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Author Topic: 'Meloloc, Recalibration, 8 July 2016, Alderfer, L V, NV.  (Read 440 times)

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daniel alderfer

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Eyes only
Teacher: ‘Meloloc
Subject: Recalibration
Category: Brotherhood of Man and Citizenship
TR: Daniel, Las Vegas NV.
8 July 2016, 18:59 Z

     Transmitter: In this morning hour, Father, You Who is our only source, Who is, with love and wisdom, in an unfathomable way, nurturing each one of us. I am here, with only an openness to hear, with feelings of being empty of my own ability to come to paper with anything much. Is there a teaching or instruction or message that would be just what is needed at this moment for all of us being taught here at Your feet, in the Forum, one of the groups You are educating, that will in concert with You, change the whole world?

     ‘Meloloc: Begin writing as usual, listen as you do, for the actual sentence structure my intention is communicating. This is in the Spirit of the Father, interested to do exactly as you ask: deliver a fresh message and concept to make a difference. The concept and message we’ll call:  ‘recalibration’.  Machines constantly have to be recalibrated. Continuous heavy duty use, wear and environment, often causes the tolerances and original timing to be shifted slightly, affecting the power output. Then we go back to the owner’s manual, to find the perfect configuration intended by the engineer.

     It’s the same in any intelligent life, the experiences we have must be compared in the end with the makers intentions, in other words recalibrated to the intended specs. This happens, by you the intelligent life, proactively with no addenda, being open to have the points of adjustment examined. Long since is the desire to second guess gone as a part of your life, to tinker with the numbers, doubting the training, knowledge and wisdom of the manufacturer. We dispassionately, expose all areas to recalibration. We do this of our own free choice, realizing the fallibility built into an experiential creation. Our experience being so recent and limited makes this recalibration that must take place regularly, rather urgent for the progressive evolutionary path to result with the Makers intentions. This recalibration takes place by actual study of the instruction manual and then waiting in a still attitude of unadulterated receptiveness, to have the Makers input, intuited for the final, precise adjustment to the Designer’s guidelines. These to be tightened in place or solidified. We call the end result of this process of solidification: ‘character’.

     Unlike a machine, the solidified adjustments made permeate, never have to be checked again, as this state called the character of God once fixed by a process called spirit fusion is everlastingly trustworthy in dependability of manifestation. This core object that is solidified and incorruptible has an additional, beautiful proclivity. That is, it is able to accept even more garnishing and burnishing that renders it the, always perfecting, master artifact of artistic achievement. When the intelligent life has the attitude of wanting by willful choice to always look for and do the makers imaginings, as no other course is even thinkable, their usefulness is enhanced to a place of: ‘permanent tool on the bench’ status. The appreciation and admiration of the maker/master mechanic, knows no bounds because of the difficulty of acquiring that very special, invaluable object for the fixing of all manner of existential [transmitter: real world conditions] maladies.

     What I have brought to you today, is a slice of the understanding you must have for cooperating with the Fathers plans for you. Without knowing and incorporating this knowledge, a being is a loose cannon on the deck, fuse burning and the business end pointing every which way, unconstrained, as the sea’s toss the ship, the crew dashing to get above or below the trajectory. The cannons purpose now causing damage to friendly property instead of enhancing security. The energy and persistence we apply to this only way of living [always vigorously seeking recalibration] determines the progress of our useful solidification. The question of course Is how willing am I to fearlessly be recalibrated. The willingness is all that is being asked. That willingness is given upon the asking.

     In an atmosphere thick with the possibility of the soon announcement of Jesus and Monjoronson/Serara, Magisterial Missions we sign off, feeling confident because, it is now at hand. The process of declaring publicly the second return is uncertain of exact time of execution but not of the general final season we are in. With joy and unmitigated serenity, This is ‘Meloloc


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Re: 'Meloloc, Recalibration, 8 July 2016, Alderfer, L V, NV.
« Reply #1 on: July 09, 2016, 11:08 »

Dear Meloloc,   I am more than willing and very happy to be recalibrated. Thank you!
Daniel, thanks for this and all your postings.
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