urgent agenda and goals of their Lords and Parents, Michael and Nebadonia of Nebadon. Insensitive to the very masters they pretend to adore and revere, when their aid and solidarity and intellectual prowess could most effectively, be put to use. [Oh it all will be put to use all right], Just later and unceremoniously after the fact, giving them the extremely humbling experience, of seeing themselves for what they are: Still self-willed and proud children with no direct living and working connection of much consequence, with their parents and creators of the local universe! They that hold themselves as the wise stewards, of the 5th epochal revelation, are in fact asleep. Asleep as the actual authors of the book they purport to revere, move on the face of Urantia right before their eyes. This is all happening through the offices of a humble scribe, unesteemed by them because of their judgements of his supposed imperfection, when in fact, there is not one of the 7 billion on earth, who is more dead on, in the eyes of the Father of all, then he, in understanding, of what is truly taking place.

   The ways of the Father are to confound those who consider themselves to be “the wise”. Great personal castigation and remorse at their behavior, will be the path of all those I am referring to. All will end well for these beloved students, but oh how they could have been instrumental, instead of relegating themselves to be unusable children, consumed with their own out of touch importance. They were not able to see the Fathers unmistakable hand, in the Teaching Mission, because it did not seem to agree in  their opinion, to the Urantia Books  prescription, that they held to, in spite of the clear voice of God through the lowly TR persons, in the teaching mission, who had in their eyes  “no authority”, for their accurate transmissions. Transmissions that those open to the Fathers lead, heard with utter clarity. A popular refrain from those rejected custodians was: and that I quote impeccably, “When Serara Knocks on the front door of 533 Diversey Parkway in Chicago, Ill., and introduces himself, we will believe” In truth, 533 Diversey Park way will be deep under the waters of the Ocean now over 1,500 miles away, when they finally see that Serara [and a slew of others] did indeed knock on those doors, in person for years and they could not see it.

   This message is for the encouragement of all who are dedicated to the combined missions of Jesus and The Magisterial Son, Serara. Thank you for reading this and for your responsiveness to the Father of all! In close collaboration with Father Michael and Mother Nebadonia, I conclude this communication to all of you today. This is Ocilliaya, Joyfully signing off. For teaching mission list eyes only.

   I immediately wanted to contact Ron B for his okay to post this on the TML, and then Kept getting the clear thought, Did you hear this or did you not? So now am posting with full confidence.
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Brother Daniel...

Thank you for getting things started on this Forum... we are still trying to work some kinks out with this new software and hope to have it fine tuned soon... :-\

Keep The Faith,

"Live Hand In Hand, And Together We Will Stand, On The Threshold Of A Dream"


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Daniel, my brother, awesome post. it brought tears to my eyes, thank you for finally having the courage to post it.  It was such a joy to read, and thank you Master Spirit, Ocilliaya for these endearing and comforting words. As I await this most glorious reclamation of our beautiful, and beloved planet, I send my love, not only to "the cream of the croppers" whom I AM so proud to be associated with, but to all of my brothers and sisters on our planet.  Domtia Charlie Peace and Love to all.


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This message is perfect in its timing. Two members from Serara Forum have spent the last few days on the Foundation site.
Thank you for this enormous lift out of my disheartened mindset, Ocilliaya and Daniel.
I am a humble and thankful servant.
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