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Eyes Only
Speaker: Lanaforge
Subject: Magisterial Sons Missions Methods
Category: Orderly Rule Of The Planet and It’s Civil Spiritual Government
T/R: Daniel A, L V NV. USA
25 June, 2017, 18:29 Z

“Yes Daniel, This is Lanaforge, begin by saying; the teaching I want to cover is a continuation of yesterday’s review about the climate of freedom that fosters personal development that will be encouraged in all areas of Urantian Society, by the administration of the Magisterial Sons Mission. Slowly at first, because of basically starting from scratch in this civilization building, we have the goal of equal opportunity requisite to leave as few as possible out of the benefits from the societies educational environment and personal freedom intended for everyone.

"Those benefits do not have to do with cradle to the grave social care and guarantee of being taken care of at all, however, in fact that will be the case. But coupled with individual initiative being required as the responsibility of each, the all-important incentive for self-motivated action, by making the sustenance of the life of each, totally their responsibility. Otherwise that would produce dependent and un-resourceful humans that we see on Urantia where this governmental over care is taken to extreme.

“The practical working of the way The Father intends for a society to most effectively fill the bill, is to bring the first life mortal to the place of enough maturity by the struggles and uncertainty of life requiring so very much personal initiative in problem solving. By this environment,  most progress to a life of some success.  After a fairly strenuous struggle, learning to have shelter and supply sufficient to begin a more then subsistence existence, they are enabled should they want to, to have sufficient free time to now seek for answers of the true meaning of why they are here and what is the real reason for life.

“Here, by the incessant prompting of the alert and valiant adjusters, filled with deeply sincere love and concern, they are able in many cases to have them turn inward with finding time to listen to they know not what yet.  In Urantia’s situation, at least, the general societal knowledge is there, that to spend time in quiet reflective meditation and stillness, is not an unknown practice and has been advocated and this concept is in the consciousness of most educated persons as a route and path for finding out the big answers. Everyone knows upon seeing someone sitting in meditation, what is being attempted. It is not a strange premis and has now generally been known worldwide for approx. 100 years. It may be ridiculed and disparaged as useless in their own life activity but it is respected as a way for someone else to attempt understanding.

“Upon turning; “To God” no matter how amateurish, childish and inept it is, the slightest faith that He exists and is there for their eventual discovery begins the response from The Father that fits their capacity and needs, intimately understood by their adjuster.  This point in their awakening is the real goal of a society and is most fostered by a light and life civilization. When a world is at all inferior stages before light and life, the climate also accomplishes the same thing, howbeit much more raggedly. Yesterday when we reviewed the framework advocated by describing the ideal of no one being left out to having access to an enriched, wide open freedom of personal development, it was to show the most ideal environment for uninhibited mortal growth and expansion. [See 23 June 2017, Lanaforge, ‘Freedom of operation’]

“Another important aspect of administration policy, to be implemented as efficiently as possible to foster societal maturation is the avocation of actual brick and mortar locations for local school attendance that we will reward and incentivaze for adults, with classes that we will call; ‘Do it yourself, fast track’ or something similar that will gift them with the knowledge and even physical supplies for anything that is a challenge now in their lives, perhaps how to begin home gardening, or illustrating lost skills like canning. Part of the class conversation will unobtrusively introduce the unfamiliar ideas of trusting Celestial over care and looking for inspiration from the spirit within everyone, that until now they hadn’t thought much about.

“This short class of only an hour or so with refreshments and time afterwards to freely talk will have a graduation of perhaps a ten week three times a week certificate entitling all to come from then on, to administration local headquarters for any help and advice as well as benefits for their children like being able to go on frequent field trips, held to learn about local industry, agriculture, construction projects, forestation, hydroelectric locations, wind farms, museums of history, science or art that may be with in short driving distance, coupled always with lunch’s and snacks to truly stimulate an enjoyable time, transportation provided, parents encouraged to come along.

“After this type of friendly initiation hopefully all will be open to more advanced classes, if they are ready, having to do with beginning higher education basics that would fit them to start a degree program later at a regular collage. Something they hadn’t dreamed was possible at their age. All of this providing ample opportunities to informally introduce all to the revolutionary world refurbishing ideas and goals that are self-evident and ongoing before their eyes but above all brought to their attention in sincerely altruistic outreach that disarms the most suspicious should that be an issue, because of the extent of the changes they can see being brought about.

“This is Lanaforge, In charge of civil matters, Co Planetary Prince along with Califax, in charge of spiritual development, sharing the latest thinking for ways to begin grass roots winning of the hearts and minds of the citizenry of Urantia only just now beginning to realize something big and something trustworthy and overdue is in the works for the righting of the wrongs everyone has seen forever, but had little hope of finding a solution to. Now we intend to give this world, real workable solutions that will save the situation. Best case scenario; the leadership of the Mission workers, Celestial and Mortal, will be seen for what it is: Truly genuine, brotherly love in action.

“Thank you one and all for the continuing support by your response to our training directives. The ability of associates working with Ron Besser to be able to receive dependably, whatever communication, audio and written, are necessary in the moment is paramount and the response lately has been most gratifying as more and more [with a lot of effort] begin to actually have this skill and gifting. Good Day to all! Domtia……”

End Discussion Forum-

Eyes Only
Teacher: Lanaforge
Subject: Freedom of Operation
Category: Orderly Rule of the Planet and It’s Physical Spiritual Government
T/R: Daniel A. L V NV. USA
24 June 2017, 19:55 Z

“Yes I am here; this is Lanaforge, your Co Planetary Prince with Father Califax. The lesson for today is, shall we say, esoteric; [‘of rarefied interest, information only notable to a few with specialized knowledge’]. That could be those on this Forum depending on what type of subject I am going to talk about. Well, the subject is: egalitarianism, [‘A social philosophy advocating the removal of inequities’] the western socialistic democracies are headed this way, albeit bureaucratically top heavy. A part of this would always be; health care at no cost [except for hefty income tax] giving all access to doctors and hospitals.  Another aspect would be the example in education in Germany, as now, for a little over two years, any one with the requisite scholarly ability can go to the University of your choice, for a four year degree at no cost and even further if your performance academically is of sufficient competence.

“Also egalitarianism means that hiring or career placement and advancement has nothing to do with your race, national origin or family status, only on your merit as a potential worker as evidenced by your work ethic in school and subsequently your performance on the job. It means the opportunity for starting a business or the acquiring of an apartment or private home loan is equally open to all. It means free access to all institutions like the library, internet, nature parks or national forests, free choice about preferred occupation. It means eventually the ability to go to all areas of the earth for recreation or study or taking up residence without regard to previous national borders, ancestry or current wealth status. It means if you qualify academically and there are openings, you can attend any university regardless of location, reputation or difficulty of curriculum.

“The passport to this society is your good character, willingness to pay your dues in experiential application, consideration of community members and willingness to help out with local work in at least a reasonable amount for civic or environmental projects. Anyone who finds it difficult to give up some personal time in pursuits for the common good, would find it hard to advance in career or education because of issues of reputation that color the desirability for your inclusion in a team in business or public service occupation. If you are self-employed, your business profit would be shared by employing others with generous wages and benefits with your product or service costing only enough to have a reasonable profit and growth. The reason for the business would be to serve by supplying a needed product or to give your own creativity the freedom to spread its wings in ways not possible when working for others. Your ability may be of such capacity that to be limited by others agendas is inhibiting and constricting.

“All this is part of the egalitarian society, and the policy of the refurbishing of the earth, the Celestial administration will advocate. It will give freedom for any ambition you might entertain of any sort for personal growth as well as always being coupled with public service as the underlying motivation for work. This populist leveling of opportunity, across the board in society, is meant to free up and foster inventive, alternative, new and experimental endeavors along any line.  Advice and guidance from government administration, will be abundant for whatever ideas for progressive development that you have and that freedom of pursuing your dream fitting to your abilities and education is the framework of this equal opportunity society that must not and will not be stifling in any manner if an idea is complicit with world policy for respectful, sustainable and necessary development of civilization.

“Governmental red tape such as permits, license's, franchises and oversight must be timely, inexpensive, and unbiased as to previous practices and the preeminent purpose to be the serving of the public and fostering of entrepreneurial spirit as opposed to the temptation to increase provincial over control for the sake of furthering bureaucratic expansion. The picture I am painting is heaven on earth compared to past civilizations that, even in democracies had fiefdoms the normal operating method for gaining access to opportunities thereby often inhibiting rival enterprises or new ideas because of jealously guarding their perceived franchise and industry even though far superior methods are available.

An example of this right at the moment is the hydraulic technology for driving any wheeled vehicle without any transmission driveshaft's, differential or convention brakes. It simply uses a small hydraulic motor on any wheel of a vehicle powered by a hydraulic pump on the vehicle power source, [electric or internal combustion] and simply by controlling the flow of fluid in the supply line to each wheel, you have acceleration or braking as all wheels can instantly be locked by closing off the supply line to the hydraulic motor. Thus vehicles could be operated with a small percentage of the existing hardware and large manufacturing savings and reduced overall weight, could be realized. A change such as this would over time render the power train and braking technologies unnecessary and obsolete. Such a revolutionary change is being fought all over the automotive and trucking industry in protection of existing bailiwicks.

“This is Lanaforge, with this lesson about the societal changes coming to Urantia, of a very refreshing approach to the personal expansion and freedom of opportunity we have as business as usual on the evolving worlds of Nebadon and beyond where the egalitarian principles of wide open freedom for pursuit of personal loves, gifts and proclivities guided by the law of putting the Father first and loving your brother as yourself, is the most beneficial and only practical way for the progressiveness of the whole civilization. With expansive feelings of happy anticipation about our ongoing association with all of you and the seeing of real progress for the first time in ages, for now; Nombytia, [eat with the joy of a pig] [a word from the Universal language,given to all on another post yesterday], said with a chuckle, because it doesn’t really fit, but it is helping all learn the language. Domtia…..”

End Discussion Forum-

Eyes Only
Speaker: Califax
Subject: To Be or Not To Be
Category: The Universal Father
T/R: Daniel A, L V NV. USA
23 June 2017, 17:30 Z

Califax: Begin at any time, Yes Daniel, I am here. At this time quite a few of you have important and difficult decisions to make.  My words today may help you see things in the true perspective. For those in this category, about the life you are living now; you will not be able to continue the way you have been living.  Mainly, because now your time is mostly with your life, your job and your family. For you to be able to do the demanding, time consuming full time work as an associate will mean something has to give in a big way.

“If your spouse and family are able to begin to see your calling and to put their own desires aside and could be satisfied with very little time with you unlike before, it would or will work. That would be a tremendous blessing for you, if it works in your case to have them with you. It would be even a great help because you would have help to do the usual things a mate would be expected to do that you now cannot do since you will mostly be out of pocket doing administration work and training.

“It would be like you were called to urgent emergency work and for the good of the world and country that occupation now takes all your time. To communicate the choices they have, if you are truly set on taking this associate opportunity on, would be your first challenge. The alternative would be that they would lose you now for some years and decades because to live your present life just will not work. Because there will be too many demands on your time. Also the necessity to go where you are needed sooner or later would make it impossible in most instances to stay in your present locale.  

“So in the case of a spouse they have two choices, first to come along where ever you are stationed but in a new almost unworkable role of giving their own desires and needs as distant second to your work and for all practical purposes not being able at all to have a normal life like before, seeing you only as the work allows, this is especially difficult because eventually most would tend to become resentful because of such a life of personal sacrifice, or second choice, to Lose you pretty much for good at this time by you embracing the responsibility for Mission duty, having to leave to the work location and they seeing you rarely if at all for the foreseeable future. This is rather a rough choice for someone that may not at all comprehend what is going on. In most cases the choice comes down to the dedicated Associate making the choice for them, as unhappy as it may be, because they see the true nature of the opportunity that is being offered and the true nature of the type of workers in the leadership roles that the Magisterial Sons Mission cannot have otherwise.

“These choices have been made regularly throughout the centuries by those mission workers of other ages also. There will be opportunities in working for the Planetary Prince Lanaforge in the civil administration or with others in regular rebuilding work, in a more normal capacity with only part time duties perhaps in the area of civil categories, but that course, although thoroughly honorable and commendable in every way is a completely different ball game then the fully committed Associate we are speaking about in the first part of this lesson today. The trade-off is an easy choice in the light of eternity and you see it clearly with joy, knowing the benefits that would accrue to all the extended family by you being able to serve in such a rare and very responsible position for the next many decades and much longer.  

“The worst case situation, as hard as you tried to explain, would be to alienate all because of your unshakable knowing of the eventual advantages for them and that would mean them not understanding for a long time your very strong conviction that this is best in the end and that later [this understanding will be beyond them now] they will admire you and be so appreciative you had the vision they did not have, when you did what you felt you had to do, way back then. This choice will take quite a measure of trust and faith on your part and that trust and faith is that: ‘this is absolutely and without fail something you could, no problem work out, concerning their support etc. now that you will be gone. Do not doubt that their welfare and safety will be closely taken care of, if, you believe it will. This is just like the measures Jesus was careful to work out, because he had to be gone and could no longer be the family head because of the necessity at that time to take care of his ministry.

“This is Califax striving to be understanding and yet as transparent as necessary about what is taking place right now. Until this moment you may have not really understood what this calling means to you, who are being offered this rare occasion of true collaboration unheard of in the universe until now. If you are agonizing over what to do it may be a clear indication of your not really seeing the truth of this at this time and that is perfectly fine, no hard feelings on our part what so ever. We see both sides very well also. For now with full support in every moment, available upon asking, to help you make this decision, We are here with only love. Sincerely, Domtia……”

End Discussion Forum-

Eyes Only
Teacher: Machiventa
Subject: Winning Over The In-laws
Category: Orderly Rule of the Planet and its Civil Spiritual Government
T/R: Daniel A, L V NV. USA
21 June 2017, 17:48 Z

“Begin Daniel when you are ready. Write that; now since the beginning of the month, a genuine no nonsense push, is actively underway all over this planet for the governments to listen to the emissaries they find in their midst. Every skill and ploy we know in our doctor’s bag is considered to persuade and also prepare their mind for more overt conversations and more revelation of the true state of affairs now. It’s like you are going to marry into a family, who knows little about you and you want very much to have a happy in-law relationship so you attempt to use utmost tact and diplomacy for those initial meetings when you are laying the ground work for a long relationship. When you are getting together with your new relatives you complement their life and ways as much as you honestly can with care to be sincerely generous and accepting in every way as you spend time together.  Your only ulterior motive is the eventual happy family harmony and acceptance.

“You know your new life with your new mate can be of utmost happiness if these first parlays are pulled off with wisdom to set the stage for smoothly getting them to accept you and to see the deep sincerity and genuine liking and love you feel and are bringing to the family table. Their particular tribal customs you could say are very different but you have no qualms about embracing whatever they like to do and to join in any celebrations or rituals without judgement or censure even though it is brand new and strange to you. You set the tone of loving appreciation with kind and considerate conduct that leaves no doubt you truly are happy to be there. They start to like and accept you because you are unfailingly outgoing with overtures that validate and take on their life as much as possible.

“This is what we are engaged in at the moment around the ruling circles in the most populous and important nations on earth.  The other smaller and less developed nations will soon have their turn as we engage them in the same way. Our intention is to have an ever broadening network of influential persons that then we could introduce to each other in the other nations, especially those individuals open to the new ideas they are beginning to comprehend, about the fact that a celestial ambassador representing the great Creator God is what is really standing before them. The syfy stories in popular culture of emissaries from the Galaxy coming to make first contact and them having ulterior motives of plunder and control will be our biggest challenge to head off and overcome before the truth is finally known that we indeed are from the local Galaxy.

“Here we need all the help we can get with your petitions about this working, as it is crucial at the moment of them realizing this truth, to have had such a track record of sincere kindly benevolence and generous help as well as them having experienced in person our solicitous friendship, coming from what appears to them to be a typical and non-threatening, oh so gracious and wise, human individuals [We always work in teams] as their contact, so that the shock is only minor, by that time, something they can swallow without alarm. Realistically this [approachment and winning of the nation’s] cannot be accomplished in only a few weeks and my message to you is to please bear with us in this highly critical stage of beginning relationship building with never a doubt what we are telling you is real and that this training sight is without equal for the best and latest information in the whole world.

“When we, with you, are solidly together, with complete confidence of the wisdom of our approach now, it makes this much more workable. An attitude of; ‘wait and see’ and ‘I don’t know, I sure hope they know what they are doing’ is not loyal, it is derogatory!  Can you see what I am saying? The whole team needs to be enthusiastically supporting this revolutionary approach with full confidence. Will you give us that? Those of you who have long history with the Forum and who still are blowing an uncertain trumpet about the human leadership, finding fault, refusing to forgive, holding on to old reservations that you have allowed to destroy your faith. It is obvious you do not believe in this or the yield of your life could not be any other way, but self-evident.

“We are increasingly finding it hard to believe in your coming with us in the Teaching Mission and MSM and Corrective time, sure to be a totally successful undertaking but at this time it isn’t looking good about We being able to use you. Especially it is disheartening because you in most cases have a track record at some point of doing good T/R work, loyally supporting the forum, often very conversant with the Urantia Book and the tmarchives and the foundation history and the early personalities, etc., but now when we request your vigorous practice and production, showing some fruit and evidence of your full loyalty, we get only silence and foot dragging. This opportunity and chance will be gone soon regarding the very special group we are building. Can you understand that?

You say you have guides and celestial workers of The Fathers; you are helping and are working with in other missions and aspects of the Corrective time. And are waiting for the message from them to join us. Ha, I don’t buy it at all. If that were true you would know that the family is not divided in any tiny way with enthusiastic support your knee jerk response. Something is not adding up. You were trained here for this and now you are on to something else as being valid? That is very strange. Especially because the disconnect is tied in with the human head of this most unassailable group. I will leave it there for now, assuring all of our willingness to work with anyone new and old in spite of perhaps unhappy history that we would overlook in a heartbeat, when coupled with a now compliant and humble attitude.

“This is your old friend; Machiventa who knows and appreciates each of you without reservation and knows and can see the future together, with not a one left out, if that is your fervent desire. Thank You and a most pleasant, ‘good day’! Domtia…..”

End Discussion Forum-

Eyes Only
Teacher: Sentenact
Subject: My Will Is To Do Your Will
Category: The Universal Father
T/R: Daniel A, L V NV. USA
19 June 2017, 18:05 Z

Sentenact: Our subject I would like to develop today has a thread through it and that thread is this whole subject of working full time for the missions. What I hear some, or even many of you being trained here saying, is; “ Be reasonable now, we can’t just up and leave those we are supporting high and dry. [No you can’t]  Further, are you suggesting that I go over the top now with the full, denying of myself, taking up my burden, giving my resources, giving my property, begin working to free myself from most any kind of obligation, so that I would be free as a bird, to work for The Father now? How can that be, especially before we see even one concrete thing to go on?  [Yes I am suggesting]
“Look at it this way. There is so much room at the top. Where are the up and coming RB’s.  Where are the individuals like him I mean dedication of everything, I mean self-denial of personal dreams and present plans. I mean making it possible to be used without reservation. I mean being peppy and energetic to the point that nothing means anything to you but working full time in the Corrective time missions. I mean wanting to work full time for the Missions so bad that you want it more than life itself.  I mean so full of faith and trust that you no longer see the problems you used to see, as insurmountable  at all. I mean that the solutions are there in every situation to work for the Missions full time, now. In other words you say; ‘I know Father, Your power is there to support me as I demonstrate in baby steps, how, I will rise to the occasion of this most exciting opportunity I have ever, or likely will ever, be given.’

You are so aware of the power of God to help you do that, your prayer now is; “Thank you Father for helping me to work for you full time now early to get as much of a head  start as possible to becoming a truly energetic and highly productive servant. Whatever it costs, I don’t care.  All I want to do is let you see by my actions that there is no doubt whatsoever in my mind; that I am being called for important responsibilities and my putting off my actions of sacrifice and full consecration is nothing but counterproductive.  My old fearful attitude of pessimistic disbelief that it is just not possible to give up my life and dedicate myself to this extent, I now want no part of. To step out like you’re suggesting, in faith before the fact, I know will do more than anything to impel my life for extra help and much more fruitful service later.

I’m sorry Father I have been whining and complaining that you are asking too much.  I’m sorry Father, I forgot about Your endless power to supply, to provide aid, to give ideas of innovative solutions, to provide spiritual courage, to any life situation. I know that to set my mind to accomplish anything, with the knowledge that it is Your will; - [like going all out for You now in the Corrective Time, is] - it is already a done deal. ‘Of course you have no idea how this can be accomplished, to you it looks like you are between a rock and a hard place. But, you have this inner knowing that no goal, no vision, no dream, no quest, no ambition in your life to date has even come close to the lofty and extremely worthwhile nature of what you are clearly being called to now. Nothing!’

“We are asking for daily productive work to be done by all of you that can, and what do we hear mostly? Resounding silence.  Why would Marko, in the last weeks before he died be posting twice a day receptions from his adjuster or Mother and Father or others?  Because he finally got it; “It” being; ‘that we were asking for fruit, for production, for service and he was going to do that if it killed him. He did that to prove, that he wanted to be part of this mission service more than life itself. You say; ‘well I haven’t been able to do T/R work yet and we say; ‘how about, much more time, coming to be able to understand the book and to be able to explain all the different areas?  This Is Sentenact with this attempt for pumping the bellows on the forge to stir the orange charcoal to a white blaze for making the iron cherry red. Iron that we’ll take and shape on the anvil for the perfect tool, in a team effort, now, not just later only. Good day to all and as you know, We are here with instant loving support. Domtia…..”

End Discussion Forum-

Eyes Only
Speaker: Sentenact
Subject: Opportunity Knocks
Category: The Universal Father
T/R: Daniel A, L V NV. USA
18 June 2017, 18:44 Z
Sentenact: Yes Daniel the theme that would be most helpful for the message today would be the subject of bringing in the sheaves. In pre WW 1 agriculture, the grain was cut on the stalk with a man with a harvesting scythe, that would gather the swath cut and as part of the swing, the stalks were deposited on the ground.  These stalks were bundled by the person following and stacked in the fields in stooks or shocks, for at least a day or so to dry more in the heat of summer and then were hauled to the threshing area that at that time used stationary threshing machines turned with horse power.
“The horses would walk in a circle under a wheel that then turned the machine workings by a belt overhead. The sheaves were placed in the maw of the thresher and the grain would be knocked off and gathered from the underside of the machine in baskets, the straw had to be continuously forked away from the back end of the thresher. The grain was taken to the granary in the barn which consisted of large wooden boxes built into the walls.
“Farmers would make a hand sieve that would isolate the more full grains and would sieve the grain until they had enough seed for next year’s crop. This they would store in an even more secure bin to protect from any possible damage. The reason I am rehearsing this detail is that many on this Forum who grew up in rural America knew something of these old, labor intensive methods. The challenge in those days was to transport it to the larger cities to land the best price, but that needed to be done later in the year as the price at harvest time was always much lower.
“Now the population of the earth will be faced with a similar harvest as the inequities of the Tectonic plates will, as they adjust and come to balance, by earthquake, tidal wave and volcano’s cause the physical demise of some billions over the next several decades at least. Warnings will always be given but the nature of the suddenness of the happenings will necessitate immediate reaction by leaving that area that day in most instances of coming catastrophic events. That’s a tall order, to give credence to a warning that comes in a general way and leaves no time to tie up loose ends. The loose ends of somehow trying to save the most valuable of your life's work in only a few hours will be the downfall of so many, who take the chance to spend those few hours needed to save their lives in trying to save their treasures.
“In this training group the time we have now is similar to those decisions millions will be faced with to go and save their lives or to stay and try to preserve the status quo, hoping against hope that the warning is overstated. In your case here, it is to put this first now or to put it first later. We have the choice to put it first now or to hope there may be more time later to decisively wholeheartedly pitch in. Consider how it is important to protect and make sure of your opportunity of this rare offering, by the full embrasure of this chance to work as an associate without delay now.  Some associates will be taken on board later but the initial gathering to be in one group from the beginning will have the more illustrious destiny, and is of very limited number.  
“Of such things, we need to think about, thus the reason for this lesson. Your personal life you are tempted to continue and hang on to may be the reason you would miss the roll call for those for this group intended to be together to be groomed for the outer space level one and two Father and Mother have been speaking to us about for years now on this forum. The way you would know you were less then whole hearted in this matter is that you would continuously miss any increase in your work output you are being invited too. Because, you’re personal circumstances would preclude you being able to respond vigorously. In other words you decide to come on board 100 % later, when circumstances come around by themselves to being more conducive, you reason. Taking decisive action now to make more time for this work is still not urgent to you. The brilliant gleaming prize is still not seen by you.
“This is Sentenact, an Aspect of The Father, a Trinity Teacher Son, with great antiquity of origin, bringing the clear vision of your opening, possibility and favorable moment we are in the middle of, all of us hoping you will take ahold of, with tenacious desire. With love and compassion as we know what you have been through in your life till now and the society that was derogatory instead of supportive in so many ways is seen as a gauntlet you weathered, now one of the very few awake and actively serving The Father.  This legacy is of signal value because of your extra understanding, grit and faith. Thank you for coming along like you have, most truly catching the vision I am talking about in this epistle for your inspiration. For now, I convey most convivial wishes for your day. Domtia….”
End Discussion Forum-


Eyes Only
Instructor: Sentenact
Subject: Eureka
Category: The Universal Father
T/R: Daniel A, L V NV. USA
17 June 2017, 17:43 Z

“Yes begin my son. This is Sentenact: My purpose with this teaching is to have at the forefront of your thinking that there is always succor or tender loving care available to each of you. When the buffetings of life are heavy and there are uncertainties or setbacks [seeming] taking place, always the real story is wonderful and creditable progress in the making. How though, in the hours through the day to have the under girding of joy in everything even when you may be in physical pain and more likely in an anxious uncertainty about usually your standing before The Father as you can see so clearly your shortcomings.

“To let go in abandon about all this is the key to coming to that place I am advocating, where your peace of mind and your confident knowing is becoming very high and much a part of your mental landscape. What's coming is a knowing of your secure abode in this most safe and loving conglomeration known as The Family of God. Your journey up to now in the physical life on Urantia until you came here was one round after another of trying developments that never seemed to end. Finally the temptation was to become cynical, pessimistic and even despairing about what was coming down the road for you. Now upon the many months and years [To have been here for years is of particular honor]  of this ratified training in, hearing every day the teachings from Celestial teachers, studying the loads and loads of new information, you now are beginning to truly have a positive and confident stance in your life. 

“Half the time the information is so unusual and unheard of that you are literally shaking your head in consternation about making it all make sense. You have no less daily troubles, mostly the same life challenges are there, but now there is a new possibility thinking taking place. Thinking that this is not only totally true, but possible for you personally, you have a genuine knowing, with no doubt what so ever, the future of special service is sure and you are absolutely going to be a part of it. This future is outrageously over the top, blessed and highly advantages, beyond any life of your wildest envisioning, when you began reading the Urantia Book. This new place of knowing you are being given, because of your regular worship and personal devotion and sincere application to study and [most importantly] your responding to the promptings, given in the training invitations, has garnered you a gifting of rock solid faith and trust that brings you to an even higher level of usefulness. 

“Now some times when you encounter new persons just beginning on the Forum and see the doubt and lack of fortitude and lack of consistency and timorousness you can clearly see how far you have come as that was you only a short time ago. Now you are beginning to see clearly what and how to say encouraging things that are just the ticket to bring the new persons along to new trust and faith. Perhaps nothing is more helpful to your growth and expansion than; you responding to the promptings! Very often the knowledge of the Urantia Book is there, the seeing that this is really true is there, but the courage to respond to the suggestions for action to begin producing some fruit or some action for betterment is not there, because the surrender is lacking. 

“To bring themselves to commit to this new opportunity is still latent, because the self-will and personal desires outweigh the respect and comprehension that this is entirely of Father and is the right set of circumstances you actually are looking for. But the problem is the amount of over control your adjuster and The Father are indicating is necessary. You just are not ready for that level of no longer being the boss of your life. Understandable, because a person very carefully comes to guard their personal sovereignty in a physical life, learning that the self-control and self-direction is vital for personal growth and confident living.  It is something at first we are slow to let go of, being afraid of sliding into bondage you might say to some organization or ism that can side track us big time, in journeys of fruitless enterprises that at first look worthy but often are building someone's empire of aggrandizement. 

“The fact is that and the Corrective Time are none of the above. This is the most refreshing, most revitalizing, most deeply gratifying, most rarely come upon, most scares of all human findings or commodities and is truly the holy grail of each life here. Usually it is enough to be a disciple of the Master in good standing, living a life of service and devotion that will see us progress in our seven circles of expansion to ready us for the Morontial life after death, but this is the true jackpot, the mother of all lucky chances, that out of compassion and vision you were singled out for. Can you see it? 

“This Is Sentenact giving this overview and refresher glimpse we Celestials see so clearly and want to more forcefully embrace you and talk to you for giving impedance for you coming to see the truth of the above, almost unbelievable but true statements. Wanting very much for you to turn the corner to consecration, but we must not at all costs, because uppermost must be your free choosing in the private recesses of your heart.  That is all for this lesson, a most solicitous friendship to everyone, Good day! Domtia…..”


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Teacher: Machiventa Melchizedek
Subject: True Blue You
Category: Melchizedek Teachings
T/R: Daniel A, L Vegas NV. USA
16 June 2017, 18:44 Z
 “Any time Daniel, This is Machiventa; my purpose today is the rehashing of the old subject called loyalty. No subject on the face of the earth is more fitting to discuss right now. Why? Because, it is the one thing that is an absolute prerequisite to our using anyone in the Magisterial Sons Mission. This loyalty thing looks like this: There are no reservations about any leader or teacher or guide The Father has put into place. How can that be you ask? Every being of every stripe surely has things about them that are not perfect that I could not wholeheartedly sanction and thus I have the right to reserve to myself alone, the decision to submit to their leadership or not.  Not so my sons. How can any organization function very well if the individual workers are not 100 % behind everyone and everything under that banner?
‘Ba, Ba, But, what about the fact that mistakes have been made in the past by those individuals I am supposed to revere and obey and serve and I cannot do that in good conscience since I have seen all they screwed up on in the past. No, I reserve the right to serve or not serve who I please’. Well you are welcome to do that but you would not be workable with the family in an effort like the MSM. Let me put it this way; we give up our right to anything and everything in service to The Father. Oh my, you say, did I hear you right? Give up all rights and personal privileges in service to The Father? Yes you heard me right. In a human organization you would feel insecure to have that said about your working in some corporation or business. Here you do this and more with complete safety. But do you really get it and believe it? Is your self will really dead or only squashed down out of sight?
“Coming to understand this in the deepest part of your being is a mile marker to your usefulness. We have in The Family a saying that goes something like this in several versions: “I would rather spend a day in abject service to The Father then a thousand days doing what I sweet please”. How can that be? Let me explain: unconnected to the Father in personal activities he is not a part of, is like retarding your career. It’s spinning your wheels, its wasting your time. Everything connected to The Father is profitable, is accumulative, and is reinforcing of all progress and maturation. In this issue of abject allegiance, what can I say, this principle is all important. The trouble is, the beings you are assigned to work with may rub you the wrong way, may irritate you and may be a cross to bear!
“Hopefully this is not the case mostly, because the graciousness and solicitous character of any more mature person is a hallmark of that person being highly capable in a position or office, we cannot have persons in leadership positions going around offending everyone at every turn. There is a little known or advertised fact though: This subject of work environment harmony may be used by The Father to polish you in being patient and loving when it is very hard to be patient and loving. We cannot have servants who decide when and how they will serve. Everyone is given the choice of the field or general occupation they are most excited about to then agree to work in, but the details of what that looks like day to day will be all over the map and a surly and self-willed worker is absolutely unworkable. This is a loyalty issue.
“When we are loyal we put up with allot of shinola. Wait a minute you say; ‘Are we talking about the same thing here, having a work environment in a celestial enterprise that may be difficult and requiring much patience and subservience to leadership anomalies?’ You heard me right. You say; ‘I thought all things celestial are peaches and cream all the time?’ They are, but only for those who have matured to the place that all developments no matter what they are, are seen in their true light. All is a masterfully appropriate, fitting and highly helpful and thus positive development. All. Now what that means is; there is no unhappiness any more. Now we understand and fully embrace this process for all eternity; ‘that what is taking place can be none other than positive and reinforcing and beneficial, ever!’
This Is Machiventa Melchizedek, previous planetary Prince and one of the chief enthusiasts for Urantia’s future. [Father Christ Michael and I have a joke and disagreement about that.] We appreciate and love each one of you and this working together thing is absolutely the best, as we are learning allot and you are learning allot, to stand us in good service for future work we will do together. With the highest spirits, we are so overjoyed by the recent turn of events for truly getting the turnaround started.  Most happy regards. Domtia…..”
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Instructor: Califax
Subject: First Contact
Category: The Universal Father
T/R: Daniel A, L V NV. USA
15 June 2017, 17:34 Z
“Yes Daniel, when you are ready.  This is Califax, your Planetary Prince with Lanaforge in concert, to handle all matters having to do with Urantian development. Now as was mentioned in the Universal Broadcast # 2 the revised Urantia Book will be available in a year or perhaps a little more. That being said, my purpose in writing this lesson, is to bring all of you up to speed about the subject of; proselytizing or going out and attempting to harvest individuals for joining us in a consecrated walk and life with Me, The Father. Everyone we meet is a prospective worker and loved family member we may be able to help and encourage and to that end we would mention some aspect of life that comes to you to engage them in conversation about their journey and thus you get a handle on how to continue the interaction.
“When we have a sincere interest and curiosity about them, there are few more charming ways, to begin an acquaintance. When it is true and real, you’re wanting to know, you cannot hide it. The party goer, by courteous custom and politeness always does the same, by asking about your life and where you were born and brought up, along those lines but when it is deeply sincere with the ingredient of loving you as a person from the beginning, with no feigned interest, it is powerful for building that first bridge and getting their attention. This love of all humans, all creatures without reservation, comes from The Father. His first love of us and reaching out to us while we were still disinterested in things spiritual is one of the first things we come to appreciate and respond too as we see unmistakable evidence of the contact being begun and pursued by serendipitous happenings that eventually cause us to be unmistakably aware that we are being contacted and shown things to help us wake up.
“Finally we respond and it is usually with some type of service to others that then is a clear answer to Him that we got the point and are starting to comprehend and want to start being to others what He has been to us.  This beginning is usually not analyzed; it just manifests itself in a change of heart that is almost not noticed at first, just an unreasonable dropping of wanting to get something from a new acquaintance and wanting to give without any return of some favor or service. This is the exact spirit and feeling that others sense in us and it makes them want to respond in kind back or to treat others like that. Coupled with this is our letting go and accepting them as is, without any expectations for their performance and this too is sensed and it gives a comfort level to the new friendship that has them open to trust and look to you for support in the future.
“There as stated above is the basis for proselytizing in the only workable way that will most successfully dis-arm and open others for continuing in building a friendship that lasts and grows much deeper. It is understood without saying that this is a process that may be years in showing any fruit because it may take that long to prove to the new one the genuinely altruistic nature of your friendship. Many in the world are masters at finagling and maneuvering and positioning themselves in order to be in the place for advantage later in somehow profiting from the association with you. We know this and we see them doing it all the time, but in our heart it instantly has us reserve their friendship to a shallower relationship because the true colors were so clearly discerned. This we avoid at all costs in making new friends because it must not in any way be connected with disseminating the good news we are primarily concerned with, but only when the time is right.
“The other aspect of winning hearts and minds is that we are indiscriminately and truly sincerely generous in all our dealings. The restaurant goer that takes out their little pocket calculator to find out the 15% tip and not a penny more is a laughing stock to us.  We always try to pay a little extra or give a little extra in any business deal and always generously give the benefit of the doubt in any question that would tend to have some circumstance that could be likely to cast aspersions on someone's character. We think the best, giving chance after chance especially if not deserved. It is like the home owner when he had given lodging to the escaped prisoner, was robbed by that individual early the next morning when no one was yet awake.
“Well, the police found him with the stolen silver and he was dragged back to the victimized home owner and the home owner assured the police; “Oh no, we had given those items to him and I am so glad you brought him here to clear his good name, because here is the remaining candelabra he forgot when he left this morning”. If you remember this gesture of esteem, trust and generosity, was the one thing that was most instrumental in turning the thief around in the story of La Miserables. There is the time when it is obvious the person is deviously intending to defraud you and you can discern their hardness of heart that precludes you opening yourself to being taken advantage of, but, when in doubt we open ourselves to the possible loss in spite of that being a possibility. This is Califax, as your Father, in this teaching today, I want to again express our joy in the times of refreshing We are bringing to this sorry planet, especially with you at Our Side. For now, esteem and regards. Domtia…..”
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Teacher: Califax
Subject: In The Eyes of The Beholder
Category: The Universal Father
T/R: Daniel A, Las Vegas NV. USA
14 June 2017, 22:58 Z
Califax: Yes Daniel, you can begin by saying, at this time, the subject I want to bring to the attention of everyone, is about having a closer relationship with as many of the Celestial beings you can possible have a relationship with. It is no different then the associations and then friendship you have with ever more humans inhabiting the area and time you are in. In our case you can begin talking to us at any time of the night or day. You will learn that if you do give a little specific time to addressing, thanking, rehearsing what you know of our duties and work situation is a good way to begin. In as respectful and courteous manner as you can muster, for letting them know you appreciate them and you want to follow their career and also interact with us if you possibly can.
“It will be a lifelong study to become more familiar with all of the types and levels of fellow sons and daughters and the fact you know very little or nothing about a being you may hear about, still your wanting to become familiar as a friend is duly noted and they will reciprocate as they can from their end also. Many friends you have now, you may have admired from afar and then time and circumstance came about to actually meet them and a mutual admiration society was set up that brought you ever closer. You may know about some being you would like to find out about and become friends with, so begin on your end, to research all you can and then begin conversations with them, one sided at first and then as they are able they will respond, as the one characteristic perhaps most common in The Family is a curiosity and love for everyone in The Family, having the same parents like you do.
“At first our capacity and love is narrow, but with time it becomes effervescently as wide as the universe and the most satisfying of all occupations is the harboring and fostering of the most friendships possible of all the astounding variety in our family. Your experience with animals is a good teacher as the domesticated varieties you may have made friends with like a chicken, cow, a hamster, a rabbit, a parakeet,  a fox, dog, cat,  or a turtle that even though shallow and mostly unrelatable, they did come to know you and respond to your coming, letting you pet and stroke them, even returning the affection sometimes, etc. The animal kingdom on earth is very similar in one way to the beings in the family of God in that the variety is just as outrageously varied. Many provincial humans from little are taught by the prejudiced attitudes of their parents, to reject and even ostracize anyone with much difference and look and sometimes it takes considerable time to come to that place of non-judgmental acceptance and outgoing love that is the norm all over the universe.
There is a human condition where an individual is half black and half white in very interesting patterns all over their body and things like a pure white blaze of hair in a brunette or a birthmark on a face or a head that is smaller or larger or one eye of different color or teeth of unusual configuration or someone with no pigment what so ever, that are test cases of your coming to have the truly loving appreciation with no consideration for some norm you look to, before you advance to befriending them. No physical condition of any type such as disease that causes unsightly [in the eyes of the uninitiated] skin conditions or malformed limbs from birth, can color our opinion in any way once we expand to that place of an appraisal of true worth based only on the appreciation of the characteristics of the nature of God and even those qualities of God being sorely lacking or latent, doesn’t put us off in the least as we know: the end result and potential of any being, is the similar kind, personable, loving way The Father is.
“The Morontial life is different in that the normal looks, in the case of resurrected humans, that may have included aberrant conditions as to be their life as humans will be beautifully mollified to make the appearance highly refined and attractive, but still having extremely subtle traces of the look that was you. You will be able to recognize a friend, yet only a healthy youthfulness and normalcy that belies and enhances all about the way you look. One resurrected human on the mansion worlds that had the opportunity to be allowed to speak to his daughter still on earth, noted to her that; ‘[You won’t believe it honey, I have six pack abs and I appear about 30 years old’] This is Califax, reaching out to you with these details you may have thought very little about but I felt were helpful to your expansion at this time as well as a way for us to get to know each other, knowing your surmise about the way Myself, as The Father is, it may be amazing to you to experience Myself firsthand like this. With warm love to all, for now, until next time, Domtia…….”
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Speaker: Califax
Subject: Never Say Die
Category: Orderly Rule of The Planet and Its Civil Spiritual Government
T/R: Daniel A, Las Vegas NV. USA
13 June 2017, 18:13 Z
 “Califax: What I would like to say today Daniel is regarding having the faith and trust for the continuing on in this work. To reserve judgement about so many things, is the way We, you must live. We simply will not know the explanation of much taking place or being announced until much later. On the surface most of the instructions and postings are clear and understandable but the challenge is those things that seem to not add up and appear to be gross examples of illogic taking place. To be a true believer, unshaken by anything, with the confidence that if it is coming through the mouth piece and assigned leadership, we can trust and all will be explained later. When obvious error it seems comes through a transmitter, we must trust and know that sometimes even that unbeknownst to the transmitter has its place in the development of some person or some circumstance. No need to decide at this time the ramifications; trust that we really are coordinating all that is taking place.
This is truly the full immersion treatment you are all getting with highly important, very lofty things being allowed to have you fully experience and it must be understood that the ins and outs are very convoluted and requiring you to grow up quickly, to be unshaken by things you do not understand. When we as workers are susceptible to having our resolve and intentions shaken so we stop producing till we get a better handle on our confidence and assurance for us to continue, it is highly disruptive, because then all have to wait for you or anyone to take the time to become more settled and confidently trusting for you to be used again. Now the truth is that this is the path of all of you with so much time required to have you over a long period, be subjected to the uncertainties that choke a horse so that you come to disregard the truckload of things you don’t understand and yet continue as a true believer.
“With this understanding under your belt finally, you move ahead rapidly because your confidence and faith is so deep and genuinely part of your character that the doubts that are the absolute bane of all we are training, are a thing of the past. My purpose today is to try to have this basic understanding be rock solid in your knowing as simply part of life now and the most beautiful and even most appreciated quality is to know that with whatever comes we can count on you, not to stop so often for the periods of unuseability that the doubt engenders. We are simply ecstatic when an individual can weather big uncertainties without our having to wait, as we must do over and over, while that individual matures to the point of that no longer being an issue. We realize there is no other way, but the time consuming slow progression to full faithfulness, but this is an attempt to so appraise you of how this works and what is going on so that it can be shortened somewhat.
“At least half the time of we Celestial leaders charged with the specific training of each of you, is this handling of doubts that come along. We are up for it and know it is part of the maturation, but it is perhaps until now not explained fully how big a part this doubt management is for the guide and trainer, something by the way all of you will become.  How to rapidly bring an individual to see the authentic-ness [if that is a word] of every tiny thing you are a part of, so we can go on to other things. What's a little maddening is the individual that has come along to great service and then has the inability to see yet the importance of instantly and decisively dealing with the doubt, nipping it in the bud and having it dissolve in to a powerless shadow on the floor. Where the thrust and charge of your life and service is not even slightly retarded by any such doubt being harbored.
“In warfare, that does have some illustrative and educational value in spite of our abhorrence, a commanders big problem is to so train the ground soldiers especially, so thoroughly in the shocking ravages they will experience in the charge, the platoon is hardened through with steel, that does not easily become disheartened, ravages that they will experience and still not let it affect their focus and resolve. So many; ‘hopeless’ battles of being outnumbered or being decimated and yet they were won because they just would never say; ‘die or give up’. Always thinking the best with optimism even though all seemed lost and logic seems to demand giving up. There is the fine line the officers must decide about, for a retreat, that saves the lives to fight another day, but that is only decided when the heart and soul is expended, in an effort that is truly the very best that can be done. That is all any sane commander can expect and not more.
“This is Califax, your Father and you could say your commander, whose responsibilities in this campaign, is the Spiritual leadership of Urantia as Planetary Prince and Co-Prince with Lanaforge whose responsibilities are with the civil leadership of Urantia. We and I felt it important to say the above things for the inspiration of all to understand in the inner parts, what we understand and live our life by. We thank you, everyone in appreciation, realizing the enormous, even over the top, strange and unusual new experiences and situations you will be brought to and are being brought too, that we are taking you by the hand and saying: ‘Never fear, come with us’ With most sincere regards and positivity. Good day! Domtia…..”
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Speaker: Califax
Subject: I Will Have Mercy
Category: Orderly Rule of the Planet and Its Civil Spiritual Government
T/R: Daniel A, Las Vegas NV. USA
11 June 2017, 19:01 Z
Califax: This morning to begin writing you can start with the story of the Count of Monte Cristo; Imprisoned unjustly by a powerful peer who also had designs on his girlfriend. He suffered some fourteen years in solitary confinement in a remote island fortress, his reputation destroyed by the lies of his rival. The burning vision for revenge fueled his desire to survive and by long odds he escaped. Meanwhile he had come to know the whereabouts of a king’s ransom in gold and jewels by his friendship with a fellow prisoner through the walls.
“This treasure he secured and removed to the city of the original drama where he, hiding his identity, set about to punish his tormentors. This masterpiece was written by Alexandre Dumas of French and African descent. His African mother was a slave and his father a General and French nobleman. Born as a slave he eventually was as a boy brought from Africa by his Father and given free status. He was trained as an officer in the revolutionary French army and eventually had the highest rank of any other of African Descent, ever in a European army.
“This story of revenge, well accomplished, is a classic of the human struggle to forgive and in this case the inability to forgive, in the face of cruel injustice. He came to see at the very end, he had come to be, the very same character of cunning, revengeful, self-serving, heartlessness, as the four men who had conspired to do him in.
“This is similar to the Lucifer rebellion being so damaging and unforgivably unjust. Requiring  eventually the most unheard of mercy ever given to self-aggrandizing, destructive, vengeful, ungrateful, hateful and evil characters, such as Lucifer and Calagastia and several thousands more they corrupted to the full estate of unredeemable maleficence, with murderous and viscous opposition to their own Creators and loving parents. This was a case of classic unconscionable, back stabbing, double-crossing nefariousness that makes the Count of Monte Cristo’s story seem tame.
“The patient and ever hopeful entreaties and reasonable offers of forgiveness that were proffered over and over even to the end, so very many times in the approx. 200,000 years of this drama playing out, is without a doubt the most merciful interaction in the account of acute abuse suffered, ever written in the history of the Universe. This was over such a lengthy amount of time as to put to rest the least doubt of the sincere desire to draw even the worst of the offenders back to the family with the hope of love and reconciliation.
“It would seem our Creator Son and Daughter were overly merciful in the first overview, but the wisdom of the ages required in this case for such forbearance to be demonstrated, that never ever could an argument be made; ‘if only you would have been more patient, the situation could have been healed and rescued’. This is all to lead us to understanding the situation today that finds us finally tackling the aftermath of that rebellion, where the clean up after the party is so lengthy and extensive and the broken furniture and blackened kitchen appliances and the ruined carpets and drapes, the car in the swimming pool and the thoroughly trampled flower beds, broken windows and the overflowing toilets, will take weeks and thousands of dollars to bring back to normalcy. How grievous is our resentment at the thoughtless partiers for ruining our beautiful home.
“Now also there are thousands of situations on Urantia we will encounter where evil, cruel abuse, slavery and torture are taking place as we come on the scene and some of us will be left with the decisions about who and what and how is rectitude to be meted out and whether there are redeemable qualities present or is this to be punished with severity and summary justice. Most of these circumstances will be handled by local constabulary and Celestial administration, but there will be instances that only you know what the true circumstances are and you will decide on mercy or justice. Most of us have either been ourselves in developments or been party to experiences that mercy instead of justice was the superior path to someone's redemption. But this redemption only takes place when the full gravity of the offence hits the offender full force and the lesson is indelibly learned in an insight of grateful humility and appreciation of the extent of the undeserved mercy and forgiveness extended.
Why the rebellion offenders were so hardhearted that no amount of kindness and mercy could even begin to touch them is the study of these rebellion spheres. Why is the reason and sanity driven to such unreachable remoteness by the rejection of the guidance of God? How does it seal off the path to return when a certain depth of depravity is reached? All of these things you will come to understand thoroughly and then you will teach for ever and ever the truth of that understanding.  This will see the true value and wisdom of the handling of this rebellion and it will head off and render unheard of the issue of rebellion of this or any other nature.  A putting to rest of this bane of all history, once and for all.
“This is Califax, In Truth The Father Himself, having watched the handling of this fiasco by my Son and Daughter with such pride and appreciation of their gutsiness and understanding as this played out with such tedious and time consuming interminability. Often, castigated by onlookers, for their handling of this, who were not as visionary and farseeing. I bring this lesson to you with warm feelings and appreciation as I want to keep mentioning, this most remarkable relationship that is developing with this training group that we all are coming to love even more, if that is possible.  A most good day to all!  Domtia…….
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Instructor: Califax
Subject, Share and Share Alike
Category: Orderly Rule of The Planet and Its Civil Spiritual Government
T/R: Daniel A, Las Vegas NV. USA
10 June 2017, 17:41  Z
Califax: A fitting lesson for today is about the concept or issue known as producing wealth from productive effort. This can be making a living by taking your Honda motor scooter to the department store in Ho Chi Ming city formally known as Saigon, and as the ladies come out from shopping, with their plastic bags of merchandise they sit behind you and you deliver them to their residence ten blocks away for 60 cents. The gas to take them that distance and then to return for another customer cost you perhaps 10 cents. If you end up the day with four dollars equivalent in dong, as actual profit, you are making enough to have a small one room apartment for your wife and two children and sufficient food.
“Or you are a craftsman in Italy in the respected occupation of purse, glove and shoe maker for the exclusive high end lines you all know. You have a life style of some comfort and opulence on your pay of approx. $200 a day. It takes you about one whole day to make those purses that command such a price because of the exquisite leathers and incredibly fine stitching and buckles and straps that you learned to assemble in your long apprenticeship. Even so the total cost for the purse, including everything even transportation to New York comes to only $480. Now that purse, sold retail in those coveted brands, goes for $15,000. It’s worth that and can command those prices because of snob appeal and bragging rights upon possession. It’s a status symbol that instantly gives you excellent credibility in your circles.
“My purpose and underlying lesson is that we earn our living by doing the very same thing in a thousand ways that then reward us as we are smart enough to learn about and to take advantage of. Being a member of the training group or many other groups [you will learn of], being trained at the moment or over many years, for service with the Magisterial Sons Mission and the Corrective time campaign, uses all these principles for conducting a successful enterprise to in the end reward the business principles with respectable profit.  The profit is the turn around and smooth functioning of the training school for first life mortals, [and eventually many others] that had been nearly wrecked and destroyed.
“The other side though is that the pay for the work you are doing is absolutely minuscule at the moment, only some supply once and a while when you really need it and some timely word of encouragement now and then, usually in the nick of time as you were almost at the end of your rope. It’s not that the boss is cheap trying to big box store you, by only part time work so you will not be eligible for health care plans thus saving the corporation millions in a years’ time, or only have just barely enough sales persons in any given store for even one less worker in the 2100 stores worldwide adds millions to the bottom line in only a few months.
“No none of that bean counter nonsense. This is uppermost concerned for your value in future production in the family business.  Workers that have all the qualities of the firms begetters and inaugurators Is the real reason for the endeavor. [Along with the school estate being saved]. The fact that it is costing us peanuts out of pocket at the moment for your training is smart business practice but see the deeper picture of you being worth and going to appreciate to be worth far more than the obscene profit we saw in the Gucci purse mentioned above. Now the craftsman that made the purse sees none of that other profit, [He doesn’t care because he has a nice life with little stress] but it is different here.
“You contrary wise have and will be elevated to full partner, full voting board member, full access to all corporation assets at any time for ever and ever. And given the option to choose any area of work in all of the universe outlets at any of the locations of the universe outlets that you sweet please, as time goes on. And share in financial remuneration that is so generous and so seeming undeserved when you reach the place you need a real life; you will be open mouthed in amazed and stunned silence!
“The fact that I am talking to all of you this way, so plain and clear and that I am doing it at this moment, is because we see a lack of vision in the trainees on board, timorous and not comprehending the full story or there would be more effort and consecration. There would be more willingness to leave your old life behind and come with us full time.
“This is Your Father, Califax; Planetary Prince with co-leader Lanaforge with today’s teaching meant to enhance your joy and true understanding that any full partner deserves. For now, with only full and uncompromised inclusion in My Family, Good Day!
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Instructor: Califax
Subject: The Call of the Wild
Category: Orderly Rule of the Planet and its Civil Spiritual Government
T/R: Daniel A, Las Vegas NV. USA
9 June 2017, 18:13 Z

Califax: Hello everyone, our communication this day is more information about the Magisterial Missions and what that is starting to look like. In brief, it is coming to look like the trading floor in the many stock markets around the world where everyone is on the phone and everyone shouting orders at the same time, for what their customers want. We are more orderly then that, but that same dynamic energy is in everyone as we now for the first time ever, have this full mandate to get busy and get things done. Get things done in the only way we can and that is through the choices of those mortals who are the ones calling the shots, and most of the time not too brilliantly, but none the less in charge of their industry or institution or government.

“I remember, was it Father Christ Michael or was it Serara or was it Machiventa or was it all of them?  [I have perfect recall when I decide it is important to have perfect recall] saying to this forum through some transmitted message, something like this: “We could take charge of everything and do all the work and handle all the problems and fix all the pollution and clean up the governments and stop all the wars, in short order. How much would that benefit the expansion of everyone here without their doing almost all the work themselves?” Your own children having a maid to clean their rooms, never needing a part time summer job because they are given all the money they need, always solving their whims by your own intervention, never having them muck out behind the milk cows, would produce young adults that were a total pushover, without any substance in ability and persistence.

“Our challenge is the same challenge you will learn about if you talk to foster parents who take in neglected adolescents and try to help them have motivation and strength of character with no training when you get them. Every single thing that foster child doses is way off the mark for a normal person that will have to function soon in a job or become a parent. It is ridiculous what lengths in patience and loving service it takes to foster a child like that. To spend the time with them, working with them and taking pains to notice the smallest positive action they might do, to somehow have something good to say that is the truth, to begin the long climb to their having on their own, a self-control and self-image that is of a positive giving nature. Our work with the nations is almost that ridiculously time consuming.

“This neglected adolescent, a metaphor for the world’s population, is greatly accelerated some times in positive development by a position in a training group such as a military school, rich people send their neglected kids to. There through the demanding impersonal trainers, sometimes they make amazing turnarounds in character, work ethic and moral integrity, because of the very tough circumstances they are forced into. Our work with the peoples of the earth isn’t quite that needy, because scattered among the population are many individuals of stalwart character that are bright lights to the rest in their community, these we foster and build around.

“In Urantia’s case still, we have the majority of the population [over fifty percent] being of egregious spiritual immaturity and even reprobate in moral attainment and pretty much a basket case for rehabilitation. To have such worldwide trouble that the problem even of survival is faced by almost everyone across the board, works the work of the difficult military curriculum that has some success with the spoiled, soft and largely, useless, neglected adolescent individual from a wealthy family. It works because of the positive, rigorous, yet supportive instruction by wise boot camp like leaders. From our spiritual perspective the most helpful thing for a world such as this, is the trouble being so over the top in stressful demands that they often are turned around by a reaching out to God in desperation and finally some humility.

“When, in many areas on a world, the trappings of supply, safety, shelter and livelihood are gone, a great renaissance is begun because they truly are back to the basics of life and that is realizing who and what has been buttering their bread all along. That Being is now looked to with some appreciation and humility. Simultaneously enter the magisterial mission being there and everywhere at once with concerned and loving individuals [Midwayers, Melchizdeks, Celestials and now in this case trained Mortals].

“These to help them begin to put life back together again with reasonableness, generosity, free instruction and education, help with food and shelter, you can see a very positive turn around will be the result. A very high percentage though will be lost for helping at this time, because of those very disasters, to be engaged again on the mansion worlds. With this understanding comes the understanding of the most challenging task that those beginning instructors on those worlds have, with this kind of material, with most only at the beginning of their spiritual development, showing up for class.

“For now I will bring this lesson to a close, my purpose being to give background understanding that most of you may have absorbed already but now are of one mind as the new beginning takes place. This is, Califax as The Father, your co-planetary prince charged with the spiritual development of Urantia and of all things having to do with going into the age of light and Life. [Conservatively a five hundred year process]. With loving regards, appreciation for you and deep optimistic enthusiasm, good day to all! Domtia….”

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Eyes Only
Speaker: Califax
Subject: Light Hearted Duty
Category: Orderly Rule of the Planet and Its Civil Spiritual Government
T/R: Daniel A, Las Vegas, NV. USA
8 June 2017, 17:58 Z

Califax: Now is the time Daniel. You can say at first how very happy and pleased we are for the way things are starting off and that they are starting off. It is the huge relief and culmination of the thirty years and much more we waited for this moment. We, Lanaforge and I are very much like the proverbial kid in the candy store with ten dollars to spend. Not knowing in what delight to engage in first. We know of course just what we are going to do and are already doing; I am just half joking to show our light heartedness. So much spiritual power and help is on hand.

“Mother Nebadonia’s spiritual blanketing and warming and inspirational powers are unleashed, the Spirit and power and peace of Christ Michael, spread abroad worldwide, The Spirit of God, in the billions that still have their adjusters and a spiritual feeling of brother hood that has been broadcast for all to pick up on as they will. The Celestial cadre of volunteers present all over to lend a hand, enhance communication circuits with the Mortals, relay back to us the thousands of things that help us have a detailed handle on happenings at the far flung earth locations. We need every ounce of all of that, I tell you true.

“The things you say in your supportive petitions, as you have come to know many of us and are giving us appreciation and approbation for the tasks we are doing. The specific requests you know are Father Supreme's heart felt desire that He then loves to follow through on and grant. The requests for positive progress and miraculous intervention in the situations only you may know about, the many requests for others you know need special help and assistance that you take the time to voice for your fellow  mortal workers and your friends and neighbors who don’t have an inkling about all this yet. All of this, we love to honor and bestow at the right time and it is true, no sincere intercession and devotion is ever allowed to languish for long and each one is always when the time is best, honored with pleasure. Why do you think many, of you are here enjoying this stupendous blessing of the mission training? Well a Midwayer, Celestial worker, Angel, or God being, saw you and made a petition on your behalf!!

“You are all, powerful to the extreme, but the catch is, your coming to see it and believe it, isn’t quite there yet, but no never mind, you will know it in good time, as that then releases the power. Why were some in the first century healed or physically blessed about some challenge they were having, by the shadow of an Apostle passing over them?  The Apostle knew what was going on and was sure in their mind of the overarching power of God being present and oh so practical as he or she went about that day’s activity.  Many times not even conscious of the specific help radiating out from them. They had come to be in that surety of Gods will being done by their presence, with it having nothing to do with the perfection of their behavior or their personal devotion that day, just utter, complete and total confidence of their value as an instrument, now being used indiscriminately by God in ways past finding out, and they were more and more full of joy at the realization.  

“In our work now in the Missions, now with the mandate for action in the arenas before us, the injunction and commission, that comes with full authority and authorization with close consultation of the powers that be, The Supreme and I, you can imagine how much fun it will be and with how much comradery and family togetherness we will experience, like an extended  family that’s in the home building business, who each having their area of responsibility, of the in-ground plumbing, the concrete foundation work, the slab to begin the framing on, with bolts set in the concrete to tie it all down.

“Later the wiring, the in wall piping for the hot and cold water to all appliance and bath locations, the air conditioning and heating ducts in the attic and chases to each floor, the tile roof, the windows and doors and the exterior walls clad with concrete and brick, all lovingly and expertly assembled, satisfaction felt by all parties because of the end product, an edifice to serve a family for generations the result. All this delivered at a fair price in a timely manner. That kind of happiness and occupational professionalism but now on the grand scale of soon, a whole world rebuilt and functioning like a well-oiled machine for the first time really.

“Instead of ten persons, brothers and sisters’ aunt and uncles and Father and Mother, it is 10 million conservatively in the work force, tackling the complex task of world refurbishing and not just the physical plant, but the society and government, the civilization itself completely overhauled.   This is Califax, co-planetary Prince, with this lesson, outlining the workings of what we are doing and highlighting the powerful part you as Mortals will play and also putting at the forefront the, even light hearted, effervescent and splendorous way we are fostering, concerning the nature of the work itself.

“A way that will be highly refreshing and encouraging, a cool breeze to those we are helping and that they then will emulate too.  In the face of direness we exude overarching confidence. We are serious but at the same time seriously fun loving, with outgoing and sincerely interested friendship being our hall mark with all our relating and serving. Nothing is more powerful and far reaching for the garnering of scattered souls then that. Thank You all for the attention to my words, intending to be fully approachable and personally available, at any time of the day or night, your leader with God the Supreme and my team-mate Lanaforge. With love and a Family embrace that includes everyone and soon billions more. A most excellent good day to all!  Domtia……”

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