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Author Topic: Mother Nebadonia Local Preparations  (Read 474 times)

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Mother Nebadonia Local Preparations
« on: June 29, 2016, 19:24 »

Teacher:  Mother Nebadonia
TR: Brad Cooke
Category: Mother Spirit, The Divine Minister, Creative Spirit
Subject: Local preparations
Namur, Quebec
27-06-2016 0626 hrs GMT
For Eyes Only

Good Morning Mother Nebadonia, yes, my full name is Bradford, but only my wife and Mother and Family use it, lol
But it's ok, you can call me that too!
What message is there this morning my dear Mother?
Brad, do I need to push you? You need to concentrate, to focus more on those things that you ought to focus more on; you know what they are, right?
Yes, I do know, I will try harder. Thanks for reminding me, and yes, I do need to be pushed at times, thank-you.
So, any news as to the big day?
Brad, we, like you, are waiting, but do not think we are idle, quite the contrary. This place and many others are like the hives your bees make! We are always in preparation and ready modes. If our Father says go in 5 minutes, we are ready to roll with it. Are you community emergency services up to par? Fire department, administration, etc? This will be important, and take on more importance as the time moves on after the announcements. We will use many in positions of knowledge and authority to help with the missions as relates to managing the needs of the many in their respective domains. We will be doing much, directly, but will need the locals to get things done at that level. That is where many of you will come into play as our representatives to ensure that things get done in all honesty and as per our requests and requirements.
Thanks Mother, that is quite alot. It seems that you put alot of emphasis on preparations?
It is of the most extreme requirement of the Father that all be ready, we want this to succeed beyond your highest expectations. The Father, when he says go, knows the turn out ahead of time, before it even occurs, he just knows, period.
Thanks Mother, I will share it

Post it for eyes only in the Serara Mother Nebadonia category.
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