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I note the names Prion and Scion, two children born of woman in the American Middle West in area of Kansas and Nebraska.

They are Magisterial Sons who volunteered to come to Urantia to work hard for the Magisterial Chiefs on Urantia we know as Serara and Monjoronson.  I introduce Prion to you now who is 14 years of age and in middle school in one of our big western-style cities we call Chicago,  Here is Prion to speak:

PRION - "I am a Magisterial Son, in my 14th year of life on earth, and I am proud to know most of you by instructions of our Father on high so I know who is who on Urantia.  I come from Paradise at great expense as I am in my seventh Bestowal so far and this will end my career as a space advisor to the Creator Sons such as is found in your Local Universe of Nebadon.   I am also a twin to another Magisterial Son, who is in his sixth Bestowal to earth, as the younger Scion, aged 12 as we write this in March of 2017.  As my friend Ron writes, we are to be seen soon either at the June 2017 Symposium for the Magisterial Mission, or as individuals on the world stage in a year or so concerning health issues on Urantia with Dr. Mendoza.  Give us a few years more and we will appear as lawyers on the Supreme Court of the spirit cases being brought on Urantia against human misfeasance and tardy development in national leaders who cause huge problems of development on Urantia.  Thank you.  I am Prion."

Michael of Nebadon - "Ron sees to our concerns that some of our participants are better known as sees that this category on the TML web page is empty forever.  I now see why Abraham made it available a year or so ago when Ron first put this site up.  Your lives are entwined with Prion and Scion, as they will live and die as normal humans and will leave Urantia in about sixty years from today in their seventies.  They carry no special mark to show they are Magisterial Sons, but Prion in particular sees Ron as the idea of human life on Urantia and says so when he reads his bio of disasters and wins of which Ron thinks are very, very few.   In so many words, Ron is the object of the life to be read and seen among those who try to figure out how he did it without so much as a flair for spirit or for work or for anything else.   Scion, his true younger brother hides from all contacts in school and other places, as he is the shy underbelly of the Magisterial Team that has made it to Urantia to live out a life series that must be completed within the Magisterial Mission itself.  We see that Ron disdains little else than being put to speak but we ask him to say a few works concerning the Bestwoal Sons, Prion and Scion."

Ron Besser - I am just a transmitter without portfolio.  That means I hold no job or placement with the Magisterial Mission until I am invivted to participation, and so far no invitation, as much of you would say about yourselves.  We all share the same fate if the Magisterial Sons Prion or Scion fail to materialize their investment in the future of Urantia and its spiritual economy and heart for the Father.  Prion is a hefty farm boy, they tell me, and Scion is a little mouse of a budding man waiting to hear if he is doing well enough to tell us more about him.  He says he is ready to do so.  I transmit Scion for you:

"I am twelve years old, actually 12 and 11/2 years old today the 18th of March 2017, as Ron takes this down for me.  I am a chicken at heart and believe my life is better than Ron's in so many ways I pout for his life as he is constantly being reworked to serve and getting really tacky about he says about it.  I am nearly forty in mind (Prion they say is 65 in mind) and together we work the Fields of Justice to be on Urantia, as I will work the Supreme Court on Urantia as it is found in the United States, and Prion will join the Supreme Court of Urantia, a special spirit court that adjudicates wrong doing among the world population.  I am the smaller and shyer of the two Bestowal Sons, and when I grow up through puberty, I will be nearly six feet tall, blonde, and pretty hefty due to the big bones I inherit from my grandfather on my mother's side, who is still six foot seven and two hundred seventy-five pounds.  We are farmers too.  Thank you all for saying hello to us in your minds when you read this. "

Mantutia Melchizedek - "Ron is supposedly going to work with these two, but he hates his transition so much he fails to understand that if he cuts it off he dies as a normal human being.  He says that is preferable to what he has to go through without release or direction.  I agree with the view entirely and this is the Adjuster of Ron, as he sees it as a challenge ot his selfhood to give into the demands of spirit which detests many of his growth routines into old age and wishes them removed and yet cannot have them removed over his dead body.  I see this as a true test to Ron and to the spirit that beholds him.  Nevertheless, I am forced to agree with Ron on every count and see no point in letting this go on and on."

Michael of Nebadon:
"Prion spoke briefly to Ron and not transmitted here.  In that report Prion told him to stop yelling at me for the injustice of so much pain, but cannot see how Ron closes his mind to such a suggestion only because he cannot comply under the heavy hand of justice attempting to force an issue that is no real issue to spirit at all.  We spend this last moment on the illustration of Prion and Scion as a testimony to these Magisterial Sons, and the comign nwork in the Courts of Urantia.  Only Ron knows the truth of many things they all feel for Urantia and its guests on high  Our work is super secret right now for it contains all of the concerns we hold for Urantia, and how we must approach each issue before the trial is opened to view this year and later on we tell all, but for now it must remain secretive and we leave with this caveat:  Eat only the truth now.  Eat for the good of the world now.  Stay away from personal problems or pain such as Ron faces daily.  Keep the faith.  Do not spend money unnecessarily, and above all, keep yourself warm and toasty in a cold, cold world looking for war again. 

"Seek the shelter of friendship and caring so it becomes natural for you to extend to it in this coming age of confusion and disasters uncountable.  The trial to be good is always in front of you, and the trial to be understood even greater in front of you.  Be assured I givc you all something when I arrive very soon and I keep the faith that Ron can get over his mad over constant pain and trials for his heart and soul to be extended properly on our Missions to Urantia.  In most cases we assign no names to the Magisterial Mission other than what you have seen, but in this case the name of Prion and Scion, are to be added, and their friend Ron, for his own worth at the table of thought.  Good day."


Dlanor - I have to get used to Ron Hammer being this new avatar - I fell into a drowsy sleep attempting to follow your Scripture analysis as to how to answer our angry man with a Bible as a teacher to reform the angry men with a Bible.

My point all along is that most contemporary Philistines like me are no more aggravated by the angry man with a Bible than usual; however, we Philistines have to redo our homework when it comes to the Second Return of Jesus.  Jesus has no use for my ilk or even yours Ron H., if he cannot see how you answer is better than quoting Scripture out of the very Book that has no issue with the Second Return.  The New Testament is without anger or succor over the Second Return and welcomes it!  On the other hand, the New Testament, is without a guide as to when or even how.

This presents a distant bribe to Jesus to appear again in the manner of the Bible prophecy, and he won't and will not do that, and that is because Jesus has no point to make in the Second Return other than to restate the premise that God the Father is our Parent and that we are all his sons and daughters.  This will be stated time and again, and restated, and restated, and the morons that cannot hear without a spoonful of Bible syrup to do so, will have to be classified among those who will not be saved for reasons of insanity.  Yes, time must be allowed for those who only know the New Testament to find their way to self reasoning and to drop the pseudo patriotic claim that they are resisting the antichrist to save the world for Jesus and his God, but that they must drop also the pretense this means anything more than a fully established hierarchy of Priests and Dragons of God known as Evangelists.  Be still in your thinking Ron H., as you still carry the messianic zeal of heartless versions of how man reasons to be a God-centered individual, and you fail to hear the clarion call that all good men are in the Kingdom already!  I am not using you to batter you but to teach that someone like Ron is incapable of swallowing the religion of the Pharisees well enough to do what you and your fellow Sadducees already know how to do.

In presenting this material to you through Ron, I the Father know nothing about Ron Hammer in the flesh, but in the soul I know him well enough to learn that you have provided enough information to this forum to be sure they do not go the route you have traveled to answer the angry man with the Bible.  Your Thought Adjuster is fully twenty-five years in the making to aver that nothing like what you just showed would ever pass your lips to conqueror the angry man with the Bible.  In so many words, the House that Jack built requires you to act as you just did in answering on this forum, but you need not worry about it being pronounced good and necessary to do this ever again for your own sheep.  I am an Adjuster of several qualities, and one which has nothing to do with your Ron Hammer, but with those who care enough to spend long hours awake at night trying to put together a response without harming the angry man or the teacher, and Ron has seldom run into these people, but he will and he will do as I ask him to do:  "Give to God that which belongs to God; give only to man that which man can understand at all."

Sleep well tonight Ron Hammar, for tomorrow you will be visited by those who know the Bible very well, and they will ask you how is it that God prefers to be quiet in affairs of the Heart, but knows nothing when it comes to the affairs of a religious tract that does nothing but depend on superior knowledge of a text called the Bible that says nothing and everything but has never asked to be produced in quantities of tens of millions of copies so blasphemed by the intervening years it no longer stands as the document it once was.

In about one year from now, I an your Adjuster will convene an Assembly here in York.  It will be proposed that all born again men and women come to that Assembly to hear God explain why God does what he does, and why God fails to hear men of your views since Scripture is without a part of the Kingdom, but only brings people in to hear the message whatever that happens to be.  In that Assembly, I will be present through Ron, and he will speak the Adjuster's view that all men and women on Urantia, including Ron, have a poor concept of the Father in these days and ages of prompted television speeches and unusually high morganic types of speakers who know nothing but press their luck into being a handful of thought that has not real purpose but to clear the field of their enemies and keep them in style befitting an emperor.  I am also a Thought Adjuster who wishes it to be known that I have nothing to do with all of you when it comes to designing what has to be done with Ron when he finally becomes available as he truly is, and that is not meant to put anyone off, but to assure all of you that each of your who undergo the torture Ron has gone through to be what I want him to be is not in vain for him, but a help to all of you when the chips are down and we can finally be friends of a Father who needs them badly on Urantia.

Ron - I would hope all who read this understand that was a Thought Adjuster on a soap box to remind everyone that the angry man with a Bible is not judicial reasoning to remove him.  It is the Father's view of those who fall into the trap, byt the millions every day, to understand the Fatherhood of God is not remiss when it takes issue with the Scriptural analysis give by Ron Hammer.  Ron H. you are not being punished or harshly reviewed, and I know it was from a Bible Thumper now reformed enough to know the foolishness of such Scriptural behavior among friends of the Father.  You gave me enough to know I dislike it very much, and will never fall victim to memorizing a bunch of sayings that have no meaning in the current era except that which Jesus spoke that all those who teach in the Bible emulate.  Your heart Ron H., is in the right place and I am glad you did what you did, as it certainly brought the Father roaring out of his convertible on high, and that is worth everything to hear Him to that, at least to me.  I will leave it at that for now.

For for his mighty Adjuster and for Michael who watches from the side lines to see what Father has to say about the angry man and his Bible and how he SHOULD NOT BE TREATED!  I also thank Margul for standing by in case Adjuster had a whimsical streak and chose to let Margul speak these words of offense against the Bible and its billions of minions who know not the danger it represents to these Missions!  Good day.  Ron

JESUS responds - "Look at what you all have written.  It is good, and it is classic.  But Ron made the man you are facing angry at what has happened.  BEFORE YOU ANSWER, RID HIM OF HIS ANGER!

I am Jesus and I have run into this problem over and over Jerusalem!  Angry men are not debaters; they are confronters!

How do you defuse anger?  You do not!

How do you proceed when the man is angry and your are not?

How do you work the mind of the man who refuses to listen except to his own inner guide that is furious someone practices the Return with a little man on a television screen?  Where does this man live in his heart?  He has no heart but he listens to what he thinks is the truth: I am God and you are only a little being trying to explain the inexplicable to me.  That is his view and his ways with you who calls yourself a Transmitter.

Kurt you come closest to what needs to be done and that is to let them rave for a little while and then cut it off and tell them they have to listen to their inner guide and then determine if the inner guide is real enough to stand up to Jesus if he appeared before the man and asked the question: "Whither go you?  To the draft of anger or to the Heart of God?"  The man will inevitably calm down for the Heart of God is with him even though he is angry.  His anger blocks you until you remove it with his permission.  How?

The trial all of you will face is a population that has no feeling for God, but they feel for Scripture and they must learn to feel for God first and delay using Scripture ever again to keep them healthy.  In the years that led up to my death on the cross, I never had a man accost me, but I came close at times especially when I was tired and short of breath.  In those terrible, terrible, days of thought I had to search through, I came upon the parable of the beach and stone which is not recorded in the Bible because I used it only once.


"There once a stone lying on the beach that had nothing to do with the sand that covered it.  One day a giant wave came over the beach and washed the stone lose unto the surface of the sand.  People saw it and walked around it, and they never bothered it until they found some people hurt their feet on it when it was no seen by them.  Finally the stone was removed, but it cost the town so much money to move such a large stone, they could not afford to bury the hole and so many people fell into the pit left by the stone.

"The lesson is: When one removes an object from the beach, it has to be completely removed, or the hole that is left will cause more problems than the stone did by being on the surface and stepped on sometimes.  In many ways the stone was safe but the pit that was left was dangerous and could kill someone if left unattended.  There lies the problem with the angry man who confronts you the teacher and he must be allowed to keep his stone and refuse your help if required.  The stone in this man is leading to his confusion about things which he may never truly understand, for the born again person is likely to prefer any explanation about the divine re-coming of Jesus over a complicated set of doings that make no sense to him at all.  The angry man is angry because he is being tested over something he cannot comprehend ever, and that is why you as a teacher, remove his anger, but you do not lecture him on how Jesus came to be again and in this form.


Ron rightly points out to me, Jesus, that if you the teacher is attending to an average community group, that group will be comprised of variable progressions of knowingness of the spirit.  He is correct.  But Ron also points out to me that one angry man should not be allowed to cast aside those who are more prepared to hear the truth.  How does he then approach the group with this man still listening?   The answer is:  YOU DO NOT.

Let me explain the dynamics of the group like this.  Some are of higher persuasions concerning spirit identification.  Some are worse than the angry man.  But in general the group coheres in the man who confronted you and that is sufficient to leave the information stay where you stopped to instruct the man not to be so angry over something that is not clear to anyone yet.

Ron had an experience we are still all talking about in June of this year.  A Pentecostal came to his door.  A sweet girl of about 26 or 27, and she offered him literature concerning the Return of Jesus and that a person needs to be prepared for the Return.  Ron asked her if she believed this to be true?  She said yes, and was happy to leave it there.  But Ron turned the tables on her, not with premeditation, but with a sincere wish to help the girls passing out brochures to the Second Coming scenario.  He asked her nicely: "would you like to speak to Jesus?"  She said no.  He asked her again and reminded her that her belief should command her to listen if Jesus was indeed there to speak.  She again said no, and with that turned on her heels and ran off the porch and down the long brick sidewalk to a waiting car.  What does this say about Ron?  It says he brushed aside her disagreement with talking to Jesus, and pressed her on her belief.  She could not determine at that point what her belief was anymore.  Ron felt totlly deprecated, closed the door, and waited for reaction from Michael which came this way:

"You Ron were naughty!  You placed that child in the middle of a dilemma that she could not resolve ever as far as her faith was concerned.  On top of that you asked her to listen to something that had no relevancy to her at the moment.  You are banned from the Kingdom until you learn to be good with all who come before you and let the treasure lie in wait for them to find themselves."  But that was not what Michael actually said.  He tole Ron to stop mooing over the incident and let the day proceed as best it could after learning you scared the wits out of a little girl who had no business soliciting people for a church that had no idea what to do when Jesus spoke.

I tell you this actual happening because it had large repercussions.  The Church told her to forget it and let the matter be.  Her conscience told her she behaved badly.  Her heart felt a twinge of not hearing what Jesus had to say.  I, Jesus, saw the incident as maddening to the purpose of my Second Return, and wondered if I had something to say to her in the first place?  In any case, it was Ron who took it as a conundrum and who figured out that the girl was inhospitable to spirit and should never have been in the business of using the Church to make her feel better about her life and sponging off her parents for so long without result.  Lately, the girl has taken back to the Church but she has a serious lesson under her belt to warn her that her faith is limited by pretense she is understanding anything about what happened that day.  She ponders it off and on and still has no real idea why she ran away.

Now I come to the central reason for speaking to you and Ron this morning.  The angry man who congronts you on your own turf is not likely to learn anything except that he is angry.  Others around him may figure him as a lunatic with no real feeling for what happened.  However, realize that your role is not to teach great truth, but to figure out how the average person can take the truth and use all of it or some of it or none of it.  In some cases they can use all of it but most will only be able to use a little of it.  In the case of so many, no effort will help as they are spiritual dead already and you need not worry about them unless they show some life and then you have your hands full,


I seldom trace over past experiences with you or Ron, but I remind all of you that it takes a lot of patience and more patience to teach a many anything once they are out of grade school.  For some reason, God made a man open to discovery for his preteen years, but once sexual development took place, the mind starts to close to anything but what he must learn to either work or to raise children or both.  In the case of Ron, he never went through that placement where the body cut off his curiosity about God, and it has paid huge dividends for us and for him.  In most of you, you have passed that era of true openness and it tells by your inability to understand even basic information beyond a certain point in your development.

I, Jesus, never went through a closing off of my mind to new facts and so one, and that is because the Father saw to it that I did not experience that, and Ron is likely to have had the same treatment from Father I did on that matter alone.  I choose Ron as my Apostle long before he was competent to understand how he was being dealt and how he was being charged to get everything he could in experience so that we had a fundamental person without prejudice over many matters most people are prejudiced about.  The angry man that Ron gave you is without precedence in the local universe, and that is because angry men do not exist in most civilized evolutionary spheres of light and life, or for that matter, in placements of spirit before light and life comes to such planets.  Only on Urantia do you have this kind of person and they are to be removed if they cannot abide the new spirit soon thereafter my appearance in the flesh,  As teachers, keep yourself safe by keeping back from beasts like this as they will ruin anything they can in order to be seen as supporting the Jesus they believe in.


I have never sent any teacher out alone.  It is too dangerous, and it is also the worst thing you can do when someone lets off a buzz bomb over your head to shut you up with their self-righteous beliefs.  No man should ever accost another man, but it is done all the time and even today in Trump's campaign, believers, take their fists to non believers in the man.  This is just one example that the present culture allows it but condemns it when it happens and no one is sure what is right any more.  But be assured, it is right to be yourself and to hold that which you know as truth, well.  Be assured that I will be standing with many of you when that time comes so I am informed about the matter and the temperature of people and what they say and what they believe.  I also see that we now have enough time to confimr that nothing like this should take place until after my announcement and to be assured that Ron and his barber are in coincidence over the appearance of Jesus on television.  In the barber chair this week Ron asked his barber what would he say about Jesus just showing up on TV and giving a speech about his Return.  The barber argued vehemently that such would never be believed and included himself.  Ron let the man believe what he wanted to but smiled getting of the chair knowing he is likely to be proved out soon enough.

In my last fortnight of trust before I answer the call to make my announcement, I will tell you it has bee dreadful since people like Ron are entirely beholden to me to make my move.  He is also under the care of D.r Mendoza who finds him silly but the right kind of reprobate the Mission needs and that he should cower no more in his place even with a ban on speech after the announcements.  He is truly worrying about all things and feels put upon to deliver nothing while Rome burns.  We watch with interest as he finds something to do to while away the hours, but that is coming to an abrupt end shortly, and all of you need to watch out for changes around you that have nothing to do with the announcement.  I am Jesus, and I will greet you all shortly!"

Ron - That concludes the Jesus portion of a response that should end here, but I wish to make one more statement only, and that is to remind all of you that the work to be a teacher and a transmitter is extra difficult when you have nothing to point to yet.  At least allow the announcements to take place and to be sure you have it right about what you heard, because Jesus will be announcing more than his presence on Urantia, and I will leave it at that for I know not exactly what that may mean either.  Thank you.  Ron


For New Members Self-Introductions / Re: Roger Krupa's introduction
« on: September 02, 2016, 13:14 »
Roger K.  I really enjoyed your skill at writing your story.  We are very similar in some of these things that you happened to you and your love of history and so on.  Now you must be careful these coming months as they are full of pratfalls that can be very distressing to the ego, and I see you have a good ego that lets you fly off the handle and then come back and perch on the olive branch for yourself and to the society you belong to. 

I would ask:  Do you dream in color?  Let me know!


What a wonderful review, Larry!  Taking time to listen is so important, and I mean listen, Let me pose something to see if you can answer me as a person who shows up in your classroom well after the announcements, and five or six of us are shouting at you to give us the answers or get off the stage.  I am a man about 50 years of age, and I have my Bible in my hand as I speak to you pretty harshly.  What will you say to me teacher, when I demand to know why this Jesus doesn't appear better dressed and talks with a small voice?  How is that Jesus?  Where is Jesus?

You answer what?

Then the man I am who loves Jesus doesn't find your answer equivalent to the promised Parousia. I use the term to you to doubt your answer and you sound almost like a supporter of the anti-Christ.   I can doubt you with almost a smugness because it is explicitly stated in the New Testament how this return of Jesus is to unfold.  Here is what the New Testament tells me to watch for:


The Parousia is the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, and you have to look at the context to determine whether it refers to His appearing in the air to rapture or catch away the Church (1 Thessalonians 4:13-18), or whether it refers to His second coming to Earth to setup His millennial kingdom (Matthew 24-25; Revelation 19:11ff; 20:4-6).

I am no Church scholar.  But most people who defend the coming of Jesus again are born-again students and they know their Bible!  I have learned these terms over and over again and I forget them, but someone like you Larry and a few others on this forum know these terms from your past history with church groups that studied them and believed them.  Dust them off again and gently answer these old expectations to tell me as the man facing you I am not seeing Jesus in the air or in the rapture to take the elect up to heaven immediately.  Why is this proposed Christ on television so small and man like?  What is he doing here today that Jesus could do for us now?

All reading this should understand you will not have a winning way with those who know their Bible and fail to see the significance of the appearing Jesus on the media, as either useful and down right dangerous to their way of life.  I would love to see your answers to the man before you who demands better performances of the so-called Jesus on the television who is so small and meek and who does not return to embolden a Spirit Kingdom that defeats the ungodly immediately and who said he would take me up into the air and remove me from this horrible place because I believed in him so well and so strongly!


Yes, Kathy, there is something on the subject of SKILLS, at least as it pertains to how it is used on this web site.  When we speak of skills here we are speaking about Thought Adjuster attunement enough to provoke you as a person to learn how to transmit.  This is a new Teaching Mission start and it will be easier to learn how to unify your mind with the spirit that indwells you well enough for your Adjuster to allow you to lose his specialized circuits to the universe in order for you to hear and speak the Voice of God.

I would assume you know something of these practices, but you may not know just what practices you might do to speed it up for service to the Magisterial Mission and for Christ Michael and for the Second Return, as Jesus himself will teach how to hear the Voice of God even for people who know nothing about the 5th epochal revelation or have never heard of the Urantia Book.  Jesus revealed the Father when he was here the first time, and I improvise just enough to feel he will carry that teaching several octaves higher for all of you who want to transmit and be of service to him and to others in these Missions.

You need to ask more specifically if you want more specific answers to your inquiry about skills, but got the right start by asking about skills you want to know about.  Transmitting is the primary skill to develop first.


Health & Medical Issues / Re: Mystery Medical Condition
« on: August 16, 2016, 00:52 »
Skip.  I missed this for some reason.  You should for this very reason pass medical concerns onto the Serara discussion list at the bottom where we discuss medical conditions.  I have enough email coming in I forget unless it shows up under my nose and this did not.

I asked for a quick review and got this report:

Your partner suffered glucose shock.  Her lymphatic system shut down and she fell ill.  Do not over feed when there is a history of too little food present.  Many prisoners in the German prison of war camps died suddenly after liberation by eating fatty foods and the digestive system was not available to take care of it. They died of malnutrition but in this case your friend nearly had a stoke because he lymph glands were just not working and they direct digestion even more than the stomach does.

She is now taking more regular food.  Her life support system is greatly improved and no amount of B vitamins will restore her liver which has not become balky and most does not work and she feels nausea frequently because of it.  She needs to be put on a diet of greens and solids and pray for her soul and her home away from home that is sometimes that hospital.  I hope that helps and sorry for missing your comments until now.


The New Teaching Mission Should Learn From This 03Aug2016

 Hello Sue,

First, I would like you to post this to forum either under your own transmission byline or under General, as Monjoronson spells out the process and gives you a lecture too and that is important for others to understand their attitude toward getting better at longer transmissions, but also to learn some generalized idea of Urantia's behavioral problems - kids on a playground or bad puppy come to mind,

Second I consider this transmission to be quite good and it should stand in your own archive as a transmission in which you were fairly relaxed and I cannot emphasize enough how very important that is.  Your laughter with Mother Spirit should be remembered as you do not lighten up easily Sue.  You are very serious especially when it comes to the Missions and your connections with your teacher or teachers.  FYI: Most of my sessions lasting more than half an hour have a great deal of humor in them as I let my hair down and they allow me to joke with them.  It can get me laughing and when we go back to work there is very little strain in my arms or my head to finish whatever length we are moving toward.  I never quite know and I have never said, 'give me a long transmission.'  They always just happen to me and you should be prepared to have that happen to you.  Yes, you wanted a 'long one,' to test your stamina muscles but I think that five pages plus is excellent.  You have it for the most part unless you come to the session tired and irascible from a day of difficulties with the family.  If you are rested and relatively happy/serious, you can knock the proverbial baseball out of the park for a long paged home run.

I do wish to point out to you that when (or even if) you become a group leader and transmit messages from the celestial to beginners, the resulting transcript of the entire session of give and take often runs five or six pages, and it may run as many as twenty or twenty-fie pages.  Daniel Raphael conducts a learning session with Serara and Machiventa Melchizedek and my archiving shows me those transcripts often run twenty to thirty pages long by the time the session ends.  The coming Teaching Mission requires you or each group have a transcriber and a recording of the session to transcript to a transcript.  Someone must either volunteer to be the one to run the tape and to see to it that it is transcribed within a week and little more because the lessons are quite often perishable.  I like to have them to archive in at most two weeks but prefer one week to put them up.  Consequently the T/R is by necessity doing a lot of T/R'ing by the fact the students are interacting with and asking questions of the group teacher.  I have a group teacher here to speak to you about this now.  I give you the articulate "LinnEl.

LinnEL - "I was a group teacher several years ago then my T/R died and no one replaced her.  Ron remembers well Thea who got up his nose on some issues but otherwise they enjoyed each others company and my teaching.  Ron remembers the night I fused while teaching the Corvalis, Oregon Group, and here is Thea Hardy talking about how her group formed Ron found on the Internet:

THEA HARDY - on the Teaching Mission group she T/R's LinnEl to:

"The regular meetings on Friday nights were accompanied by Tuesday night practice sessions at the request of LinEL. A few days after transmitting Michael for the first time, at Christmas, I was hospitalized for pneumonia for five days. Mark came on-line just prior to this time, and took TR duties until I recovered, whereafter we have shared TR duties for our group. Early on, our transmissions were quite slow and wooden. It was not only difficult, but we didn't It have any notion that it could be any different, and felt even that this must be the only way transmitting was supposed to happen. But Mark was able eventually to allow LinEL's emotions to come through in the messages and over time, we both became able transmit more freely the teacher's actual personality flavor. The rate of word delivery speeded up. Today, transmitting often happens in a relatively conversational style. At this rate of word delivery, we are both more able to remain very much pulled-back and distant from interference in the messages, albeit this is not a perfect process. Most often when I transmit, it is as though I am sitting in the circle with my group and the teacher is talking in the center of circle.

  "        The Friday group size rose to more than 20 in a period of weeks, and LinEL requested that the group not add new members for a limited period of six weeks or so until further group bonding and consolidation could occur. This became an issue of contention, some members believing this statement to be TR error. Several months later, further misunderstandings and differing agendas resulted in a split in the group. Mark and I, and a portion of the members, continued receiving LinEL in a different location. We made ourselves available to transmit LinEL for the other group members, but this offer was not accepted. The group of the other members has their own history." (End excerpt)

NOTICE that LinnEl was spelled LinEl in those days which was mostly the fault of that transcriber who never watched how she recorded the sessions.  I want to add to what Ron said about a group teacher such as I was in those days (1993).  I was new at it but had trained in Michael's schools for over three hundred years of universe time to learn English and to learn the human conduct on Urantia, especially in groups such as in your grade and higher education grades.  Urantia is famous for spouting off and total disharmony in its classrooms especially in the United States.  Ron came to Corvallis via the Internet and stunned everybody with an outline index of all of our session up to about the end of 1994 or 95.  He found a quick way to index and it still works very well for short works like 2 or 300 pages.  I am anxious to see to it that new Teaching Mission Groups form on Urantia again, but I suspect they will come after Jesus announces his programs and I wonder how much that matters to Michael of Nebadon?  This is LinnEl and I wish you both a good day."

Michael of Nebadon - "Sue you are being taught the rudiments of the Teaching Mission game here and you need to take copious notes for the Teaching Mission teacher corp is prodigious and speaks many languages now and not just English as we did in the 1990's.  Ron remembers the start of the Teaching Mission like yesterday, and we all remember the rumble that Naperville, Illinois cause in 1994 when some radical elements in the Teaching Mission tried to get Machiventa Melchizedek to materialize on stage and they held a vigil of some 235 people who stayed until no one could keep awake two days later.  It created a huge sensation in the Urantia Foundation, and to this day they refuse to have anything to do with transmitting or a Teacher Corp as we now call the Teaching Mission Teachers.  In any case LinnEl and I go way back as did Welmek, whom we have directing the new Teaching Mission as soon as he finishes his work on Uversa.  that should be in about thirty Urantia days?  In that time we should have that Jesus announcements and the new house keeper, Serara, in place,  I am looking forward to Ron's first group as he will have one almost immediately..  Ron has the transcript of the first meeting of Welmek in Indiana in 1992 where he set the rules of the group up for the work to continue.  This is Michael.  Good day.

Ron here Sue - I am going to cut an paste some of this response to you to the forum since we seem to have met some of the original teaching mission instructors here this evening.  Here is the original Welmek meeting twenty four years ago this month.

WELMEK: "I wish to introduce this transcript to you from twenty-four years ago the end of July.  I made the mistake of sounding so pompous I forgot I was talking to "kids" really.  The T/R was David and his wife Karla did the transcriptions if I recall correctly.  However, David quit in a week after this transmission start and David Painter took over as T/R and lasted for years.  He was also the one that got Naperville started much to his disgrace.  In any case I wish to note that there are 102 transcripts in today and the one following is the first of their number.  I am Welmek and I will see you soon Ron! "


July 28, 1992 - First contact with Welmek

This is I, Welmek, your teacher. Greetings to you, David & Karla. I have
been looking forward to this time. It pleases me to see you both
practicing the meditation & seeking the Father's will. There is much love
that surrounds us. God knows your heart & loves you very much. These
first meetings will be informative & interesting. Don't be worried about
making mistakes for I am your teacher & your guide. Do you wish to ask

Q. How do you spell your name & what is your gender?

A. W-E-L-M-E-K. I am male from this local universe. I am a fused
ascending mortal.

Q. How often should we have meetings?

A. As often as you can. I am here, I am ready. That is up to you.

Q. How soon should the private sessions begin?

A. Private sessions should begin when David is better prepared to speak
these thoughts clearly & without hesitation that he now experiences.

Q. What can David do to improve communications?

A. David has done what he needs to do. He needs to continue what he has
already done.

Q. What about other beings practicing with David? How often should David
be available?

A. He will know when we are ready. He has been faithful to his stillness.
We acknowledge his dedication. We are grateful for the opportunity to
work through David, to practice our abilities & our attempts to
contact humans.

Q. Will there be more than one TR?

A. There will be more than one TR. I cannot tell you now. They will know
when it is time. Tell them to practice their meditations.

Q. Who contacted me (Karla) with my spiritual name? What sort of being
was it and will I have further contact?

A. Oraphim is a teacher and you will have further contact.

Q. What is David's spiritual name?

A. Ezekiel.

Q. We (David & Karla) have begun a detox program. Are we on the right

A. Yes, you are on the right path. Many poisons have inhabited the body.
We work hard to try & overcome these problems. All you can do to help
the body you should do.

Q. Who should attend our meetings? Any restrictions?

A. You will know who believes in what is happening. Draw strength from
believers. As time passes, more will come. You will know when there
should be more people. It is best to contain to the believers so the
base may be built upon solid foundation. There will be ample
opportunity to reach out at another time.

Q. What can I (Karla) do to improve my relationship with Andy?

A. Be patient, he seeks your love but is unsure with himself. He has many
questions about his relationship with you both. Show him your love,
and in time, he will know your intentions.

Q. I (Karla) have questions about baptizing my children. I know it is not
needed for eternal life. I more would like to ease my parents minds.
Will you comment?

A. These practices are of human concern. Your motivation is good. Do what
you feel is right. God loves you & your children, nothing can take it
away. The gift of life has been given to all.

Q. I have strong feelings about not sending my children to a Godless
school. Will you comment?

A. God is revealed from within. You, as parents, must take the role of
teacher as relating to religious matters. School is a place to learn
facts & concepts. It is unfortunate that our Father is being omitted
from the daily practice of school. You cannot change the way it is but
you have a responsibility to teach your children about the love of the
Father. Never hesitate to bring Him into your family & show your
children how the Father's love works in your life.

Q. What can Dennis Kersey do to enhance spiritual growth?

A. Dennis knows that the Father lives within him. All that the Father
asks is that we seek his will daily. The communion within results in
understanding & love. Dennis knows that the Father loves him. He must
now let that love fill his whole being so that others will be touched
by that love. In doing so, Dennis will see the Father working through
him. This new vision will clearly allow Dennis to know God's love.
Tell Dennis not to worry, his life is blessed.

Q. Is it required by the African government that Rev. Icoral incorporate?
Would $ contributions be significant?

A. It is required of Rev. Icoral to incorporate. Dennis should not become
involved in that which he does not understand. We cannot dictate what
you should do in situations that government is concerned. It is simply
not our place to advise you. Tell Dennis to seek the answers within

Page 2

himself & he will understand what to do.

Q. Is there a comment to the group?

A. Tell them they are loved. Tell them not to be anxious. Many will be
contacted. It is important for all to seek the Father daily, to
commune with their spirit fragment. Look for the beauty in daily
living. Do not be afraid to let God's love show forth in your
activities. Be kind to all. Listen for opportunity to do the work of
the Father.

I wish to continue these talks daily. As David continues, he will gain
confidence in what he hears in his mind. We are pleased to see how things
progress and ask the Father to bless you all.

Q. Is it best that we schedule a time with you?

A. It is best to set a time. I have many things to do. I will be with you
all during the day to comfort. Know that you all are cared for. If you
wish to set a time, I am glad to meet again tomorrow.

Q. (Time set 10:00PM). Thank you Welmek for coming into our lives. We
love you & will seek our stillness daily.

A. Do that & you will surely find the Father. Go in peace. Goodnight.
Page 3

- - - -

Ron, I will close this romp back into time with Welmek and LinnEl, but promise you Sue you are practicing for a purpose to get longer transmissions for they will be so for Teaching Mission Groups you will hold in your home as well as important types of long transmits for emergencies or giving over details important to your area.  Please post your transcript sent to me as it is educational and well done.

Thank you

Health & Medical Issues / Re: Mystery Medical Condition
« on: July 20, 2016, 13:37 »
Dear Smartin,

Your live in is anemic.

Take immediate steps to provide iron and liver concerns or she will die within a few months due to the lack of red blood cells in sufficient numbers to control spasms of heart and muscles.

She insists on eating that stuff at night and that is the worst thing she could do as chocolate at night fights the opportunity to digest what little she has eaten.  Her condition will only get worse unless she fortifies with iron.  She could do this quickly by eating a good red meat such as a steak or rare roast beef.  Do not cook beef until it gray or brown, but until there is a heated condition through the piece to be eaten.  Eat solid food for five more days and include some red meat in each meal if only a rare hamburger and/or store bought sliced roast beef that is rare.

She is capable of eating anything but may not like the solution.  She has brought on this condition herself as her body is otherwise healthy without problems.  Removal of those glands was probably a thoughtless thing to do but the doctors may have decided she could live without them and now supply her with what they produced internally.

Why rare red meat?  Rare red meat produces an enzyme humans need to maintain body fat and enough Adrenalin to keep the body relatively pain free and muscles from getting sore.  Do not pretend this help is useless becasue if she turns her nose up at the remedy she will need shots of B1, B2, and B5.  B5 is not known to the medical profession but it exists in rare red meats and she is bound to improve  immediately if she lives long enough to eat well again.  She is on a starvation diet and knows it.   I am Dr. Mendoza and we see she is rightfully tired of life in a place without freedom to travel easily due to her liver condition which is nearing final rites of its own if she does not revive her love of life and happiness with you at her side.

Good day.

Ron here - I have transmitted Dr. Mendoza many times and he always makes sure the patient understand she has to see a medical doctor to help with his diagnosis or at least prescribe those things that help the patient to better treat themselves ten they currently are.  In this case he almost throws his hands up in the air because your mate is without the will that normal people exercise when ill.  That is because she is beginning the stages of depression, and I gather this information from The Supreme on Urantia, whom we both call Gaia or Urantia depending on your light.  You ought to understand that when a person reaches this stage of loss of interest in life, that they just crumble and will quickly die withing a prescribed period of time.  After reading your description for help reasons my immediate psychic reaction was that your partner was forcing a life/death scenario but pretends she knows no such thing.  Her life has been a good one with you, and you both love each other very much, but no one can live on that diet you described to me and the Doctor and live very long in a healthy state.

She has no sign of jaundice but it is indicated to me as beginning because her throat area is inflamed beneath the opening of the esophagus.  Looking in a mirror will not show it, but a liver test may do so if it has gone far enough to sign itself in the liver test.  She needs nutrition!  She does not need more fad diets and the promise of longevity from the hucksters of self treatment herbal medicines which she completely believes in.  Her life is worth saving if she can revive here interest in the birds and the bees and the outdoors and her heart's love for you.  I am not a doctor but I can feel conditions at a distance and with the help of the Creator Son and Daughter, can articulate what I find in my reaction to descriptions and to situations Dr. Mendoza brings to your attention through these transmissions.

Dr. Edgar Casey speaks - "I am a long time practitioner for remediation of human conditions that this particular case resounds in me as especially bad and self inflicted.  In the old days you could buy a bottle of Geritol and get enough iron to stop deficiencies like this patient maintains through her own bad judgment in my opinion.  My heart goes out to her for the pain and suffering she will start to feel if she does not get help through a medical professional or to take the bull by the horns and start taking iron fortification.

"One other thing you need to consider, and that is to look at her dormant heartless version of traveling with you and not taking an overnight bag sometimes.  She says something to the effect I do not need one as I can buy everything I need when I get there. She makes the mistake of thinking your travels mean nothing to you or her and that she rather go light and not take anything long so as not to bother to pack or even think about the fun you both could have at the destination.  this goes to the depression diagnosis from Mendoza, and he is well aware she has given up on life in many cases.  Taking iron fortifications will not correct this aspect of human psychology and she should see a medical aide to learn how to tell the difference between being depressed and being hungry.  She does confuse them.  Good day."

Ron - That concludes the responsive diagnosis of what ails the patient in this case.  I also would like you to copy your email and our response to the Serara Discussion forum and enter it in the bottom category which is about medical problems and diagnosis.  I prefer you to do it rather than myself, but wish to keep all together when or if you have further comments here or on the Serara discussion forum.  I am here with Dr. Mendoza on both forums and welcome your further comments if there are any.  Thank you.  Ron

Hi Daniel,

I am posting the entire email noted here underneath your Massanuten transmit on the forum so other Transmitters see the corrections for their own edification.  I am not holding you up as a bad example at all, but as an example of a transmitter who learns quickly and makes corrections so we can archive without a lot of problems to correct errors before we do so.

Several comments on your work this morning (3 July) and the transmission from Massanuten who is really a VIP you will get to know with the rest of us.

Look at the transmission I copied below and compare it to the transmission you posted.  First I want you to see how the Header is handled with correct punctuation and other information your Editor (that is me, Ron) provided the archive since this was an important transmission with an excellent pep talk to get humans ready to serve with joy and affirmation of ideal principles that resound in you and me and t he others who will join the staff of Monjoronson, Serara, and Jesus.

The header information before you fill it in, is preceded by a colon (:) and not a comma.
(and so on) use colons because the english language always uses a colon before it presents a list of anything.  That you have only one item mostly in your Header doesn't matter.  The rules require a colon and it looks much better to use one instead of a comma.

Word Corrections
I was allowed to make a couple of word corrections you have no real reason to know were, we not wrong, but not quite right either.  I also rewrote two little sentences that did not have a very and subject meaning you had to either make them the object of the preceding sentence or rewrite to make the sentence whole.  That is what I did.  Look at your further down paragraphs and see what was changed using a copy of your original post to make the comparisons.  This is supposed to teach you how to do these things AFTER you received a transmission.  I am going to be watching how you edit or do not edit transcripts to make the presentable to the public in the new archives.

Editorial Comments

I asked permission to add to editorial notes since they were significant and not part of your transmission, or frankly, part of your knowledge.  I was allowed to add them for the edification of all who read the transmits in the future.  You will see in the edited copy below how the transmit from Massanuten was placed in the archive now as opposed to the original posted.  I will be allowed to make editorial comments on all transcripts so long as they are necessary or corrective or both.

Request to Add  Information to All Transmissions for Eyes Only All of You Make

1) Add the word END at the very bottom of the transmit.  That helps me find t he limit in cut and paste work I do to archive.

2) After the word END as shown, for now anyhow, add this list ever time to your transmission:

 TML Archive Discussion forum
 TML List

This is to help people new to the scene and who need direction to find the infrmation, and why not use your transmissions to direct them.

Final Note
I am very pleased Daniel for the improvements you are showing in presenting these transmits, as you really have gotten yourself together and present well what comes through.  I am working hard with you so we have a consistent operation from our transmitters that will also please your editor and archivists (me and Michel) to not have to make so many corrections to archive these transmissions for future uses.  I went to extra trouble with Massanuten because as explained he is a high official that directly interacts with us.  what he says and the transcripts that show how he says it should be clean and make good English sense.  I normally do not correct speech patterns, but I will for those transmissions that really get mashed in your own minds when speaking English due to either ignornace or due to the transmitter on the other side getting lost in his dictation.  That happens often enough it requires some editing to get it back on the road and traveling toward a happy ending.
Now here is the corrected transcript.  You are not expected to know what the Editor added, just note the English and sentence and punctuation corrections I did correct for your own information.  Thank you. Ron


Massanuten Avonal Son - The Nature of Commitment - 03 July 2016 - Daniel - Nevada
 Eyes only
 Teacher: Massanuten*
 Subject: The Nature of Commitment
 Category: Monjoronson Staff and Messages
 TR: Daniel from Las Vegas, NV.
 3 July 2016, 17:36 Z
 *  [Editor’s note: Massanuten is an Avonal Son, aka a Magisterial Son, and is now assigned to the Court of the Ancients of Days to make daily reports to Them and Paradise concerning the antics of the human staff and recommended punishments and rewards to them for future use in any such other Magisterial Missions or divine Missions that follow this Magisterial Mission on Urantia.  Massanuten has additional classifications of the types of humans serving on the Magisterial Mission staff and the Second Return staff with Jesus.  These additional human classifications refer to the antecedent origins and Thought Adjuster comments to the Ancients of Days in addition to what the indwelling Adjusters note to the Paradise Father, concerning who these individuals are who serve with Monjoronson and Serara and Jesus and Machiventa Melchizedek.  Those who read this,  note carefully, they ought to observe that your Editor, Ron Besser, is assigned to Massanuten on an ad hoc basis to inform Him of problems he cannot resolve for the Staff through regular channels.]
 Daniel: Our Father, In this new day, Thank You for this opportunity of transmitting some teaching or message to the Monjoronson, Serara Forum, should one be intended. Is there one at this time?
 Massanuten: Yes Daniel, there is. The thing I want to communicate, to all of you is about the nature of commitment. This is Massanuten. I am working with Serara. My area of responsibility is the mastering of, or training to higher levels of usefulness, of all of you, in this school, of becoming accomplished servants to Father Michael and Mother Nebadonia. As time goes on, we will help each of you to fit into the area of your responsibility. I am an Avonal Son, usually working from Salvington, but now assigned with the Monjoronson, Serara Magisterial Mission at a location near York Pennsylvania.
 We already are with and helping each of you. The commitment to the Missions and the Corrective time, in a direct and clearly defined demonstration by you to The Father and Father Michael and Mother Nebadonia.  It is probably the most pertinent beginning for all of you. It does look unique in every case. Sometimes the regularity and consistency of your being on the Job, is the most sincere statement you could make, no words necessary. The consistent effort is done to pour over the UB, with the goal to master it.  Your commitment is to follow the daily production on the Forum like clockwork almost, to continue to reach out to those on the Forum, in friendship building, looks for all the world to us, like nothing else is important to you. You are  balanced in your interests, you still work on that book you want to publish someday, You still quilt with the ladies, you still make time for that family picnic, you still putter on the machines in the garage, but nothing is as exciting as your clear call for dedicating of yourself to Michael and Nebadonia which comes thru in the most comprehensive way, on this earth, with the Forum and the Teaching Mission List.
 You show your commitment by taking advantage of every part of the Mission life. You totally want to be identified with and be known as part of the Magisterial Mission. You post your life story and Biography so you are out there and available to be known by all. You make it possible for everyone to contact you for help, by making as much of your contact information available, as you comfortably can. You are fearless, an open book to everyone, showing your face openly, nothing to hide, only wanting to be identified with the most far reaching and effective human, mortal team ever assembled– the most prestigious and blessed, ever to walk the hills of earth. This group, to now begin having actual warm friendships with brothers and Sisters, who have lived millions of years in earth time and truly want to converse with you and begin a friendship, is a group that is now yours to associate with.
  Do you realize these things? Do you see, in spite of its, yet to be polished nature, the Forum and all on it [only approx. 300 or so]** is a cadre that truly has hit the jack pot of human endeavor? This is not a penny ante blog situation of sporadic participation. [Editor’s note: a penny ante game is a cheap poker game where you only play with pennies or cents in your currency and is mostly affordable by all,]
 You realize the scope of the Angelic and Celestial over care, to the extent that you face the growth, in the abilities you yet have to develop, as an already accomplished fact. You regularly fill your prayers with appreciation of this fact. Your physical challenges, concerning conditions about aging, you minimize and discount knowing no machine such as a mortal body ever reaches a stage it can no longer be reconditioned, should you be needed and you have that fervent desire and faith to continue to serve here.               
 This is Massanuten, bringing a message of inspiration for the further committing, of each of your lives. Nothing at this time could be more remarkable or important for all of you to truly digest, regarding your actions, starting this moment. With a salutation of most happy and confident expectations, now just before the World Wide announcements of Jesus and the Monjoronson, Serara Magisterial Mission, until we meet again. Domtia……………
 **[Archive Editor comment - 04 July 2016 :
 The discussion forum ( has routinely had around 200 to 300 dedicated members who joined to share discussions over all matters the Magisterial Mission and the Second Return of Jesus, have devoted themselves to.  It should be known, however, that the reach of discussion forum receives nearly one million hits a day and is instantly recognized for valuable intelligence for many nation states around the world as they attempt to assimilate the nature of the approaching divine Missions on Urantia. The new TML found at  Is complimentary to and with the Serara discussion forum.  The original discussion forum was once part of Serara.Org, which the original site is now dismantled for being out of date.]
 TML Archive Discussion forum
 TML List

Machiventa Melchizedek - Prayer & Its Efficacy - 01 July 2016 - Josiah, Montana
Eyes Only
Teacher:  Machiventa Melchizedek
Subject: The Power Presence of Prayer/Prayer as a Spirit Retainer
Category: Melchizedek Teachings & Correcting Time Correspondence in The New Teaching Mission
Location: Missoula, Montana
T/R: SpeaktheWisdom/Josiah
Time:  July 01, 2016 - 18:30 local time
Those who have begun their training in heart have surmounted such obstacles as to be worthy of commendation beyond belief. You have faithfully acquiesced to all we have laid before you.

It is time we all speak to the power of prayer. Prayer stands as the one effective Spirit Retainer. This magnificent virtue of The Father to hear the children of time bespeaks of the love which he caries for his children. In prayer you will find the Power Presence needed to find the will of The Father in heaven and to be guided by his light as to find peace in His way, a peace that will last forever.

When you venture to ask your Father in heaven to guide you into his keeping and you realize this truth by a living faith, it makes manifest the power of God. When you begin to choose to trust God, you see your soul is tethered to a stable place, a rock of assurance and dependability.

This is all for now.



Eyes Only
Subject: Merkaba: A Definition supplied by Aronafal Melchizedek.
Category - Revelation: New and Old
T/R: Ron Besser
Location: York 23:00 Local Time
June 23, 2016

The Merkaba is an energy system that can be developed for uses in the home, the office, or the church, or at the podium of the lecture on God and his systems of energy for its use by humans.  I have often lectured on the system to morontial beings.  I am going to provide the reader a brief description so we have that much done, and then remind everyone that the text about the merkaba is full of references to ancient history that has nothing to do with the use of a merkaba by God himself when two or more are gathered in the name of God with the help of Jesus.  I am Aronafal, and I return to the teaching mission this fall, and I look forward to meeting many of you.  I will turn back the pages of time and remind all of you to use Tmarchives for your questions more and more as the site is so serviceable we are committing a crime not to use it more.

I am Aronafal Melchizedek and my name was associated with Monjoronson in 2005-2007, and I delivered many lectures on the merkaba to a group in Minnesota (Randy and Leoma Sphar) that has now lost one of its founders and the wife is left to fend for herself in poverty.  One of many references for this group who practiced the merkaba can be found here and use the search engine in to find a great deal more. See, for example:

As the merkaba will come up again and again, let us examine how it comes about and what it does.

It comes about by asking God to form one by your or in front of you and close enough to feel it when it starts its motions.  If the energy could be seen picture a little tornado.  Then as people come to associate with that particular merkaba, watch it grow so large you cannot see the ends or top of it.  It is prodigious in size such as the one Ron has over him all the time.  It helps us hear him and to have him hear us.  Ron fills a room with spirit and people can feel light and wonderful around him.  He has no dark side and can help anyone who really needs help, but there is a peculiar strain of saddness in the merkaba that rotates around his head, and the Deities are busy removing it for all of us.  Merkabas take on the heart of the person they form over.  Ron has had the same Merkaba for ten years and before that a true monster of a merkaba that extend 500 feet in all directions.  The current merkaba replaced the original one when he had a Thought Adjuster come out in the consciousness, and that Thought Adjuster decided it was too big for Ron to handle and cancelled its rotation and thereupon it collapsed and died.  Ron felt it sadly go but did not know why he felt the twinge of desperate loneliness the day he left New York alone.

In three years after removing himself from New York, he deplaned into York, PA., to renew his life once more but ran into a deep recession and went bankrupt.  His life became hell and he started over again under deep misery and hostility against his love of God and his work ethic.  He never did recuperate until we added his life extensions into the mix of his journey through the place called Urantia.  Ron now enjoys his merkaba daily because it captures everything he enjoys and it is used to help others smile with him all the time.  The present merkaba over Ron includes many of the members on this forum, and many members now deceased including his material mother an father whom he did love petulantly at times yet he gave them all.  At present the vortex over Ron is about three hundred feet high and about as wide and his Adjuster does not want it any larger for fear of attracting bears he does not want to deal with.

It should become obvious that the merkaba is a grant from God and any Deity who hears the petition can form one around or over or beside the person asking to form one for their use and potential constructors of merkabas for others.  Ron has done this dozens of times for many people, and when you visit 2709 Sunset Lane, you will be attached to the resident merkaba and have the ability to take one of along with yourself when you depart.  Ron cannot see them or feel them presently due to proscriptions on his service until Jesus appears in the flesh.

Merkabas run the length and width of Urantia, and every person can form one if they wish it, or join one if they borrow it from others who have on operating.  Ron had a friend who died a few years ago, and her apartment had an immense merkaba operating just for him.  They fell out over issues not worth mentioning, and when he told her she was free to become anything she wanted to do, her love affair for Ron collapsed and the merkaba lay piteously on the floor until the Father removed it.  Merkabas last only as long as the life of the individual does, and they leave the flesh, the merkaba just stops rotating and they collapse of their own weight of ultimatons and residual piece of space energy not revealed to Urantians ever.  In most case the merkaba gets exhausted in a few years unless the person makes special efforts to renew it.  Most of you on the discussion forum will not have one since you are open t o the influence of your Thought Adjusters, but you may make a special request of Michael and he will provide the little spinning vortex over you head to develop for yourself and those you include in your life.

The merkaba can be capitalized when the Merkaba is allowed to include me Michael.  Ron had a small “m” merkaba for years until we discovered his latent talents and then included Michael, Mother Spirit, Margul, Machiventa and Mantutia Melchizedeks, and so on and it now includes Serara and Monjoronson, and this is why Ron felt sick or tearful when Serara unexpectedly left.  Ron is so attached to this triumvirate of spiritual power we now make special effort to leave the energy alone when we enter.

The Merkaba Ron generated is huge and notwithstanding rather small for its actual influence, it carries a huge punch if spun hard against someone as has happened in the past.  The Merkaba Ron uses is twice the size of normal merkabas but less than the size he had in New York, as he was responsible for so much power warehousing for a large corporation, he had to carry a big stick to get things done.  He nearly destroyed it when the big boss demanded he leave for his own reasons but he carefully kept in check by refusing to discuss the situation with the in-house attorney who was marshaling other attorneys to check the big boss and teach him a lesson.

Ron never realized it, but he had a court case against the corporation cold, but he also realized even if he won a big settlement and got his job back, it meant nothing.  The management was so bad he could hardly stomach meetings with people who carried shot guns and no real meaning or ability to govern.  He also saw the attorney who approached him as dear and ready to defend him and all others of such unfairness, but also saw that attorney losing his job and his face when God Himself was against using the merkaba to support a court case against dead people.  He politely refuse the attorney, went home and packed ready to return to York if he could find a place to live and a job to support the rent.  He carried a small merkaba home with him and found the relentless chore of job hunting so harsh he became ill and even the little merkaba disappeared over his head.  That merkaba was there to support him, but his lack of vigor and understanding of what was to happen, brought the Father to bear to the point the Father requested the merkaba be removed and that Ron be placed under the Adjuster’s care until he died in a few months.

This is when the Adjuster discovered that Ron possessed immense powers of revivification, and Ron has remained alive through twenty years of heartless versions he never ever wanted to live through again.  The merkaba was reinstated in 2004, and has grown immense in its power and persuasion of those who come to him that the power of God is on Urantia, such is its power to concentrate lessons and feelings of trust for what happens between visitors and Ron himself.  He never misuses it and wishes it to be sacred to all.  It supplies him body energy; it supplies him stronger transmissions; it provides a feeling of peace and tranquilly when people enter it with him, and it has a long history of preparing to meet Monjoronson and every body else in the Magisterial Mission.

This is Aronafal, and my name is partially derived from Ron’s avatar whom I admired so much but could not meet until now.  He enjoys me too and I am truly a Melchizedek who can transform individuals like Ron who has felt so much pain and suffering from people who should have always been his friends and allies but they could restrain their glee when he fell of his purpose and had to eat crow over and over again.   I will stay with Ron for awhile tonight to see how he sleeps (Ron: keyword: stomach], and other things.

This is Aronafal, and I greet you all this fall when I begin teaching once more to all of you. Good day. 

Michael of Nebadon - “ I queried Ron why he laughed when Aronafal insisted he was a Melchizedek?  The answer lies in his merkaba which contains the Spirit of Truth.  All merkabas contain the Spirit of Truth and encircuit the human who originates that particular merkaba, but people who join it if it belonged to another do not encircuit with that particular verison of the Spirit of Truth.  Ron’s Spirit of Truth is worth investigating by all of you, for the truth is, that Aronafal is my Spirit of Truth encouraged to resonate through the teachings of the Melchizedeks.  Aronafal is a Melchizedek who stands in for the Spirit of Truth when it becomes incumbent to exercise a lesson that is critical to the group, and Aronafal will be present in all your groups in the future for Ron’s version of the Spirit of Truth is so powerful you can’t help but learn from it.

“Aronafal is enacted by all Melchizedeks who come to study groups and your lessons from that entity will be learned well and totally. I have given the Spirit of Truth to Aronafal as a personalization of Michael the Creator Son, and the personalization of Jesus, and when you get a lesson from Aronafal, you have had the best of the best. Michael.


Dear List,

I find the GMT time zone setting okay but the software does not allow me to show it is GMT or Z behind the time.  To reduce confusion, for now, I reset the site time at the top right of the page to a 24 hour clock in the New York Time zone (east coast US).  Thank you.
Ron B.

The term "upset date", is an American colloquialism.  Other languages do not translate it well or at all.

Upset Date:
The date upon which all other planning stops.  If nothing is done by an upset date, it will not be done at all until another upset date is established by spirit.  June 19th is, as I spoke to it, a spiritual upset date.  They gave no other date beyond it and therefore if it does not happen by Father's Day in America, it will not happen real soon.

Ballpark:  Another American colloquialism.  It means you as a participant in the dating game know you are in the game because you are in the ballpark where the game is being played, and it refers to a ballpark inside a city that has only a few dates in it, while outside of the ballpark any date will do.  The ballpark date for the announcement is June 12th, and the upset date is June 19th.  That also happens to be father's day in the United States.  How appropriate!

Let us pray that ball park date and the upset date are genuine and we can go about our business next week.



Thank you Daniel.

You have posted among the first Eyes Only transmissions starting the new Teaching Mission soon.  Today is a test day and you have found your way to the gate.

I would like to bring to your notice where these EYES ONLY transcripts go when they are posted.  I am the archive specialist and Michel is my back up.  The site where the EYES ONLY are stored and may be read is TMLARCHIVE.ORG

To see the ones archived already go to:
To see the menu offers for the entire site go to:

We are gearing up for a tremendous new way of doing things, and I am with all of you having to learn what is expected of me and of you as you the Helpers come forth and start your work for Nebadon to help Urantia regain itself.  Help yourself to all we offer, but be aware even what we offer is going to edited and redrawn to the public-- meaning we are going to change things when we are part of the Missions proper.


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