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Author Topic: General Preparations  (Read 606 times)

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General Preparations
« on: June 20, 2016, 12:34 »

Teacher: Mother Nebadonia
Subject: General Preparations
Category: General Discussion
Teacher: Brad Cooke
Namur, Quebec
20-06-2016 1030 hrs GMT
Eyes only

Hi Brad
Good Morning, who is here on this beautiful day?
This is Mother
Dear sweet Mother, it is always so pleasant and good to have you here. Have you anything to share this morning?
Here is what you can type Brad:
The dates and times we give you are all very relative…it is said in your scriptures that 1000 years is like a day for us…so you can imagine what a day of yours is for us. One of yours days and it’s place in your calendar would akin to a drop of water in the ocean, so to say. I know we keep emphasizing that the Missions and the return of Jesus will happen, it will! In the meantime what are YOU doing to make it happen? Have you increased in knowledge about TUB? Have you gotten more wisdom as to how to communicate with those around you…the ways, the means, the tone, and specifically to show the Father’s love? Have you undertaken the means to improve your health and nutrition? Don’t laugh, this is part of taking care of that body so that you can enjoy a greater measure of health in your so-called tabernacle of clay. Have you been able to increase the sessions of stillness? How about the HUB, pretty hard to do that if your regular stillness is not more pronounced dear Brad. In your common parlance, you can talk-the-talk, but can you walk-the-walk? The Jewish people of the Levant were given much in the way of ritual, partly aimed at keeping them busy while they discovered answers to the world around them. You have, instead, been given answers without the diatribe; this is how favoured of the Father you and this forum and others like it are. No need to be ascetic, lock yourself in a cave, take manifold vows, wear a particular habit, or be know as a peculiar group. You represent the Father in all of his many aspects and characteristics. Are you not fortunate? Yes, you are, and know that he loves all of his children, unconditionally.
Brad, I have given you enough for one day….take the time, do what needs to be done, and enjoy the day!
Thank-you Mother, I know you love us too!
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daniel alderfer

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Re: General Preparations
« Reply #1 on: June 22, 2016, 13:31 »

Dear Mother who has come so clearly through Brad Cooke, Your words of, admonition are appreciated and taken to heart. Thank you Dear Mother Nebadonia for the way You relate to us everyday. Without You this would be a very deprived local Universe! Thank You for the life that literally bursts upon my walks in the wild, [in the desert no less] I give You love and respect, Daniel
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