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Author Topic: 'Meloloc, For New Persons, 4 July 2016, Daniel, LV NV.  (Read 579 times)

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Eyes only
Teacher: ‘Meloloc
Subject: For New Persons
Category: General Discussion
TR: Daniel  Las Vegas NV.
4 July 2016, 19:53 Z

      Thank You, our Father, for sustaining and taking care of us, as we journey back to you. Thank you for the patient way You relate with us, always kindly, with consideration. I worship You and praise You, now at this moment, with appreciation and respect…… Is there a message or lesson you would like to bring today from anyone or about any subject?

      Yes Daniel, you can begin typing. Today, speaking to you is: ‘Meloloc. The topic is being a beginning Magisterial Mission worker.  We will also cover in a general way, the melodiousness, harmoniousness, meldedness and fraternity, in respect to The Family of God.

      An overview: The uniqueness yet similar composition of all of you created evolutionary beings, begins with individual ultimatons, the most basic particle of each atom, each having a unique signature. They are much smaller than an electron, [it takes 100 ultimatons, just to compose a single electron], with each atom then composed of many protons, electrons and neutrons with a nucleus.

      We, [this electro chemical individual], are like the cells of our body, each an organized entity, in other words a very complex being, fitting into the family as we are needed. The intelligence of the Father in each of us, then causes the overall organism, the Family, to finally function in matchless synchronicity and joyful cohesiveness. The point of this little explanation is that the Spirit of The Father, with all the other complimentary Spirits enhancing our journey, is the final coordinating aspect that, makes it work, when coupled with the cooperating free choice of each of you.

Now to relate that to the Magisterial Mission,*

      Transmitter*[a special up stepping mission sent by The Father, to all inhabited worlds when ready, to accelerate the progressive evolution before the final stage, of a much greater progressiveness, now set to begin on this earth!]

        The most important Family enterprise in this corner of our galaxy has the challenge of bringing harmony and balance once again to a small part of a local star system called Satania.  Satania is composed at this time of approx. 650 Inhabited planets with intelligent life. The area of interest locally, are, the 37 planets subverted by the Lucifer rebellion by their appointed leaders, from the Father’s plans about 230,000 years ago. Now, as intended, we see the results, once and for all, to be fair, of letting the rebellious ones [now vanquished and removed] demonstrate their full effort, to show a way they thought would be better and more fulfilling for all the inhabitants of those worlds.

      What we see instead, is the sorriest, most dysfunctional, deprived, most insufferably disorganized, educationally retarded and downright harmful conditions extant in the local eco systems and societies on these supplanted worlds. All are groaning in painful partial realization [by those few awake persons] of their mistake, all longing for a return to [they know not how] the benevolent, reasonable, personable, practical, merciful, protective, productive and prosperous free societies, that are the usual conditions dreamed of by their philosophers. They do not know that the rest of our own super universe and the other six super universes, we are a part of, are already built on just those idyllic circumstances.

      I covered all these facts above to put in perspective for any that are just coming to the Teaching Mission, to begin to understand, that the immediate remedial action is now at once to be begun in a real way, on this and all those other 36 planets. Now, similar to earth, [called Urantia on the local universe registers] a specially tailored Magisterial Mission, is simultaneously being activated for the restoration of the conditions for repair and progress of all these damaged planets, back to the Family ideal. Our start of that process on Urantia, will be to first, inform all inhabitants. This will be by public announcements on all world communication media soon. The returning master, the same exact being known as Jesus the Christ and also known as Christ Michael,* Will be doing the announcing Honors, along with the Magisterial Mission Leaders known as Monjoronson, and Serara.

      *Transmitter [Christ Michael, is the Sovereign Creator Son, given the task by the Father, to build and populate, this local universe, known as Nebadon, to finally have many tens of thousands of inhabited worlds.  He with his consort, partner and equal, Universal Spirit of Nebadon, are the leaders and prime movers of this project for the returning to normalcy of these 37 planets.]  

      Now in a perfectly providential way, you all reading this were brought to this and Teaching Mission list, because the Father of all would like you to take part with many mortals like yourself in the Magisterial Mission with tasks that you have been, unknown to you, prepared for in your life up to now. Serara. Org and Teaching Mission list discussion forum, both, are the classroom for your training.
      If, this little introduction and explanation of what is now taking place as we speak, resonates with you, a simple conversation with The Father, explaining your interest and desire to make a difference like this, is all that is needed. To begin, absorb as much as you can from the websites below. That is the action that cements your being truly a part of The Magisterial Mission. We, Thank each of you, for responding by choosing to come here! This is ‘Meloloc, a Celestial teacher and ascending mortal such as yourself, having come from [a long time ago] an inhabited planet in the system of Satania much like your own. I sign off now with only happy and warm regards as I look forward to meeting you as time goes on!


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Re: 'Meloloc, For New Persons, 4 July 2016, Daniel, LV NV.
« Reply #1 on: July 04, 2016, 21:09 »

Dear Meloloc and Daniel. Love your lessons because they are not only full of wisdom but also simple and to the point.Most of all is the brotherly love we feel coming from you. Thank you for modeling for us how to be a good teacher.   esther 
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