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Author Topic: 'Meloloc,Maturing of Mortals, 20 June 2016, Daniel, Las Vegas NV.  (Read 632 times)

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daniel alderfer

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eyes only
Teacher: ‘Meloloc
Subject:  Maturing of Mortals,
Category:  Brotherhood of Man and citizenship in the Universe
TR: Daniel, Las Vegas NV.
20 June 2016, 18:02 Z

    Transmitter: In this moment Father, with a feeling of happiness and joy, for the privilege and blessing to have been brought to the Serara Forum, where all of us can embrace more fully the relationship of the ages, an actual friendship with You, the source and center that is the cause and reason for our life. This friendship not being second hand, but directly connected by clear spirit attachment of genuine fellowship even though we personally are so newly created. Thank You Father for all of this and for the warm hand we are holding. In serene confidence, I ask if there is a message for the Forum and any in the world, You would like to have me transmit?

    'Meloloc: Yes Daniel, you can begin writing, This is ‘Meloloc, here again today, still in confident hope of the immanate announcements for the public, if not in the next few days, we know, that Christ Michael is most urgently intending, just such developments to take place, as soon as possible. You here on the Serara Forum and the new Teaching Mission List and those being inspired to join Us as guests and fellow students, are the target audience for this message, as all are very avidly loved [we watch each individual as you make these earth changing choices] as you step up to being a part of this mortal effort that will inspire generations to come.

 We, as Teachers and Guides working with Serara, see more and more falling into place for the smooth transition to the actual work of the Missions. As We have mentioned before, the very complex arrangements for so many world circumstances, that then also are themselves changing rapidly, that then requires many plans for contingencies to be changed quickly to be as ready as possible for the decision to go. I say this in the way of explanation of the task facing Christ Michael and Machiventa as planetary prince, to wisely change the details to fit the next attempt when the Father deems all is ready. Your support is very helpful, as any soul or mind in concert, strengthens the effort, as prayers are received and support is noted. Each added individual that commits and joins in the supportive role, makes things work better all around.

    One thing I must continue to mention is the most thrilling and inspiring way, all of Us on the Celestial side feel about the task we are dedicated to, of the refurbishing of Urantia from top to bottom. In all of the millions and millions of experienced volunteers, come to join Father Michael and Universe Mother Spirit, to see this through to worldwide light and life, It is safe to say everyone is deeply enthusiastic, to be here and doing this. It’s not necessarily a once in an ascension career experience, as many of Us have served long periods in other Magisterial Missions, but this is different and more special because of the challenge and because of the final result of Urantia being a, teaching university type planet. It is of immeasurable unique value, because of the lesson of the rebellion, and what can be learned because of it. We Celestials, having a part, in this historic recreation from the bottom up, is an education that isn’t available every day. We value it highly!

    And now some more about using you mortals in this type of mission. I know you have heard Us say this many times, but for the benefit of those who haven’t heard, this making you all an actual working part of the all the events to remake Urantia coming up, is a new innovation pioneered by Father Michael and Mother Nebadonia the Creators and Sovereign of Nebadon. Because it had never been tried in this way, They had to present the idea to all Those above them and have it approved.  It was a work that took some considerable effort to bring the idea forward and have it okayed in the administration above. The administration that supervises a local universe like Nebadon. Nebadon will eventually consist, of approx. 10 million inhabited worlds. [only approx. 3 Million 800 thousand have that status in Nebadon at the moment, the rest of the ten million are still in evolutionary stages of development at this time]

 Our local Creators had the idea of subjecting a group like you all, early as it were, to plunge you right into the stimulation and training that many or most in the past would experience eventually, but would experience in a more orderly and less rapid way. It would begin first with the usual ascension through the excellent training of the Mansion worlds in a step by step expansion to more and more maturity. To my way of thinking, you Mortals now being groomed to help, are blessed beyond measure to have a Local Creator Son of such courage and farsighted innovation! Just my opinion, but I think it is true! Only time will tell about the results of this experiment, but I, as ascending mortal myself, volunteering in this mission, with eons of experience previously, am utterly confident of its wisdom.

I intend to speak much more on this subject [Maturing of Mortals] yet want to hold each lesson to a length for maximum retention and enjoyment of learning. This is ‘Meloloc happily conversing in a way that gives me so much pleasure, a pleasure which I hope and am pretty confident, is felt by you also! For now with confident assurances of your own growth and maturity, this is ‘Meloloc.
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While he was a great way off his father saw him and had compassion., 970-618 1214,-  7223 Iron Oak Ave. Las Vegas NV. 89113


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Meloloc and Brother Daniel,

My most humble thanks for these words that are shared. Yes, we are privileged to share in this mission, to prepare for the comiing of Michael and of Serara, and Monjoronson, and all the many beings to help us grasp this world out of incapable hands and place it in the father's knowledgeable  persons! Thsi gives me courage and confidence int eh times that are upon us.



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Hi Daniel and Meloloc,
These are certainly quite fascinating and exciting news. Thank you for relaying them here. So much is going to happen when the era of Light and Life begins to dawn in Urantia.  Every part of globe has its own unique troubles because of cultural, spiritual and mental immature levels.  It will take only the grandest orchestration to get a cohesive rehab plan to be effective and lead the way for us mortals to spiritual maturity.  That can only come from the able and loving wisdom of our parents, Father Michael and Mother Nebadonia.
I can't wait to hear more on that subject! Domtia, Evan 
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