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Author Topic: Merkabas - Definitions and Aronafal the Teacher explains them  (Read 547 times)

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Subject: Merkaba: A Definition supplied by Aronafal Melchizedek.
Category - Revelation: New and Old
T/R: Ron Besser
Location: York 23:00 Local Time
June 23, 2016

The Merkaba is an energy system that can be developed for uses in the home, the office, or the church, or at the podium of the lecture on God and his systems of energy for its use by humans.  I have often lectured on the system to morontial beings.  I am going to provide the reader a brief description so we have that much done, and then remind everyone that the text about the merkaba is full of references to ancient history that has nothing to do with the use of a merkaba by God himself when two or more are gathered in the name of God with the help of Jesus.  I am Aronafal, and I return to the teaching mission this fall, and I look forward to meeting many of you.  I will turn back the pages of time and remind all of you to use Tmarchives for your questions more and more as the site is so serviceable we are committing a crime not to use it more.

I am Aronafal Melchizedek and my name was associated with Monjoronson in 2005-2007, and I delivered many lectures on the merkaba to a group in Minnesota (Randy and Leoma Sphar) that has now lost one of its founders and the wife is left to fend for herself in poverty.  One of many references for this group who practiced the merkaba can be found here and use the search engine in to find a great deal more. See, for example:

As the merkaba will come up again and again, let us examine how it comes about and what it does.

It comes about by asking God to form one by your or in front of you and close enough to feel it when it starts its motions.  If the energy could be seen picture a little tornado.  Then as people come to associate with that particular merkaba, watch it grow so large you cannot see the ends or top of it.  It is prodigious in size such as the one Ron has over him all the time.  It helps us hear him and to have him hear us.  Ron fills a room with spirit and people can feel light and wonderful around him.  He has no dark side and can help anyone who really needs help, but there is a peculiar strain of saddness in the merkaba that rotates around his head, and the Deities are busy removing it for all of us.  Merkabas take on the heart of the person they form over.  Ron has had the same Merkaba for ten years and before that a true monster of a merkaba that extend 500 feet in all directions.  The current merkaba replaced the original one when he had a Thought Adjuster come out in the consciousness, and that Thought Adjuster decided it was too big for Ron to handle and cancelled its rotation and thereupon it collapsed and died.  Ron felt it sadly go but did not know why he felt the twinge of desperate loneliness the day he left New York alone.

In three years after removing himself from New York, he deplaned into York, PA., to renew his life once more but ran into a deep recession and went bankrupt.  His life became hell and he started over again under deep misery and hostility against his love of God and his work ethic.  He never did recuperate until we added his life extensions into the mix of his journey through the place called Urantia.  Ron now enjoys his merkaba daily because it captures everything he enjoys and it is used to help others smile with him all the time.  The present merkaba over Ron includes many of the members on this forum, and many members now deceased including his material mother an father whom he did love petulantly at times yet he gave them all.  At present the vortex over Ron is about three hundred feet high and about as wide and his Adjuster does not want it any larger for fear of attracting bears he does not want to deal with.

It should become obvious that the merkaba is a grant from God and any Deity who hears the petition can form one around or over or beside the person asking to form one for their use and potential constructors of merkabas for others.  Ron has done this dozens of times for many people, and when you visit 2709 Sunset Lane, you will be attached to the resident merkaba and have the ability to take one of along with yourself when you depart.  Ron cannot see them or feel them presently due to proscriptions on his service until Jesus appears in the flesh.

Merkabas run the length and width of Urantia, and every person can form one if they wish it, or join one if they borrow it from others who have on operating.  Ron had a friend who died a few years ago, and her apartment had an immense merkaba operating just for him.  They fell out over issues not worth mentioning, and when he told her she was free to become anything she wanted to do, her love affair for Ron collapsed and the merkaba lay piteously on the floor until the Father removed it.  Merkabas last only as long as the life of the individual does, and they leave the flesh, the merkaba just stops rotating and they collapse of their own weight of ultimatons and residual piece of space energy not revealed to Urantians ever.  In most case the merkaba gets exhausted in a few years unless the person makes special efforts to renew it.  Most of you on the discussion forum will not have one since you are open t o the influence of your Thought Adjusters, but you may make a special request of Michael and he will provide the little spinning vortex over you head to develop for yourself and those you include in your life.

The merkaba can be capitalized when the Merkaba is allowed to include me Michael.  Ron had a small “m” merkaba for years until we discovered his latent talents and then included Michael, Mother Spirit, Margul, Machiventa and Mantutia Melchizedeks, and so on and it now includes Serara and Monjoronson, and this is why Ron felt sick or tearful when Serara unexpectedly left.  Ron is so attached to this triumvirate of spiritual power we now make special effort to leave the energy alone when we enter.

The Merkaba Ron generated is huge and notwithstanding rather small for its actual influence, it carries a huge punch if spun hard against someone as has happened in the past.  The Merkaba Ron uses is twice the size of normal merkabas but less than the size he had in New York, as he was responsible for so much power warehousing for a large corporation, he had to carry a big stick to get things done.  He nearly destroyed it when the big boss demanded he leave for his own reasons but he carefully kept in check by refusing to discuss the situation with the in-house attorney who was marshaling other attorneys to check the big boss and teach him a lesson.

Ron never realized it, but he had a court case against the corporation cold, but he also realized even if he won a big settlement and got his job back, it meant nothing.  The management was so bad he could hardly stomach meetings with people who carried shot guns and no real meaning or ability to govern.  He also saw the attorney who approached him as dear and ready to defend him and all others of such unfairness, but also saw that attorney losing his job and his face when God Himself was against using the merkaba to support a court case against dead people.  He politely refuse the attorney, went home and packed ready to return to York if he could find a place to live and a job to support the rent.  He carried a small merkaba home with him and found the relentless chore of job hunting so harsh he became ill and even the little merkaba disappeared over his head.  That merkaba was there to support him, but his lack of vigor and understanding of what was to happen, brought the Father to bear to the point the Father requested the merkaba be removed and that Ron be placed under the Adjuster’s care until he died in a few months.

This is when the Adjuster discovered that Ron possessed immense powers of revivification, and Ron has remained alive through twenty years of heartless versions he never ever wanted to live through again.  The merkaba was reinstated in 2004, and has grown immense in its power and persuasion of those who come to him that the power of God is on Urantia, such is its power to concentrate lessons and feelings of trust for what happens between visitors and Ron himself.  He never misuses it and wishes it to be sacred to all.  It supplies him body energy; it supplies him stronger transmissions; it provides a feeling of peace and tranquilly when people enter it with him, and it has a long history of preparing to meet Monjoronson and every body else in the Magisterial Mission.

This is Aronafal, and my name is partially derived from Ron’s avatar whom I admired so much but could not meet until now.  He enjoys me too and I am truly a Melchizedek who can transform individuals like Ron who has felt so much pain and suffering from people who should have always been his friends and allies but they could restrain their glee when he fell of his purpose and had to eat crow over and over again.   I will stay with Ron for awhile tonight to see how he sleeps (Ron: keyword: stomach], and other things.

This is Aronafal, and I greet you all this fall when I begin teaching once more to all of you. Good day. 

Michael of Nebadon - “ I queried Ron why he laughed when Aronafal insisted he was a Melchizedek?  The answer lies in his merkaba which contains the Spirit of Truth.  All merkabas contain the Spirit of Truth and encircuit the human who originates that particular merkaba, but people who join it if it belonged to another do not encircuit with that particular verison of the Spirit of Truth.  Ron’s Spirit of Truth is worth investigating by all of you, for the truth is, that Aronafal is my Spirit of Truth encouraged to resonate through the teachings of the Melchizedeks.  Aronafal is a Melchizedek who stands in for the Spirit of Truth when it becomes incumbent to exercise a lesson that is critical to the group, and Aronafal will be present in all your groups in the future for Ron’s version of the Spirit of Truth is so powerful you can’t help but learn from it.

“Aronafal is enacted by all Melchizedeks who come to study groups and your lessons from that entity will be learned well and totally. I have given the Spirit of Truth to Aronafal as a personalization of Michael the Creator Son, and the personalization of Jesus, and when you get a lesson from Aronafal, you have had the best of the best. Michael.

Located in the future Magisterial Mission Capital of York, PA USA
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