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Author Topic: Meloloc, Breaking Even In Life, 9 July 2016, Alderfer, L V NV.  (Read 480 times)

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Teacher: Meloloc
Subject: Breaking Even in Life
Category: Faith
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, Las Vegas, NV.
9 July 2016, 20:38 Z

  Transmitter: Our Father, with praise and appreciation for every aspect of Your care for us, thank You for the privilege of receiving any message or lesson for those of us now learning on the Monjoronson, Serara Mission forum. Is there someone or message you would like transmitted today?

   Meloloc:  "You can go ahead Daniel; the message for today involves ‘breaking even in life’. The struggle for supply to sustain a person’s lifestyle in holding body and soul together, is the main ingredient in most persons existence. We are so concerned about it that some of us get sick from the stress and worry in trying to come to a place of security. We try to accumulate enough for about a years sustenance say, where, if our income would fail or we couldn’t work from accident or sickness at least we would have a cushion to tide us along until we figure something out.

  " When we surrender to The Father and put him first, this whole dimension, the physical life, enters a more workable phase because the partnership with your adjuster more intelligently and smoothly allows things to work. Now you have chosen so often to respond to the suggestions of the indwelling piece of The Father, called the Thought Adjuster, that your life is on a higher plane. You are helping others with what income you have, the belief of ‘quid pro quo’ [what goes around comes around] comes into play as the justice of any situation tends to return in kind. Your trust and magnanimousness now becomes consistent. It doesn’t work in every instance or instantly but slowly the realization dawns that there is an over care you can trust to help work things out.

   "Now your priorities have changed, Fear is replaced with calm confidence; You come to be relaxed in the face of challenges about your supply. You now can see and understand the intervention you have received and didn’t notice before and that in itself gives no end of peace. The regular appreciation you show God in your prayers, is often the main content of your communication when you come to show respect. Now you very dependably come before God at that certain time very early in your day. You make it an almost unbreakable staple to have clear, quiet, private, time set aside, with care taken for punctuality to demonstrate in no uncertain terms your devotion and willingness to put yourself out now, in working for the Father. One half hour of respectful listening or even less is sufficient for that start on the right foot. Many hours of stillness in your day are not usually necessary. There will be times of such extended devotion but a regular life of work and service is the typical path of growth on these 1st life worlds.

   "When a crisis comes of unavoidable setback, accident, death, financial shortfall, severe illness, physical danger or attack, your response is quietness and confidence with usually no solution in sight. Only trust and relaxing into what comes with no worries. Being proactive in creatively solving what you can, but often without solution being possible. Here patience comes into play, we cheerfully go ahead, enduring whatever is thrown at us, knowing all is well as The Father knows your circumstances. He now sees your unshakable trust is in place. You no longer go off halfcocked in panic and that opens you up for the providential intervention in line with His desires for you to begin being of service to Him. Now you point blank ask your Adjuster to guide your day, to speak for you, to step up your supply of love from The Father, to help fight your battles. You express your love of them, in as much detail as you can, often throughout the day, in those pauses that refresh, knowing they ARE The Father.

   "Now at this moment you could say, in Urantia’s history, to patiently stay the course, being up for the long haul of waiting as circumstances must coalesce for the propitious command. That siege of waiting is exceedingly brief in the scheme of things yet to us on the front lines it can be tedious to the extreme. I leave you with the promise that the eventual consummation will compensate for any difficulties we endure now. That is the story of all time in anything having to do with The Father of all. This is Meloloc with this teaching on ‘breaking even in life’. We continue in trust, hope, Joy and love. Domtia"…………


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Daniel, thanks.

I think this post is un- or intentionally intended to me.
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