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Author Topic: 'Meloloc, Background for using the T M List site.28 June 2016, Daniel, LV NV.  (Read 507 times)

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daniel alderfer

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['Meloloc suggested because of the recent Magisterial Mission changes, this is the appropriate board for this message]

Eyes only
Teacher, ‘Meloloc
Subject, Background for use of this Site
Category, Monjoronson Staff and Messages.
TR, Daniel
Las Vegas NV. 17:45 Z
28 June 2016

   Our Father, at this beginning time just before the whole world, has its eyes opened, in praise of all You are and all You do, I give You approbation and gratitude to the degree I am possibly able to. Thank You for this work you have given me and for the most interesting and stimulating time in my short life. Is there a communication to the Monjoronson, Serara Discussion group and the Teaching Mission list and all those coming here for direction?

   There is Daniel, ‘Meloloc speaking. You can see that these lessons are coming in a more regular way to all of you. The reason is that the actual instruction has begun, for now, many more will arrive on these shores, having the conviction that this is the location of reliable teaching straight from The Father, The Prime Creator of the Universe. This is ‘Meloloc, also an Ascending Mortal, with the most appreciated responsibility, to teach as much as possible everywhere and through everyone, whom The Father has opened to Me and many others. My and Our mandate is to clearly explain how the Family of God operates, what it looks like to work for the Father from the inside and how you should  conduct yourselves now, as for the first time, you are officially Headquarters servants, employees, [no worries, do you think The Father will forget to pay his workers?]  providing the liaison, to this pretty much wrecked and derelict world system. You’re the glowing light of hope now where all around is murky indestinction and fuzziness.

   You are just in time to fill in meticulously, with the perfect words and actions, to thrill the hearts that are failing with travail and utter consternation because the bottom has dropped out of the comfortable predictable life all thought was permeate and would only get better. Your words, We your Guides and Adjusters will provide, will turn the tide of despair. Meanwhile My, Our job is to give lessons of brief notoriety, illustrating the hundreds of underlying principles of happy functioning in a world hungry now for just that guidance. The last ten days here on the TM List covered some of the subjects We considered the most apropos for this moment and the coming year. This message today I am going to title: “Background for use of this site.” We will continue in this vein so that newly opened minds can be stimulated to quickly understand and be refreshed with guidance for them also, to with out delay, join us in our liaison duties. [Quickly, meaning a year or so in most cases]

   We must have information here that is the heart of The Urantia Books, spiritual linking with the new relationship they are opening up to with The Father. This often will be the first stop, for those drawn by The Father, will encounter, as they subsequently then, will work with all of us. Then we will point them to the Urantia Book and the Teaching Mission List Archives at - [].  It is the most accessible and varied treasure drove of modern times, containing approx. 40,000 pages of innumerable subjects on history, important personalities and spiritual knowledge. All searchable with the input of a single word of interest. Now available in the nick of time. This is knowledge of a specialized and rarefied nature that goes to the heart of what is important. It nourishes [because of its breadth] like no other, to the open, sincerely inquisitive mind. Above all it is reliably accurate, except for some few areas of minor miss perception or human error that is only, in the end, helpful for stimulating discernment.

   Some more comments concerning the use of this site. The 31 different boards, or threads, We will fill, with the accurately classified articles pertaining to those subjects. For the first time ever, a much more comprehensive location for the new arrival to take off from, in coming, more or less innocent, to the ways and life of The Father. As these new arrivals come, our greeting and getting to know them is an important service of love for all here to begin exercising. Small talk in a personal message [try it sometime to that person you see on the Forum member lists] means very much to someone hungry for contact and friendship. You will find it is a lot of work, but please pray tell, why are we here? Why is the top mortal worker in York Pennsylvania spending a good part of his day with personal messages to those all over, which The Father is bringing to his notice? Go and do likewise. Are these new ones somehow magically warmly energized and included in the fraternity by armchair prayers? Yes, more than you even know, so that is very important too. This other dimension of friendship I'm talking about is the icing on the cake.

   This message is for your understanding and extending of what you will come to see is your new job. It is an occupation that all here have promised to help out with. The chorus we enjoyed hearing over and over from you was, “I'm here, use me in any way in the Missions, no matter how humble.” We loved it when we heard it. That is exactly the attitude you will find in all your Celestial Brothers and Sisters. This is ‘Meloloc in a display of united feelings of love and contented happiness, in All of Us, working together with you, in the Magisterial Mission, I wish you all the best on this day, with warm affection, Domtia………..

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No comment! Thanks Daniel and Meloloc.
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