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Author Topic: 'Meloloc, Subordinating,Choice,Family Dyn,Your opport.19 June,16 Daniel, LV NV.  (Read 971 times)

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daniel alderfer

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eyes only
Teacher, ‘Meloloc
Subjects,    - Subordinating to Adjuster,
                   -Role of Free choice,
                    -Family dynamics,
                    -Your Opportunity
Category, The Will Of God
TR, Daniel
Las Vegas, NV.
19 June 2016, 17:00 Z

       Again Father, with confidence, heart felt appreciation, happiness and serenity, Is there a message or lesson on this day of awesome portent?

You can begin writing Daniel, This is ‘Meloloc what I would like to say today is:

     About the subject of subordination.       The word means to put yourself willingly in a position of being under the direction of another. You are here in the final analysis, because you regularly came to be subordinate with your Adjuster. A choice was given you, and over and over you chose to subordinate what you might have done in the next moment to do instead, what the leading of your very wise Guide was suggesting. After a while you came or are coming to automaticly do what is put before you in a suggestion, as your experience now shows that without fail, following that suggestion only brought: expansion, understanding, joy, insight, intuition, more excellent opportunities to serve, deep satisfaction, [Like your responding to the suggestion that you register with these web sites having to do with the several Missions.]

 The role of free choice,       Now after a little experience responding to that small voice of suggestion [it may sound like an order but of course no one is forced to follow any direction, you are absolutely free to choose]. So now you are beginning to understand the way it is for each Celestial or Angel or Created Beings of the thousands of intelligent types made for special requirements in the Family of God. All start the new day free to choose what to do that day. After a while of course we are absolutely instant in responding to our marching orders but it is beautiful truth that in any Being you see doing any task, that being is freely giving hearty service because it is a sincere choice that they chose. Another thing you may not realize, and this is important, sometimes a being just does not want to do what is asked and they really are free to decide that and will be given every benefit of the doubt concerning what looks like a choice not to do what in the end is the Fathers direction. It must be this way, there must never be the slightest coercion. When this happens, [someone not wanting to do something] every consideration is extended to understand what the best is for that individual and to understand why those feelings are coming up, etc.

  Family dynamics       This principle that I am attempting to explain is the rock foundation of This Family. This is something  you will see, when you observe ever more intimately, the inner workings of any group or individual doing any task for The Father. This rock foundation of allowing free choice cements a harmony and single-minded unity that is nothing but joy to be a part of. Occasionally the circumstances are of such difficulty, it is not unheard of for a family member to offer their resignation. That would be because usually, the case is that, the things asked of That Worker are patently undoable. Or have proved over time to look undoable and is a way to initiate a dialog for somehow finding a way to overcome the impasse.  These explanations of the way things are in the Fathers enterprise are to bring you ones of such recent introductions, into this genuine full-fledged campaign and they [explanations] are to include you in the most affectionate and embracing way. So that you know that you know this is all real!

     Your opportunity       You now are included in every way, with Brothers and Sisters of almost incomprehendable longevity of life experience and possessing wisdom of such a lofty nature as to leave you sputtering in admiration and gratitude. This explanation again is also, to have you appreciate again, ever more, the matchless opportunity you all are being given to serve in these kinds of Circles. In other words, far be it from us to fail to have you comprehend what is really taking place with those now being trained in the Serara Forum as well as in many sister Missions. We, helping you to comprehend these truths, are giving you a much deeper motivation to enthusiastically, in a new way, step forward, without knowing all the details of that next step.

      Thank You, every one of you, for the careful perusal of these notes today.  All is to help you along in this most unheard of collaboration with ascending mortals still on their first life world.  We have such a welling feeling of excitement at this group that is developing in Our midst. This is ‘Meloloc, attempting to have you see and feel what We see and feel. And thank you also for your humble service, that you are giving, where you are located, to all our brothers and sisters, also coming along! Wishing a most outstanding day, especially knowing what we know! Domtia, for now………….
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While he was a great way off his father saw him and had compassion., 970-618 1214,-  7223 Iron Oak Ave. Las Vegas NV. 89113


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Wow, Meloloc!  What a wonderful message!  Overwhelming!  Thankyou so much.
Thank you for posting Daniel.


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Hi All, As is the best I have heard on the subject of choice, or free will, or free agency!
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