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Eyes Only
Teacher: Mansonloran
Subject: Remaining Structures, How Progress Will Look
Category: Serara Staff and Messages
T/R: Daniel A, L V NV. USA
21 August 2017, 19:45 Z

“Please begin Daniel. This is Mansonloran, with enjoyment to speak to you all like this. My lesson and teaching today is something that may surprise you. It is regarding the high-rise construction all over the world. I noticed you are collecting pictures of these most beautiful and creative edifices. Half of your photo collection is things that are on the drawing boards. One that I see you appreciate is the one in Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur, called the Petronas towers. I know you went there and were amazed at the quality, having a skin of heavy duty polished stainless steel, windows of  double pane extra thick tempered glass and a skeleton of the best steel and ultra-strong and for that time revolutionary, lightweight concrete. For a short time it was the tallest on earth.

“The foundation for these building may be as deep as twenty stories, containing tenet space, below ground and enormous steel pillars, penetrating even past the twenty stories into the sub soil or solid rock as the location calls for. Even after a decade. It was only half rented and was mainly a national statement of their financial prowess on the world scene. The space if only single story would cover many acres, so it makes sense from a financial standpoint to have such additional commercial space right in the center of the city, giving excellent convenience to its occupants. The power and other utility requirements equal a small city alone, so it takes much planning and foresight to have it be a viable business proposition, as well as an environmentally friendly object to have little impact pollution wise and to be of such quality that its permanence must endure for many hundreds if not thousands of years.

“The earth now has thousands of these approx.100 story constructions, mostly of excellent quality, wisely planned and emmeniatly useful for the civilization coming, a civilization of altruistic, family conscious, service oriented, and selfless social enterprise, dedicated to the up-liftment of all, with equal opportunity, in education, income sufficiency and occupational diversity. New construction of these type buildings may be at an end or more likely very rarely done any more because of the much more fulfilling vision of family and work environments to be at a new level of spaciousness and personal balance with the opportunity for most to have their garden and grape vine and fig tree in a single family residential and work location that gives the emersion in nature, as the usual family environment.

“What to do with all these beautiful buildings?  Many will be destroyed, perhaps as many as 30% by the catastrophic earth changes caused by seismic adjustments. Aside from many of these supertall buildings intact and ready to re-occupy, many will be partially submerged rendering the utility connections no longer viable or requiring new utility connections that would be so expensive to arrange that it doesn’t make financial sense to resurrect it for some useful occupation. They could be sold for single family residences since the crowed city they were in is no longer a desirable way to have cities be designed, with the extended family occupying the top floors for the view and the subsequent floors just below with the windows removed for agricultural gardens and work spaces. But that would be hard to pull off because the elevators, that are the only means for any meaningful access, would require very expensive alteration to be put back into operation, making most uses like that to be too expensive and impractical.

“They could be used for tourist attraction if sound and enduring in construction that now, being miles off shore in some cases, would be accessed by boat for the superb view and vestige, 800 feet above the water’s surface.  Sewage and fresh water and electrical power supplied now with alternative free energy devices and the elevator problem solved with a new installation that would now start at the water’s surface many floors above the submerged foundation. I am entertaining these pie in the sky imaginings, for your entertainment today just to get you thinking about the many opportunities and exciting challenges that the massive destruction of so much of the infrastructure will suffer and leave those of the new beginning to wrestle with. All over the earth there will be super highways to nowhere, six lane bridges vaulting gorges, now or for a long time, with no traffic what so ever.

“High tech rail lines with bridges and extensive tunnels, now with widely separated sections of track completely useless for transportation for any foreseeable future. Huge industrial complexes with sound and excellent buildings now isolated and unused for technical processes now obsolete or making no sense for the present location. What to do, how to proceed, where to begin?

What to do? Moses in the account highly elaborated on, when the Israelites were cornered by the Egyptian army with their backs to the red Sea, said: “Stand still and see the salvation of the Lord” and soon thereafter as the story goes, the waters parted and they were able to escape to the other side while the emboldened Egyptian army rushing in hot pursuit, were destroyed by the returning waters. Some thing close to this did happen but the real accurate and true gem of truth is that The Father when the circumstances are right, will, save a whole people that trust in Him. You mortals will be part of the process, just like you were asked to participate and give your input for the Preamble and with your creative ideas, together with ours, it will be clear the: “What to do.

How to proceed? Ditto for the process above. All in its good time is the slogan the rebuilding will follow. The Israelites returned out of Babylonian captivity to rebuild the destroyed temple and in time the freedom was given and the job was accomplished in The Fathers Timing. This is: “How to proceed

Where to Begin? Our idea about this subject: is to begin with York Pennsylvania. Like those progressive, time lapse, high speed movies showing the effect of the winter landscape that in spring time blossoms in concentric circles about a homestead in a profusion of life and greenery we have all seen in children's movies, the surrounding areas will progressively, in an incremental way see the flowering of a new civilization. Later as time warrants, a similar circle of re-creation and refurbishment will, if, still valid, as to this location, begin approx., in the Vancouver Canada area to spread through the whole western north America and again, when time warrants, Some location to be chosen will have a third beginning like those two but now in the far east of Asia at some appropriate location. Solving our: “Where to begin?”

“This is Mansonloran, having a little fun, at least for me and hopefully you will be stimulated by this review of the likely reality after the upheavals of earth adjustment, but also for You to begin thinking of just how those concentric circles of progress in these locations mentioned would actually work. The schooling and education, the business and occupational makeover, the repair and rebuilding of a city like York, all the exciting projects this will entail, spreading in ever widening circles, to cover finally the whole earth. Good Day and Domtia….”

End Discussion Forum-

Eyes Only
Teacher: Mansonloran
Subject: “To Avoid Disaster”
Category: Creator Son Michael of Nebadon
T/R: Daniel A, L V NV. USA
20 August 2017, 20:53 Z

”Yes Daniel, begin by saying: This is Mansonloran, writing for Father Christ Michael, in a message of hope and encouragement. 

"There is an estuary on the north side of the Hawaiian Island of Kauai, the northernmost Island in the chain and the second from the end in the far west, only exceeded by the last island called Niihau. This Island [Kauai] is the one with the estuary facing north, called Hanalei bay. It is typical of the type of land feature, that when they are engulfed with a large wave, it accentuates the power as the shape causes the water to heap to levels perhaps twice the height of a wave hitting the regular straight shore line.

“These Islands are especially susceptible to Tsunamis from seismic events of the Aleutian Islands, and North American west coast. The last major Tsunamis to hit Hanalei Bay were in 1957, much damage but no loss of life, however only a few years before in 1946 a major Tsunami, also originating in the Aleutian Islands of Alaska caused a forty five foot [16 M] wave to hit Kauai and the rest of the Hawaiian islands, causing much damage, no loss of life here, but archipelago wide, fourteen persons lost their life.

“This little snapshot of an island disaster was to alert those on the Hawaiian islands, of a heightened possibility of Tsunami for the foreseeable future, suggesting greater alertness to be ready should you live on the coast, to have your dash to higher ground, [ a minimum of 200 feet or more above sea level], clear in your mind. No matter from what direction the wave is coming the wrap around affect, can have large waves hit the shore even on the opposite side of the island. We could write like this for almost all areas of the earth because of entering the prophesied end time and part of today’s lesson is to say that, that time is here and that serious disastrous events are now to be escalating in frequency and of a wide spread nature all over the Earth.

You can take comfort that, in all but, very, very, few cases, there will be a general warning for all these catastrophes, the problem is, having said that, often the warning may give those in any one area, at the most, only one day or less of warning. This means if you intend to save your own and your loved ones life you MUST ACT IMMEDIATELY. No personal belongings, to speak of, often bringing beloved personal pets could be the difference between life and death and so many horrendous decisions will be your experience at that moment, that you will need to make, to ensure your survival.

“All those on earth that may have been brought at this time to dedicate themselves to the work of the Corrective Time would have special protection to preserve you for your upcoming service, but even that is not guaranteed because of the uncertain nature of very large catastrophes, where your wits and prescient good sense is needed additionally. The other challenge is that the timing for something impacting your area, is everywhere from today to 35 years from now.

“We are at this moment taking the time to tell you the full truth of what kind of alertness and uncertainty you now have right on your door step, for the decades ahead. This will not be a five years and we’re done type thing.  Realize this and resign yourself to the hero type commitment and persevering pioneer determination to face all odds and make this time something you can look back on with great pride because of your fortitude with Gods help. I am warning you today, that this is necessary, and it is necessary, starting right now.

“At this juncture of just before the August 22 nd. Birthday of Jesus and the arrival of the additional Spirit of Truth to be a boon and consummate aid in your spiritual journey, we have every reason to be filled with joy at this high Point of the new teaching mission. As you feel and experience this new power and accentuated spiritual acuity, share your experiences among yourselves and as will be the way in many, it will appear as a gradual increase of: healing, understanding, faith, confidence, energy, resolve, joyfulness and realization about your life and place now in the first phase work. This is Mansonloran working in assistance to Christ Michael in any duties he may assign as well as a Melchizedek teacher in the capacity as Serara’s chief of Staff. With high inthusiasiam and happiness at our progress, I end this lesson today with greetings of fraternity and brotherhood that reaches out especially to everyone now coming in decisive dedication to Phase one work. Good day and in a universal language: Benyotria (Hold my hand and show me peace). Domtia….”

End Discussion Forum-

Eyes Only
Teacher: Sentenact
Subject: Have You Something Better to Do?
Category: The Universal Father
T/R: Daniel A, L V NV. USA
19 August 2017, 18:01 Z

“You can write this Daniel: This is Sentenact with this to say to all on the Discussion forum. When Daniel came to his computer this morning with two min to spare [he usually is about 10 min. early] I had to think of all the hundreds of times he was there. For a couple of months at first he could hear nothing [the gauntlet most of you have gone thru or are going through] and then his receptions were, shall we say, a little ‘wild’ and the typo’s were so numerous that overmind wrote him a private message and said something like: ‘please, have you ever even heard of a spellcheck’?

“Any way, fast forward to today, about 18 months later and a lot of his delivery has cleaned up but he still has trouble being an absolute perfectionist, letting stuff go through that still needs polish. It’s just too much trouble and too tedious. There is a balance of course, many geniuses are almost worthless in real life because the need for absolute perfection in what they are working on, has them spin their wheels endlessly before they will ever let some work they did, see the light of day. It is an over active ego also that adds to the problem for some, because to have some pratfall be attributed to them is almost as bad as being in the stocks in the town square. To be avoided at all costs. This has their production lagging consequently.

“The balance is to work consistently, and as you are doing that, coming to the place that the overall privilege of the job overwhelms any fearfulness of being castigated because you generally are doing your level best and you’re up for the vicissitudes of the work, truly willing to suffer any privation or criticism because your regard and appreciation of the calling has you so eternally grateful, you disregard any difficult bumps in the road. A certain reckless courage is valuable within reason, for timorousness is a liability big time. The world wars had a slogan attributed to courageous sea captains that supposedly said to their fearful crew, in submarine infested waters: “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead”.

In other words: “what did you expect?  We are here to fight and maybe die, let’s get this job done”. Now when push comes to shove in the Mission work, some would be helped enormously with the damn the torpedoes attitude in the work of transmitting and in their personal life. What did you expect? Little or no personal sacrifice or painful readjustment?  We sincerely need you, you are extensively trained, and it is like you are turning a deaf ear. We asked: ‘please do your best to produce two receptions a day.’ Silence and inactivity was the result. Blurbs were written so everyone could see you were still alive but where were the two receptions?

“The two receptions request is still in force, one written if possible and one Audio if possible. The time is still redeemable; the opportunity still exists [luckily]. What do you have better to do at this critical juncture, but rescue your reputation? Soon it won’t matter because the die will have been cast. But to comply under guilty compunction is no good either. Where is the deep passionate desire to be an associate with practically everlasting honor and approbation? But to do it for the honor is no good either. Where is the simple soaring and burning desire to comport your selves well before The Father? You happen to exist; do you have something better to do?

“You all can visualize being chased by a bear, he is so fast and close, but still far enough away to stop to shed all your fluffy clothes, shoes and pants, etc. to be able to run much freer and be completely unfettered in this very close call. In that scenario your motivation is high, why not here? Simplify your life and give full time to this work.

“Thank You, one and all for taking to heart this more heavy message, not of life and death by any means but one of egregious missed opportunity if allowed to go along with no active response. On the other hand we want nothing to do with reluctant warrior’s you have to hop up on speed, like certain armies did in the Korean and other wars. This is solders bursting with love for the Commanders and so, so, appreciative of the privilege of being part of this world epic. This is Sentenact, in this farewell message for my short assignment elsewhere, only to return before long. Good day! ”

End Discussion forum-

Eyes Only
Teacher: Ocilliaya
Subject: Phase One Is Now
Category: Announcements For All of Importance
T/R: Daniel A, L V NV. USA
18 August 2017, 18:18 Z

Ocilliaya: Yes Daniel, go ahead. There are many subjects we could cover today yet there is one subject that is overdue to be highlighted some for discussion and that is: more on the subject of Audio Transmissions. First we do need you to take seriously this ability to receive transmissions into a recorder of some kind. You I think can imagine the convenience to the Mission work using you with either a cell phone as a microphone and recorder. [The phone does not need to work for receiving calls at all and the times that cell service will be out of order will not affect your message receiving]. Later when you get to a place of cell reception, the recording  can be attached to a Forum posting or an email or transcribed manually by typing as you re-listen to what you received.

“Just as effective as the cell phone with mic and recorder, are the little USB memory devices that double as recorders. Message after message can be saved [the memory is so great that you can save about 100 hours of recordings] when you are prompted to record and then later when near a lap top or computer with a USB port, can be down loaded as a MP3 file and posted or retyped as a written transcript. These devices are only around $10 and the size of a chap stick approx. This is your work; this is your first serious assignment as a Corrective time phase one worker. That assignment is to become proficient using some type of device to take your voice and preserve it long enough to either post it verbatim or transcribe it into written form.

“Many of you would dearly love to be officially part of the Mission Mortal worker group, because it has finally become crystal clear of the true worth and magnitude of this opportunity as a mortal working in the Missions. This is your passport and sure entry to validate that assignment, IF the other half of worker characteristics are present. The other half of worker characteristics are:

-Have this work be your number one priority in life.

-Make this your first assignment, which is to receive messages, the one and only task to concentrate on.

-Spend a good part of your day working on this:  “[Study, practice, prayer, stillness,--Study practice prayer Stillness]”

-If you are working 40 hours a week to earn your living it will be very difficult if not impossible to pull this assignment off because of normal fatigue and exhaustion, attempting to accomplish both tasks: “regular daily work for the missions and your full time job”.

-Being so trusting and full of faith that you know your shortfall in income will either be made up, or a way is provided to exist in a much more simplified lifestyle that will match your much reduced income. [You could not care less what your life looks like, as long as you cement this opportunity]

-since you have stepped out like this, wanting this opportunity more than anything in the world, you now will pay any price or go any length to make this a reality.

“The reason I am speaking like this is because: “[Today with this message] It is in fact the Mission first stage beginning”. If The Father would intervene and delay for some while longer, you don’t even skip a beat because your taking the decisive action above would simply have you much further along with this premier skill [that takes considerable time to be developed] most urgently needed for the accomplishment of your assignment now being settled on your shoulders.  You claimed you wanted to serve, even clean toilets, whatever. Now your claim has come home to roost and We are confident many will see the glorious opportunity and take decisive action.

“If your first thought is that this will cause the disruption of your regular life and that this is being far too fanatical to your taste, it is clear indication that this is not for you. When the call was given to the original Apostles, [They left everything]. Why would they do that? Because it was given to them to realize that nothing, that was ever going to be presented to them in this life, would even come close to this one time opportunity [working with The Master in shoulder rubbing intimacy]. Ocilliaya.

End Discussion Forum-

Eyes Only
Speaker: Sentenact
Subject: Attention all Guests
Category: The Universal Father
T/R: Daniel A, L V NV. USA
17 August 2017, 17:34 Z

“Yes Daniel, you can begin writing: this is Sentenact, with some pertinent observations meant particularly for all those here reading and being trained at Hundreds of awakened individuals we refer to as: ‘Guests’ are in the wings of this most unusual site on the internet. You are also particularly blessed to be here and you also are not here by accident. We prompted you to “stumble“ onto this rare and unprecedented vanguard of information for an important reason. We need and hope dearly in your case that you will take hold of this information and begin to take action to make the changes that will put you in line for service to The Father, here.  You also like the rest that have preceded you, caught The Fathers eye because of your many choices to serve and help and love your fellow citizens.

“This stands out like a bright light from the normal populous and hence you are here. You have done loving intervention upon loving hands on helping, over and over. You also long ago, put as your main focus of this life time, of being an inspiration and a giving presence to those you happened upon. You mostly have put others needs and wants above your own, often taking a loss in business dealings and giving advantage to others much to the consternation of your friends. You spent time and what little you had to ease or solve dilemmas in the life of others that had them wondering why you would do that. They certainly did not deserve such special treatment from you and then you often and mostly, kept secret your good works and financial giving because you knew well the principle of not blowing your own horn and trusting The Father to make things work out even though you, yourself were far from secure in savings or investments. This at the same time having you work long hours to keep the wolf from the door.

So… You are here and the potential and opportunity is opening before you to be trained now in a group that at the Fathers prompting, the local leaders: ‘Mother Spirit of Nebadon, co-sovereign and loving partner with, Father Christ Michael are in the middle of assembling for very glorious, never before done work. This is a special ability assemblage of individuals intended to be shaped and molded for a task un-delineated as of yet. However we are very clear it has to do with work, a very effective and unusual work, when the time comes, as we begin opening up the first and second outer space zones. You are intended to be a team with them, [if we can fire your imagination] serving, administering and training those newer family members that will come from those areas. These new members of the family are to be of a completely new type of intelligent life, with even a different ascension path to the Father.

“Now, in the first beginnings of your ascension careers, you have lucked out, you could say, to be right where you are. For you to catch somewhat, the vision of what is in store for you, a vision that in truth is so very much more then you are capable of wrapping your mind around. This realization of just how rare this opportunity is, is the key for your continuing on this quest we are asking you to consider, and subsequently embrace. It [this vision] is the key that then will give the motivation and inspiration for a diligent effort on your part. The tools you will need to take advantage of this offer are first and foremost; trust, faith and knowing all is true and second consistent effort, which is the catalyst for supernatural help to flow in abundance to accomplish all you will be brought to learn about and grow into.

“At first blush it may take some time for this to sink in, but you have started the adventure by sticking with and attempting to learn about all that is on this site. Many of you, we have noticed, are readers of years of duration and we laud and cheer you for those choices that have you still being here. Many of you have no religious training or pervious conscious contact with The God of the Universe, but we hope you can see, that The Father has been very active from your birth till now in your preservation and your shaping. Once you realize that, you can begin speaking to and knowing you are being heard by that part of The Father in each person just waiting and hoping you will begin with just such a relationship. After some time and it may be a little while, look for that return conversation that in most cases is a small still voice in your mind and thoughts when you happen to take the time to silently wait upon that spirit of The Father.

“Again I praise you and want to show appreciation for your participation with us in what you are beginning to accomplish as the mortal workers, for the first time ever, being used in these Missions to work in setting the stage and fostering the conditions for a resetting of a whole civilization that had been high jacked into the way of getting and acquisition shamefully running rough shod over others, as opposed to altruistic service and kindly helpfulness. We are as you can see from all you have been reading, on the verge of big things, never before so presciently opportune, conditions that have been orchestrated by all those Celestial worker and volunteers now on hand with you, to the tune of about 10,000,000 individuals worldwide.  They specifically came to help Father Christ Michael and much loved Creative Spirit of Nebadon, Nebadonia. With The Father, they are the Creators of this Local Universe called Nebadon. This is Sentenact, very happy to address all of you for the first time: “Our respected and esteemed Guests. “

End Discussion Forum-

Eyes Only
Speaker: ‘Father’ Sentenact
Subject: Actions and Means Taking Place
Category: Orderly Rule of The Planet and its Physical Spiritual Government.
T/R: Daniel A, L V NV. USA
15 August 2017, 22:10 Z

“This is Sentenact with more guidance and information in these days of rapid formation of the working details of how we will bring about the informing of the earth. This means the knowledge of the rulership of Christ Michael in actual fact, becoming common knowledge. Our first public action will be a blurb in bold type, on the front page of the Wall Street journal, New York, USA. This will say that as of August 10, the de facto being now ruling the earth is in fact the creator of this local Universe, Christ Michael, Aka: Jesus, who is now taking charge of all power on earth.  As Of this moment and this day, He has taken in hand, all the levers of power and that with all benevolent actions of kindness and consideration has been and will from this moment forward be totally open and accepting of all those willing to cooperate in the complete makeover of all things Terranean

Much additional public media events and well timed highly revolutionary phenomena will take place to have that piece on the front page of the Wall Street journal be instantly connected with the memorable action that will capture the imagination of all aware individuals alive at this time.  The Important point will be made that aside from the generous financial support that comes with Christ Michael and his action to get everyone's attention, the actual work will be done by humans themselves under his brotherly guidance. This complete make over means, ushering in the physical healing of the sphere and the beginning of a civilization of outgoing concern and service instead of material grasping.

“Any one reading or hearing these words need only with a prayer of sincere interest and passionate desire for change, ask The Father of all to accept your humble offer of service. Service, the nature of which, He will inspire you to see by His spirit, He has placed in every one of you, upon your first conscious loving action you committed as a young child of 5 or 6. In this, current, pivotal, heartfelt and sincerely affectionate action by Jesus, also known as Christ Michael, Sovereign Ruler and Co-Creator of many hundreds of planets in this sector of the Milky Way, known as: ‘Nebadon’, the start has taken place. The same Jesus of old, that spoke the words that have begun two thousand years ago, the makeover of what we speak of today: “Behold all things will become new” and he is the one that also spoke: “Take no anxious thought about what you shall eat or what you shall drink, or wherewithal shall you be clothed, do I not take care of the birds of the air, are you not worth much more than they?

“This two thousand year period since he walked the earth was for your further education about the futility of going on in Life without the guidance and direction of His, and the Fathers Spirit with in. The earth has been allowed for your enlightenment, to go to the very brink of collapse of its systems, to once and for all punctuate the urgent need for cooperative change of a foundational and bed rock nature, time has now run out for any other workable solution. This was allowed to come to this point to once and for all prove that the way of Get over the way of Give, brings only unsustainable imbalance that results in a sure eventual collapse.

“That workable solution is in the blue print that involves the detailed and comprehensive plan outlined in great compassionate and commiserating detail by Magisterial Son, Monjoronson, in the 166 page document entitled: ‘Sustainability and Planetary Management” [available free on the Internet by putting the name into Google or most any search engine] Monjoronson with acuity, fully feels and express’s our frustration and impatience for obvious foundational changes in societal education and governmental direction that will with great certitude, using his outline, make large progress, in short order, [several hundred years]  using the only practical way to rescue the situation. The fact that this document exists and comes from the highest governmental offices of the universe, and is chock full of simple and emmeniatly actionable paths of individual cooperative conduct is the greatest news of the last two millenniums.

“This is Sentenact, and in ways you will find out in ever greater detail, I AM, actually in reality: “The Father.” This lesson and teaching today is historic in nature because it obviously never ever has had the real events I herald in this document, be part of the Earths unfolding history before this moment. I am full of love and affection, more so then any human father you have been privileged to experience. If your human father left something to be desired, cling to me from now on and you will experience the warmest and most reinforcing relationship you have ever had. I leave you with that thought, and a most friendly embrace to each and every one. Good day, Sincerely, Sentenact

END Discussion Forum-

Eyes Only

Teacher: Machiventa Melchizedek
Subject: Gratefulness is Almost Everything
Category: Melchizedek Teachings
T/R Daniel A, L V NV. USA
14 August 2017, 19:32 Z

“Thank your Machiventa, Melchizedek; I felt the repeated easy tapping on my left shoulder [first time ever] and had the unmistakable knowing it was you.
“What I would like you to say today involves being overcome with gratitude about everything in general. This attitude when you have encountered it in others is pure joy to be around. The food they are eating, the clothes they are wearing, the chance to do what they are doing today, the fact they have no pain and all their extremities work. Their ability to see and hear is appreciated with remarks of just how nice that is. Their sense of smell, their longevity, their reading material, their bed at night, their shower or bath place, their pantry full of sufficient food. The Cat the neighbor has, the flowers at the entrance to the apartment. The elevator working, the children coming to visit on Saturday, the store having fresh red potatoes. [To fry in butter for the children]

The sunny day, the rainy day, the windy day, the steaming hot day, the freezing day, the wood stove, the fresh water, the trip to the library. The carpet on the floor, the work desk, the neighbor needing help to light the gas hot water heater, the silverware and plates and glasses. The car and bicycle and city bus, the old friend that called. The Serara Forum for high level training unheard of or dreamed about before. The progress toward earth refurbishing. The tools in the garage, the garden spot, the time to work there. Your child that is sick, your child that is well, the hospital, the fire department, the electricity to each house, the honest policeman, the dishonest policeman [a chance to show mercy]

“You can’t get them to complain, they have plenty they could notice, but it is always minimized and held to be a brief interlude of discomfort hardly worth mentioning, because it will be over so soon [thirty years goes fairly fast], why waste time with that. You call a solid week of severe pain with the kidney stone hardly worth mentioning? They are so thankful for the Percocet that gave four hours of relief out of every six any way, until it finally passed. [They advised you not to take more than 8 a day]. All negative events are minimized, all positive events are accentuated. It can be tiresome to be around some one of that disposition, overly cheerful so they tone down their effervescent enthusiasm, so it is only subliminally noticed, always exemplifying balance and consideration.

“The demanding, rude, forgetful and overly critical elderly parent they must visit and deal with is not ever something they lament. You didn’t know how bad it was till you stopped in one time and saw the parent in action. The shooting foot pain from the advanced sugar diabetes you only found out by accident. The inadequate grocery money having them have only a simple diet never registered till you stayed for a few days. The reason they don’t complain is they realize this too shall pass and what better conundrum providing opportunities to make Christ like choices. After all is anything more important than character and personality development for eventual useful service.

“These experiences leave you polished and able to be safely inserted in the future for patient and understanding, relating and working, in even the most tedious circumstances. There is never a risk of causing offence or conflict even when great incompatibility and immaturity are the usual level of most associates. The humble and unassuming nature of your beginnings now sticking with you so deeply and indelibly you are constantly full of gratefulness of all you can enjoy, however unsophisticated and simple. You’re able to go long periods of no feedback or encouragement because the realizations of your being appreciated without reservation by your superiors, has you thrilling with feelings of their loving esteem. Esteem you can’t quite understand, but that they have demonstrated so thoroughly in the past with you and others.

“The consistently undeserved nature of the overabundance of slack and forbearance, even out right gifting, when the effort was obviously mediocre, much to your chagrin, as such laxity and inattention entitled, only much less. It was given because your sincere level best effort, however paltry was sufficient for the advancement. You vow to never forget the real truth of how you got where you are. It is undeserved. You skated on the railroad tracks of underpayment of sincerity and trust and that fact cements the eternal gratefulness. You shake your head at such magnamaniousness and pledge and promise yourself solemnly, to always and forever, go and do likewise to others.

“This is Machiventa Melchizedek with happiness and contentment with the execution of this teaching! Perhaps it could be said this mindset is the calling card and hallmark and the epitomie of the heart, soul and intent of God in everything He does. The soul of The Father is always effusive, grateful, appreciation. With high hopes and expectation for all here and in the Universe. Good day for now. Domtia…..”

End Discussion Forum-

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Teacher: JarEl
Subjects: -----Your place here and now, ----- Immediate work needed on the recent Archives, -----
---------------The type of Official web site needed. ----- The time frame for this to be accomplished. -----
Category: Orderly rule of the Planet and Its Civil Spiritual Government
T/R: Daniel A, L V NV. USA
5 August 2017, 20:13

“You can begin writing Daniel.  My name is JarEl, I am a Vorondadek Son here working directly with Sentenact, Lanaforge, Serara and Monjoronson. There are quite a few of we Vorondadeks working in many different ways as we assist in any way with teaching or administrative tasks or in writing communications like this when there is something helpful for all to know on the training Forum. My intention and message today is to have you understand about the paramount and critical need at this time for able receivers in being our right arm in ways that the incarnated Melchizdeks or the beloved Midwayers are also quite fitted to perform, but your make up, earthly origin, and life experience has the hard to duplicate human touch and finesse with language you T/R persons have in your 21st century nuances of expression and way of putting things, often missing if we were using strictly Celestial workers.

“The end result not only is highly readable and memorable received lessons or emergency communications, but also a valuable feeling that goes with our transmitted teachings and receptions, that the speaker [you] is truly one of them and is approachable and highly comfortable to relate to. This assumption of your having been recently educated, however briefly, by Celestial Teachers and Leaders also sets the dynamic that it is very possible for them to follow in your footsteps. For learning all they can and then to also help in this peaceful revolution they see coming with the most refreshing and kind approach. This alone amazes them, compared to their previous imaginings in how to start saving the runaway freight train called: earth dysfunction, slide to self-destruction and unequal world living conditions with barely subsistence level existence, for over half of all those alive at this moment.

“But that isn’t the half of the inequities and shortfall in ideal civilization. This is most evident in warfare, enslaving monitory policies, undemocratic and dishonest political leadership based on obscuring the truth, subverting of national funds, marginal and inadequate primary education, gargantuan industrial cities, inadequate pure water, with hundreds of millions squatting in tiny slum cubicles with no sewer services, with air pollution from industry and wood cooking fires weakening the health of most residents. Food is missing many vital ingredients because of over refinement, or sullied from chemical agricultural practices along with pesticides or in the case of animal products, fodder and grain, contamination, as well as use of growth enhancing treatments or over use of antibiotic pharmaceuticals.

“These are all of the areas and many more, highly important to tell everyone about concerning the plans already in process, in the Sustainability and Planetary management document by Monjoronson. This information we now need to disseminate will be often and even mostly, addressed by communications and teaching from us through you! Yes, everyone has available the old, valid, rich, eclectic and excellent teaching of, but now there is a great need for recent and collaborating teaching in written and Audio form that enhances the validity factor. It’s like the websites we have all gone to and therein is not much new material transmitted for the last several years or months. This makes us apprehensive about the reliability of everything contained therein because the continuity or recentness is missing.

“Even a lot of the material contained on the Teaching Mission list .org and, will be sifted and edited [Now who on earth besides those on this site could we get to do this sifting and editing, hummm, I wonder?] to insure all is presented in one voice that is highly accurate and up to the moment and compatible with the current fast changing information like we have seen on this site for the last few months. Millions will need to come to some official website somewhere, with the capacity to handle everyone, in innumerous quantities, simultaneously.

“Perhaps the same domain name somehow with four or more divisions kind of like the Urantia Books divisions to spread out the usage capacity into a workable, info go to location that would be, the be all and end all for finding out the full scoop of absolutely everything that is most important for the ravenous curiosity we must soon be able to satisfy. This website also must be so user friendly and so simple; computer neophytes are able to use it easily. This is a tall order because we need to come up with something that does not exist now in a revolutionary and much more user friendly manner that we envision and that does not currently exist anywhere in totality of concept.

“Information that proves inviolately the veracity of the Corrective time, [earth makeover], who its amazing leaders are, their loftiness and trustworthy-ness and most importantly, proving thoroughly it’s origination from God The Father and Paradise. A Deity concept that is the most universally grasped as the likely way things would be. Our adored Local Universe Sovereigns who are Our: ‘Neighborhood, hands on, buck stops here, creators and leaders’, are a new concept to most and would be part of the general information gradually introduced to everyone in ways they can handle. This site would include the fully readable and exhaustively searchable, Urantia book and the updated version as soon as possible thereafter. Part of this web site would be a fully exhaustively searchable, archive of all the recent and fitting, and material that finally makes the cut.

“Well everyone, this is some of our latest thinking about how to make available the beginning introduction of the general public to all the happy news and way of operating, that is involved in phase or stage one. This is our first huge project to take place primarily over the next ten years [It will of necessity continue on into phase two] to fill the bill in somehow consciously informing billions in a very practical way. This is JarEl, looking forward to come to know all of you on as our most anticipatably useful mortal co-workers, in the world, with millions to follow your pioneering footsteps. Good Day and best wishes. Domtia…..”

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Speaker: Sentenact
Subject: Timely Reminders
Category: Announcements for all of importance
T/R: Daniel A, L V NV. USA
31 July 2017, 8:26 Z

“You can write Daniel. This is Sentenact. My message at this time I’ll lead into by having you imagine, flying or driving over the continental divide in The United States [composed of the Rocky Mountain chain] that goes from Canada, and even some distance into Mexican topography. Everything on the east side of the continent drains mainly through the St Lawrence seaway, Mississippi and Rio Grande rivers and everything on the west side drains mainly through the Colorado, Columbian and Yukon rivers. What is the point of this observation?

“The reason is that in the next few days please take a few minutes, if you are unaware, to look again at the north American continent on google earth or get out that atlas and review again the geography of this land [others residing on other continents and regions around the world do the same about your topography likely to be impacted by tectonic and Volcanic activity] to refresh your memory, so you can know again, the lay of the land as you may very well be called to be able to find places and locate areas that may be catastrophically impacted soon. This will get your mind working to understand possible circumstances to see likely safe areas from what you know of your prophetic revelations you have read about from Celestial Messages on this site, concerning the most likely areas for huge disturbance.

“Today’s lesson is mostly about North America but some general principles will apply to other places. The mountain ranges in many cases will be surrounded with safe areas, however even we Celestials as much as we can foresee and envision possibilities are unable to predict with great accuracy what the exact result of huge slippages or subsiding will look like when finished. For instance there has been some speculation about inland areas like Colorado and Idaho that could end up with large areas submerged even though both those states are approx. half, composed of highly mountainous regions. The Grand Teton Mountains in the state of Wyoming also were mentioned in one scenario to be perched on highly unstable mantle formations that could see those giants reduced considerably in elevation. Still you can put two and two together and the excellent relief maps in the atlas will tell you a lot of what may be areas that would be most likely to be largely untouched. On this Site we would always have the latest word as things develop, but your being educated a little will help to be ambassadors with more information than most.

“The whole western plate from the Mississippi to the Serra Mountains in California is largely rigid, but it has the unsettling unknown of the enormous high pressure gasses from the overheated core and enlarged magma chambers under Yellowstone as an important factor. Yellowstone itself going off, from things said on this forum in transmitted messages is in danger of impacting an area at least, with a conservative eruption, [predicted by Celestial messages recently on this site] rendering a circle with a radius about 300 miles in any direction and much more in certain directions where strong prevailing winds would carry the effluent as much as five hundred miles in some direction. The latest large eruption 600,000 years ago had two feet of ash deposited in Central Nebraska about one thousand miles east.

“Other possible North American worst case scenarios concerning the western coast line is that  from just below the Canadian city of Vancouver to all the way to parts of Baja Mexico for about 50 to 100 miles from the coast eastward, the land may subside sufficiently to have the ocean be that far inland in places. All along the coast may be places of prominent hills that would still be above water, but submersion will be very extensive, in a worst case prognostication. In the Los Angeles area the water, except for prominent, hills may be inland as far as the Nevada State Line. Parts of Baja Mexico, being submerged as well. The Death Valley area being over 200 feet below sea level is possible of flooding also.

“There is the danger of an overdue major bump or slippage in the fault line under the ocean offshore, of Oregon and Washington with a history of huge tidal waves in the past, inundating the coast. That would generate a tsunami of the magnitude of the one recently south of Thailand, offshore of Sumatra and the islands there on Dec. 27 2004, that took the lives of about 13,000 from tsunami damage that saw the waves created race across the Indian ocean even to Sri Lanka, India and parts of east Africa. If that happens as expected, Hawaii would be damaged also.

“Other areas mentioned in Celestial communication on this Site concerning the United States, was the very great likelihood of volcanic activities in the central southeastern states as well as volcanos in the state of Nevada and possible new volcanoes in Washington State, Oregon and California. There is good possibility because of the old and well known fault that goes up the middle of the Mississippi valley, subsistence from the Gulf of Mexico all the way to just north of Chicago. That could have an extensive inland sea roughly where the Mississippi/Missouri/Ohio Rivers are now. Also it was mentioned that the Rio Grande valley of northern Mexico and southern Texas and Louisiana may have water from the Gulf, extend all the way to the area of Arizona and New Mexico of some unknown magnitude.

“The eastern coast of the US will be changed, some places considerably, with water now many miles inland here and there, because of continental bench or shelf instability, causing some subsistence. Some unknown cross Atlantic circumstances will cause huge tsunamis being foreseen to hit the east coast from the Carolinas to Newfoundland in Canada in possibly multiple incidents. This would in the worst case, impact all of the cities within ten or twenty miles from the coast in those areas. There is also indication that the St Lawrence Seaway will be much wider, with Atlantic sea water then, all the way to the eastern great lakes.

“This message and communication is to begin to start to alert about the possibility of these large incidents but there is also the very real possibility that any of these could be a week, six months, 5, 10, and 15, years in the future or more. [We seriously do not think they will be anywhere near that far in the future] But it is quite safe to say that events of this magnitude will certainly happen, all over the world, where and when they do. We will endeavor to give as much warning as possible through the most effective channels, but often we may have a certainty of: ‘only one day of time’ until destruction will come. This is Sentenact with this serious message, which however is much too vague for my comfort, but it is realistically the practical picture of what is a very likely to mostly be true, except for more exact timing being unknown. At least this dark forecast is hopefully the worst case scenario. For now, with respect and love for each, Domtia…..”

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Teacher: Sentenact
Subject: Readiness Test
Category: The Universal Father
T/R: Daniel A, L V NV. USA
30 July 2017, 17:02 Z

“You can begin Daniel; this is Sentenact, with a message for everyone on the Serara Forum. In the final analysis this reflectivity way of communicating will be the commonly accepted way for all of you to receive messages. It will be a clear and accurate method that takes out some of the heavy discernment required as you received before. The streaming news line you will see in your mind’s eye can be stopped and backed up to ask for clarification if you don’t understand, another feature you will appreciate. Your first responsibility of being trustworthy to instantly interrupt what you are doing to dedicate with single-minded focus the reception either audio into a recorder you would then post or send by email to someone or group or to write longhand as you receive it. Sometimes to immediately transcribe it into print even if you have to do it with two finger typing.

“If we can have even twenty of you, [we need 200] that without fail we can contact any time of the day or night and you would faithfully take this as a life and death responsibility of utmost seriousness, kind of like Paul Reveres ride on horseback through the night, near Boston, at the beginning of the American revolution, who delivered the warning that the enemy was then on their doorstep. To have your personal life and work responsibilities be damned in that moment is what we are asking. There will be that time also you will speak under inspiration over a phone line to a group who for some reason has no Receiver person anywhere near where they are. You say: “No problem Father” Well why when we asked for two receptions a day [one audio, one written] were you absent? [It is still not too late to prove you can do that]

“A word about the Melchizedek visitor to your personal place of residence: ‘ This will take place and it will be without fail for each one, as you who are blessed with the designation of an accepted associate or worker being a part of phase one at York or in the city where you are located. Because the buildup in phase one is incremental, the visits will be scheduled some time before your start would actually take place and would be timed for the individual in question. Just rest in the knowledge, that you do have that to surely look forward to. This test we gave everyone about the production of two receptions a day as you can discern, was clearly indicative of who is ready and committed for regular work. Why would you feel confident you had nothing to worry about concerning being on the team of the initial workers when you would not comply with this simple request?

“Thank You, one and all for concentrating on the forum training and taking seriously communications like this. In this lesson today I have revealed without vagueness what this is all about. You can do this, you can pay the price, and you are made of the right material. That is why you were chosen to be trained. Your burning desire, fearlessness and commitment, will be met with supernatural help on our part. This is Sentenact, with fervent support in return, Good day! Domtia…….”

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Speaker: Machiventa, Melchizedek
Subject: A Missing Ingredient
Category: Melchizedek Teachings
T/R: Daniel A, L V NV. USA
29 July 2017, 4:56 Z

“You can begin Daniel. Our message for all tonight is about; ‘having the tenacity to put up with most anything for most any length of time’. I am thinking of quite a few we worked with for years, on this list only to have them, after showing so much promise from the standpoint of knowledge of the revelation, initially being very enthusiastic and highly supportive. They had much verbal assurances of their willingness and loyalty, even beginning to serve the list with prayer and reception practice, to then when something, it is always something, sticks in their mind as being a deal breaker as to their now being unable to continue because to them some line was crossed in some belief they had that: “Divine beings would not say such a thing or Divine beings would not change their mind like that, or the changes are so radical and unheard of, certainly this could not be of Divine guidance and inspiration.

“The real problem is very likely this:  Once they came along and became aware of the strenuousness and also became aware of the cost, they had to find some reason to bow out without somehow looking like they were not willing to pay the price. Hence the reason is given about some aspect of the training of this group, about some Divine behavior or the behavior of the appointed human servants that; ‘could not be of God’ and bingo, the reason and justification was there for pulling back. Now a funny thing happened on the way to the forum, those remaining with bright enthusiasm and willingness to continue at any price, have one universal characteristic and that is:  ‘the prize is extremely bright and shining.’

“Unless some of you have forgotten, the prize is: ‘Being granted special status to be trained early, rubbing shoulders with Ancient Celestial Masters’.  The secondary prize of equal value is:  ‘to be by that trust and choice, thrust into and assured of a part and place, in the destiny to work with Christ Michael and Mother Nebadonia in the far future, in some special and highly unique and adventurous quest as a team and group that is very specialized by heredity and training for just that unheard of and remarkable work’. [1st and 2nd outer space level work]  The third part of the prize, just as precious, is:  ‘the ascension path has an educational track, [unfathomable at this point], that makes for a more efficient and effective opportunity to be trained for types of service that most in the universe are not privileged to enjoy.

“Even in the light of that review, the attitude of not a few on this list is:  ‘that the cost of truly putting everything else second is just too much’. The whole ball of wax, is not computing. The vision is not there, the concept is lost to their understanding. The brightness of all that is being offered is only dull and gray. Why?  Because:  “abject surrender to The Father has never taken place”. When full capitulation has taken place, the ability to put up with most anything for most any length of time is your gift from God. We know this is the case because when we asked for fruit of your dedication be shown, by making sure you produced a written message reception and an audio message reception each day from those who had shown the ability to receive before, we got only resounding silence from not a few. Why?

“How do you make amends and sincerely come to the Father without reservation? How about: ‘a simple and heartfelt prayer to The Father telling of your new change of heart.’ And the only thing you have to do next is the action part, to seal the deal, and that is you do pay any price to be a part of this. I think you know what that means. This is Machiventa, Melchizedek, wishing you all, as all of we teachers do, that not one of you, who we have seen The Father place here, would be unable to comprehend this pregnant gift in front of you. With happy expectations, I will sign off for tonight.  Domtia…..”

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Teacher: Machiventa
Subject: More Reflectivity Tips
Category: Melchizedek Teachings
T/R: Daniel A, L V NV. USA
27 July 2017,

“This is Machiventa Daniel, first could you take a minute to describe your imaginary work shop for us where you can go in a second to be alone to watch for the message receptions on the wall across from your desk? “ I would love to Machiventa” My beginning to use this again after I had abandoned it about a year and a half ago is very satisfying because it has all my books on shelves along the walls on both sides of the large 10 foot wall opening looking out on the pastoral scene filled with bird song [especially Meadow Lark, my favorite] that I grew to love from western Colorado. 

"It has no roof [The two huge Maple and Oak trees outside are sufficient] because the weather is so nice and consistent here, all my files and books can stay out on the reading table without fear of being damaged by rain or breeze as the air currents never exceed a very soft whiff. All the books that I loved, that I had given away to simplify my life about four years ago are now back in my possession.

The ones I prized the most were the two large coffee table books of the complete works of Michelangelo and Leonardo De Vinci that cost about $150. Each, bought by luck, in estate sales I went to and a couple hundred others now safe once again in this inviolate resort I built. To the right of my desk and comfortable wheeled office chair is the long work bench with the heavy duty vice and hanging on the pegboard behind is practically every hand tool I know about, to fix almost anything. In the adjoining room is the massage table for any type of healing modalities I may use for friends and acquaintances that I could have come for treatment asking for expert Celestial help as needed in those areas I know nothing about. Thank You Machiventa for your indulgence, I will attempt my seeing in reflectivity now.

“Since I can see you cannot envision and actually discern the streaming line I am speaking to you with, that is actually there right now, I will continue in the old way of you discerning my words and phrases through the very faint thoughts. As you become more adventurous and break the mold of only thinking you can do this with great effort and practice, you will see these streaming words and be able to record with the best of them. [To receive audios or by typing like this]. 

"Today you only practiced two times in formal practice and I would suggest to you and all learning at your side, that you would make it much more informal and pause and attempt to see a message, many times throughout the day. We know what is up and will always be there at your shoulder ready to do our thing from our side as you practice. Look and expect it to happen at any moment, in all sincerity, as that is most helpful. Well, thank You Daniel for this communication, that I am sure will inspire others as they also attempt the same along with you, where ever they may be located. A good evening to all, Machiventa.

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Teacher: Machiventa
Subject: Learning to receive using Reflectivity
Category: Melchizedek Teachings
T/R: Daniel A, L V NV. USA
25 July 2017, 16:36 Z

“Today in the light of the reflectivity training we are all being appraised of, I  went to the imaginary workshop I had constructed about 18 months ago, in my mind, from the meditation training CD from the, website, you can buy, produced in the voice of George Bernard and in It I had put a work shop and  elevator to receive perspective patients [like Ron Hammar described] who would come to the work shop for healing or counseling or just to talk about any subject.

“After a score of practices where I had attempted to be used in some sort of healing ministry with George as my mentor, I wrote George and told of some friends of mine had come for healing, an elderly couple and a middle aged lady who had MS and we  [myself and some pleasant being I can describe as a non-descript male nurse type attired like a clinic worker, that was there] in separate sessions we had laid hands on them in a rake like treatment praying for healing of their ailments we knew about.

“I have kept tabs on these friends and until now their conditions have not improved but sometimes the timing is not our timing. In his reply email, George suggested, to help make this work more readily, more effectively, that I begin some type of formal education in some aspect of human health and healing. I was just starting to receive messages and be consistently active on the Serara forum and was not motivated to take his advice to go for formal training. But meanwhile the practice to go to that place in opening up to being receptive to Celestial help and guidance, led by George, is something I had forgotten about and now went today.

“ In the imaginary workshop at the desk I was sitting with my laptop and I imagined the elevator come up, wanting someone to be in it and there was, it was a distinguished gentleman with a long white beard and head wear and clothing resembling a successful businessman from somewhere in the middle east. I suspected it was Machiventa and I asked him if he was Machiventa [who I have a special place for in my heart as at certain junctures in the last two years he transmitted through me and also spoke to me in personal messages through Ron Besser in a way that was especially personal, endearing and warm.] To my question about his identity, he said yes he was. This is what he said today:

“Yes Daniel, try to visualize the words I'm speaking coming to you visibly in print and words and pictures, on the walls of the imaginary workshop,  instead of like you are hearing me now in the old way of a very faint thought. Just write so the speed is fairly fluent instead of your usual way of ponderous writing and correcting as you go. “Okay Sir”  

After some minutes,

“I’m sorry Father Machiventa, I am unable to see any type or words or script or impressions yet. Okay Daniel I’m going back to the old way to say: “no problem as this can be solved with regularity of attempting with much consistency on your part of sincerely with the same intention, coming over and over. Also we are working on your actual brain material as I mentioned through Michel, at night, in sleep and all of that will help. You however can do the most good by your cutting loose with more imaginative thinking and visualizing

"Know in your heart you can and will do this and that the proclivity will come, have not one doubt or second thought about that. In fact expect it at any moment. This Is Machiventa, giving this lesson for everyone for now, with the hope all of you will practice this new imaginative visualization with full confidence, like this over and over and over. With affectionate regards, a good day to all.  Domtia…..”

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Teacher: Mir
Subject: Big Place
Category: Creator Son Michael of Nebadon
T/R: Daniel A, L V NV. USA
20 July 2017, 21:55 Z

“Daniel please write: This is Mir, I am a Vorondadek Son, We are the order of created beings just under the Melchizdeks and then the next order under us is the Lanonandeks. We are most commonly known as Constellation Fathers and three of our order, head each of the 100,000 constellations of each local universe. My work here on Urantia is as an ambassador to Salvington and in that capacity have been authorized to observe closely this remake and refurbishing called the Corrective Time and also to interact with mortals for my own education as well as being used as a teacher at any time and place Christ Michael would see fit.  

“I want to speak to all today with a message I will call:  ‘The Universe is a big place’. I start by recapping the composition of the each of the seven super universes with the figures below.

“A quick review will show that the local group, Satania will have approx. 1000 inhabited planets upon completion of its physical evolution.

“The next organized star group is called a constellation and each has one hundred local groups having 1,000 inhabited worlds each upon completion. [100 X 1,000 equaling one hundred thousand as constellation size]

local Universes like Nebadon, are composed of 1,000 Constellations of 100,000 inhabited worlds each, making finally, 10,000,000 inhabited worlds in each local universe upon completion, [1,000 X 100,000 equal ten million as local universe size]

“The next grouping called a minor sector is composed of 100 local universes like Nebadon with 10,000,000 inhabited worlds each upon completion, making the minor sector group composed of 100 local universes of ten million, adding up to one billion inhabited worlds. [100 X 10,000,000 equal one billion as minor sector size]

“The next grouping is called a major sector that is composed of ten minor sectors of one billion inhabited worlds each. and those ten minor sectors make up the ten billion inhabited worlds, in each major sector. [10 X 1,000,000,000 to equal ten billion as major sector size].

“Finally the Super Universes like Orvonton are composed of ten major sectors of 10.000,000,000 inhabited worlds each [10 X 10,000,000,000 equal’s one trillion inhabited worlds as each Super Universe size]

"This group being trained now to work as Mortals in the Corrective time have the stated destiny of definitely working with Father Michael and Creative Spirit Nebadonia in that first OS zone. That is pretty remarkable and I am unable to recall the time when such outrageous prognostications were ever made before, so accurately forecasting the future use of any Mortal group! It is a great privilege and opportunity!

“I could go on for a thousand pages and share what I know about many things about the existing universe that this lesson to refresh facts and figures locally, only lightly brush’s near, but my other main purpose was accomplished and that was to make a first transmission of my life, with a Urantian mortal. This is using the new reflectivity and it was honestly not so smooth as the focus and concentration was off again on again but I am confident all that will be honed to perfection with another 1000 years or so of practice. [I'm teasing Daniel]  Thank you Daniel, Thank you all here for your application to your new life and superlative chance to work with all of us like this. Call upon me personally and I will do my best to come and help you practice with your learning to receive messages. If nothing happens, I was off on another duty but try again later. This is your new fellow worker Mir, with joy and happiness to be part of this unusual and exciting venture. Good Bye for now, Domtia…..”

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Teacher: Sentenact
Subject: Secret Love
Category: Creator Son Michael of Nebadon
T/R: Daniel A, L V NV. USA
19 July 2017,  18:05 Z

“Write any time Daniel. This is Sentenact, with a passel of things I would like to talk about. First there is the issue of dependability in your work.  Oh My, can you begin to feel a little of our joy when you are very regular and jonnie on the spot with a time for seriously being there in your home, believing you can do this, with your tools ready, [computer word processor or a writing tablet or your little recorder device, exactly on the dot on the time you determined to give to us? It is fabulous and what are even more fabulous are you keeping it up month after month after month, seven days a week.

“We have many times suggested you cut back on your regular employment to create time for more work and your faith is only paper thin. You reveal you have next to “0” confidence what so ever, when you actually think that we would neglect to compensate and pick up the slack for the missing income. Do you seriously think we will leave you hanging when you come with your two T/R efforts a day, seven days a week?  Oh boy, you do not know us. But you have to do the scary work of stepping off the cliff!!  

“There is an opportunity working with Ron Besser and the rest of Us, as associates in the group being trained here and then this group will go on to be used as the vanguard cutting edge and most energetic of our corrective time mortal workers to do important lesion work in being at the hot spots of the most urgent relational communication log jams. This work will turn the tide in that spot, to clarify about Administration intentions, loving methods, dependable characteristics and the truth of our service and generosity. This then will morph into you helping to train others to be just as effective as yourselves and on and on.

“Then, you can look forward to a steady and never ending increase in effectiveness in our team and you will do all of this for a very long time, with much un-rivaled stimulation, educational expansion, unheard of opportunities for hands on experience and the great joy from on the job satisfaction. Then, after even more of the above, after we accomplish similar things for many eons, you, you, will work with what The Father Has in mind for this group to work with Christ Michael and Mother Nebadonia in very important and never before done and controversial work in: the first two outer space levels. [These are two, very small space levels that are going to have, only, many trillions of inhabited planets with intelligent life]. In the light of the above: [what is this whining I’m hearing, about not having the faith to cut back in your day to day work so you can insure you will be part of all this?]

“Next area of today’s lesson to be absorbed: What would help your spiritual development more than anything you could do on the face of the earth?  Here is the answer to that question: some regular and continuous service that no one except we your supervisors knows about. You will not do this to get ahead on the job. You will do this because you asked The Father for the love to accomplish this most needed service that no one will ever know about. One prime example of this type work that also advances your circle accomplishment is the private, secret, detailed, covering of each and every person on the Serara and TML member lists with loving and affectionate requests for their awakening. Remember Jesus example also: ‘He thanked the Father for the healing of the man, even before it happened’. On these lists we have the most cognizant and informed persons on the planet and all that they lack is loving attention.

“If you were to stab your finger on the list and call that person and invite them to your home, all expenses paid for transportation and missed work, and to come to stay at your expense for visiting and relaxing at your home, when they went back after a week, the chances are very good that your enthusiasm, your deep excitement for what they are being offered too, would have been able to successfully turn them around into seeing clearly what it meant, for them to be placed here. Now consider this: [Your prayer is just as powerful as your gifting them with that visit, if you believe it is]. This is only one of the secret labors of love you can do that nobody knows about.  Your prayers need not be repetitious to ask for blessings for someone, blessings that you know is Gods will.

“One time of sincere petition is enough for all time. Do you think we are so addled and shallow we will forget to do a great service we are asked to do, a service that is exactly what the Father wants also? I always sigh a little on the inside when I hear someone on the Forum inform us how they pray about this and they pray about that, thus missing the treasure in heaven being added to their account. Thank you everyone for your attention to these teachings as they are adding up to a very effective lapping agent, polishing every day some more of that shiny diamond you are. This is Sentenact with love that shows itself in my service and devotion to you. Bynotria [Let us pray together for each other’s love of God.] Domtia….”

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