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Author Topic: Machiventa, Assimulation of Change, 11 July 2016, Alderfer, L V NV. USA  (Read 485 times)

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Teacher: Machiventa Melchizedek
Subject: Assimilation of Change
Category: Governments Good and Bad
TR: Daniel, Las Vegas NV.
11 July 2016, 18:44 Z

     Transmitter: Thank you Father for the corrective time and The Magisterial Sons Mission that in a real way, with all the power and help necessary, is providing the solution for the stalled and misguided progress on Urantia. As our part today, do You have some teaching or any lesson or guidance that is for the training and education, for we that are working with the Serara Forum in the world makeover?

     Machiventa: Yes, this message you can begin transcribing is from Machiventa, and the subject is:  ‘Assimilation of Change’. We are faced with a world used to the old way of doing something and now we are bringing a new progressive norm. Old cultural strictures which did something a certain way, now will be guided in a direction that will refresh the patterns of society. Strict insistence however, or a line in the sand type confrontation, must be ameliorated with moderation.

     The approach to highlight the separation between the old and the new will not be blatantly pushed as was the usual method of a revolution in Jacks society [a euphemism for the old Urantian system] tried many times. The story in Cambodia, of the Kamer Rouge separating all intellectuals, business leaders, political leaders, then forcing them into agricultural hard labor to radically begin anew was a social failure of epic regression that solidified the new political power, but dismantled the machinery for basic prosperity. It also hardened a suppressed rebelliousness destroying sincere cooperation.

     Instead you will see all institutions and enterprises that are left after the initial tribulations of great magnitude, fostered in every way by guidance and leadership only passively and educationally proactive. This is an important way of rebuilding that encourages holding on to the good, not trying to radically, aggressively, force change but to intelligently work in partnership with what is left. We in the Magisterial Missions will join in aiding and abetting as relatives might arrive on the scene following a flood or fire to help their cousins, fully respecting their wishes, but full of generous, constructive ideas, communicated with consideration.

     The Adam and Eve schools [to research go to: link highlighted below] will be warmly illuminated cocoons, of friendly helpfulness, and empathetic brotherliness. A gentleness and kindness will lead with enormous effectiveness in rapidly attaching the hearts of the populous to this most exciting and dependable new world administration. An organization of over care, not of strident or dogmatic assertions. We engage with invitations, inviting them to consider this or that suggestion as possibility’s that have been tried successfully elsewhere.  

     Local neighborhood meetings to share the latest news, will become common, not of a strictly business nature but more of a Sunday social in the park atmosphere with food and relaxing pastimes, as much as possible, included for goodwill and recreation.  Pressure to conform is missing, acceptance and openness to sharing ideas brings the new society along without hard feelings or persecution. A relaxed patience replaces the aggressive urgency of rigor in the old revolutions. Local leaders with ideas and energy, will be encouraged and guided with provisions for their training plus resources to make possible what progressive things they are willing to lead.

     This revolution is a work in progress. We are learning and adapting as we go because of the variety of cultures. We need to be sensitive and respectful. This approach we have found is unmatched in aiding the smoothest transition possible. Thank you, one and all for assimilating these principles, as we think of the challenges just ahead. This is Planetary Prince Machiventa in the role of educational instructor, only loving and respecting all of you. Good Day!


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