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Title: Sentenact, Opportunity Knocks, 18 June 2017 Daniel, L V NV. USA
Post by: daniel alderfer on June 18, 2017, 13:44
Eyes Only
Speaker: Sentenact
Subject: Opportunity Knocks
Category: The Universal Father
T/R: Daniel A, L V NV. USA
18 June 2017, 18:44 Z
Sentenact: Yes Daniel the theme that would be most helpful for the message today would be the subject of bringing in the sheaves. In pre WW 1 agriculture, the grain was cut on the stalk with a man with a harvesting scythe, that would gather the swath cut and as part of the swing, the stalks were deposited on the ground.  These stalks were bundled by the person following and stacked in the fields in stooks or shocks, for at least a day or so to dry more in the heat of summer and then were hauled to the threshing area that at that time used stationary threshing machines turned with horse power.
“The horses would walk in a circle under a wheel that then turned the machine workings by a belt overhead. The sheaves were placed in the maw of the thresher and the grain would be knocked off and gathered from the underside of the machine in baskets, the straw had to be continuously forked away from the back end of the thresher. The grain was taken to the granary in the barn which consisted of large wooden boxes built into the walls.
“Farmers would make a hand sieve that would isolate the more full grains and would sieve the grain until they had enough seed for next year’s crop. This they would store in an even more secure bin to protect from any possible damage. The reason I am rehearsing this detail is that many on this Forum who grew up in rural America knew something of these old, labor intensive methods. The challenge in those days was to transport it to the larger cities to land the best price, but that needed to be done later in the year as the price at harvest time was always much lower.
“Now the population of the earth will be faced with a similar harvest as the inequities of the Tectonic plates will, as they adjust and come to balance, by earthquake, tidal wave and volcano’s cause the physical demise of some billions over the next several decades at least. Warnings will always be given but the nature of the suddenness of the happenings will necessitate immediate reaction by leaving that area that day in most instances of coming catastrophic events. That’s a tall order, to give credence to a warning that comes in a general way and leaves no time to tie up loose ends. The loose ends of somehow trying to save the most valuable of your life's work in only a few hours will be the downfall of so many, who take the chance to spend those few hours needed to save their lives in trying to save their treasures.
“In this training group the time we have now is similar to those decisions millions will be faced with to go and save their lives or to stay and try to preserve the status quo, hoping against hope that the warning is overstated. In your case here, it is to put this first now or to put it first later. We have the choice to put it first now or to hope there may be more time later to decisively wholeheartedly pitch in. Consider how it is important to protect and make sure of your opportunity of this rare offering, by the full embrasure of this chance to work as an associate without delay now.  Some associates will be taken on board later but the initial gathering to be in one group from the beginning will have the more illustrious destiny, and is of very limited number.  
“Of such things, we need to think about, thus the reason for this lesson. Your personal life you are tempted to continue and hang on to may be the reason you would miss the roll call for those for this group intended to be together to be groomed for the outer space level one and two Father and Mother have been speaking to us about for years now on this forum. The way you would know you were less then whole hearted in this matter is that you would continuously miss any increase in your work output you are being invited too. Because, you’re personal circumstances would preclude you being able to respond vigorously. In other words you decide to come on board 100 % later, when circumstances come around by themselves to being more conducive, you reason. Taking decisive action now to make more time for this work is still not urgent to you. The brilliant gleaming prize is still not seen by you.
“This is Sentenact, an Aspect of The Father, a Trinity Teacher Son, with great antiquity of origin, bringing the clear vision of your opening, possibility and favorable moment we are in the middle of, all of us hoping you will take ahold of, with tenacious desire. With love and compassion as we know what you have been through in your life till now and the society that was derogatory instead of supportive in so many ways is seen as a gauntlet you weathered, now one of the very few awake and actively serving The Father.  This legacy is of signal value because of your extra understanding, grit and faith. Thank you for coming along like you have, most truly catching the vision I am talking about in this epistle for your inspiration. For now, I convey most convivial wishes for your day. Domtia….”
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